Naruto Shippuden Episode 106 Recap: “Red Camellia”

Original Airdate: 4/23/2009

Toonami Airdate: 4/2/2016

Welcome back to the snarkiest recap of all the recaps you will ever see on the internet! Okay, maybe the snarkiest recap on this site at least, but still. It’s the Naruto Shippuden recap. Now last week, we suffer through more damn talking, only to have the giant turtle save us from complete disaster. And also Yukimaru went Super Saiyan on us. So yeah, it wasn’t any good. So, how was this week’s episode? Well, I’m sure this weeks was totally a lot better than the dribble we all endured last we-

Orrrrrrrrrrrr, maybe not. Yeah, lets get this over with.

As we begin, we see Yukimaru is still going Super Saiyan as we also see Naruto looking on too. Lee has wood, and the Leaf Ninja ladies are all fine after the attack. Except Ino, who might be dead? She isn’t of course, but one can dream. Shizune says they still haven’t seen the limit of the Giant Turtle’s chakra yet. Kakashi and Yamato’s groups decide to regroup to help, while the Guren Squad and Tobi are both sneaking about. The FEB (Kabuto) is still being the FEB, so fuck him. Guren is almost out of chakra, but Yukimaru is glad to see she’s OK. We then get to a flashback of all that’s happened. Then we get more flashbacks. Then more of them, as Yukimaru tells Guren to run because he is having trouble controlling the turtle. And then what happens next, guess what?

Even better, I found a pic that sums up these annoying flashbacks.

Just fuck you Shippuden for this annoying shit. At least it’s not a flashback WITHIN a flashback. But no, that will be for later on in the series. Anyway, the Giant Turtle is still pissed off, and attacks. Guren dodges and goes to Yukimaru. She’s not happy he’s there, but he couldn’t abounded her. Her thoughts are with him, and since “she can’t fix his home (which, again, she destroyed by killing his mom) then she’ll be his new home.” Uggghhh, enough of this home talk. Renji appears, and the 3-Tails attacks again. Guren does protect the kid, and says she’ll be taking him. And what does Renji do with this news? Why, he stabs her with a kunai. He just wants to get along with her for Orochimaru’s sake, so why not do this? The Giant Turtle smashes into the shore, as Renji moves Yukimaru away from the attack. The kid afterwards goes to Guren, who tells him she’s all right, until a bunch of blood starts seeping out from the wound. This causes Yukimaru to have a PTSD flashback (Again, fuck you and your flashbacks, show!!) to his mom getting murdered and him seeing her die, and he says it’s happening again. But hey, her body was there right?

Renji says Guren can’t be moved as the 3-Tails attacks, and so Yukimaru must control the 3-Tails himself or else Guren will die.

As he talks of his home and shit again, his power comes back and goes Super Saiyan yet again, and creates a black vortex in the sky above. As Kakashi arrives to Naruto, blondey sees the big blue power coming from the distance and rushes on ahead because he knows it’s him. As Kakashi and others follow him, Tobi sees the kid controlling the Giant Turtle too, and rushes back to alert Deidara.

Guren is back up, and can tell Yukimaru is starting to lose control, as the vortex disappears, and Yukimaru collapses, out of chakra now. But the Giant Turtle isn’t out of chakra, and unleashes a Hyper Beam on them, which destroys the cliff. The kid barely hangs on, and gets back up to protect his girl, as the turtle attacks once more. This time though, Guren defends him, and uses a crystal jutsu that makes a barrier surrounding Yukimaru to protect him.

NS 106 5
Yukimaru was a Super Saiyan God before Goku was

Guren attacks the turtle herself, to distract the thing away from the boy. As Naruto arrives too, the Giant Turtle is really pissed and attacks both of them. Naruto just runs in with no thought at all. Guren lands a Crystal Shuriken attack on the turtle, but nothing effects it, and it goes for the kid, who collapses in the crystal barrier. More Crystal Dragons have no effect either, but Guren uses a Crystal wall to trap the 3-Tails. As Naruto makes it to Guren, the Giant Turtle breaks from the crystal. Naruto goes past her and protects the kid instead with clones as crystals from the 3-Tails head his way, but break up. Guren’s pissed that he’s here, but Naruto doesn’t care as he decides to attack the turtle himself with a Rasengan attack. It doesn’t works, as its defense are powerful, head on attacks won’t work. Guren mentions that Naruto is “a little bit stupid”.

As the turtle attacks again, it gets them this time, and Guren is sent underwater. But she won’t die there, and she goes Super Saiyan as well. Because fuck you, this is DBZ now!!

NS 106

She uses a couple of moves in her new charka enhanced form of hers, and does land a hit of the turtle on its eye.

NS 106 3


NS 106 4
Fuck it, let’s add geometry and science in this show as well.

Naruto sees that the eyes are its weak spot, and uses a Giant Rasengan to hit the 3-Tails right on its eye. The turtle is effective by it, and heads back underwater for now.

NS 106 2

As Guren and Naruto think it’s alright for now, the 3-Tails jumps out the water and announces to the world that he is JOHNNNNNNN CENAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! body slams the hell outta the two of them and they all disappear. Also disappearing, or shattering, is the crystal that surrounded Yukimaru. Kakashi and co. make it to him as the FEB watches this, knowing they failed but vowing to get the kid back.

Overall …. what can I say that hasn’t been said already? Why not let Digi say it?

I mean, go look at his twitter feed during it. He lost his sanity. Again. (I’m so sorry, Digi.) This show does this to you. From the crappy flashbacks we already seen a million times, to losing logic from only a episode ago. To about everything else that goes. This filler I thought was the best of the Shippuden filler hell we got. It’s still not the worst, trust me on this. But after seeing this again, I really don’t know what is the best filler now. All I do know is 3 things. 1.) This filler has gone on too long, and we still aren’t even close to being finish. It makes the Sora arc look good in comparison. 2.) The Giant Turtle for the 2nd straight week was what saved this show from utter bullshit, and I actually started to root for it.

And 3.) I enjoy all the snark online. It’s the best thing to come from this 30 minute of bullcrap. Like so.

Hell, this show is so bad, it drives 3 PEOPLE to drink AT ONCE!!

And for fun, why not use some tweets from Dimension W as well

If it wasn’t for these tweets, I’ll be at my limit too. Even though I may be past it now. This was another shitty episode, and there is still a month and a half left of it. I give this 1 Super Saiyan God filler characters/5. Now, I need something to help me. Hmmmm, how about a picture of Luffy? That would surely help me feel bet-



Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 2 AM Saturday on Toonami


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