Parasyte The Maxim 23

Hello guys it’s meowth900 here. Next to last episode of Parasyte right here. Woohoo!

Our episode begins with where last week’s cliffhanger ended at. Shinichi is gonna kill Gotou or die trying. I’m hoping for the first one to happen. The battle begins and there’s a lot of punches thrown, but Shinichi successfully wounds Gotou with his rusty old weapon.

Gotou retaliates by aiming a lethal strike on Shinichi. Shinichi gets saved by Migi. who somehow is still alive inside Gotou’s body?

I’m confused too.

Migi joins up to Shinichi body and saves his life. Just like old times.Hooray! Also Gotou’s body starts breaking apart because of Shinichi’s hit from earlier. Shinichi thinks Gotou is a good person as he watches him struggle he decides to let him live. Such a soft boy Shinichi is, am I right?

But after thinking about it, all the damage Gotou can cause later on he decides to go back and kill Gotou. Good job Shinichi good job.

Also did anyone notice that Shinichi was wearing a philosophy shirt this whole episode?

Parasyte The Maxim is licensed by Sentai Filmworks and it’s FINALE airs next Saturday night at 1am on Toonami on adult swim

You can buy the first collection set TOMORROW April 5, 2016. (Amazon/Rightstuff)

You can pre order the second collection set and it comes out July 5, 2016. (Amazon/Rightstuff)

You can also watch the finale of Parasyte early on Crunchyroll and Hulu Plus.  But be warned they are in Japanese with English subtitles. If you want the English dub you’re gonna have to buy them shiny discs.


You can watch the reruns of Parasyte The Maxim at 3am. Yes in a surprising turn of events Kill La Kill ends next week along with Parasyte The Maxim. But Parasyte will rerun at 3am so if you wanted to watch it all from the beginning again, or if you missed out on the show and wanted to watch it all you can do that. Just remember to watch One Piece before it too.

If anime isn’t your thing you can buy the Parasyte manga digitally and physically thanks to the guys at Kodansha Comics. You can buy them on Amazon or Rightstuff along with the anime collection sets.

Now I know what you’re asking. “Hey Meowth900 what the hell is gonna be on at 1am after next week?” and I finally have your answer.



This is no April Fool’s Day prank. The Lich King said so himself.  I know the guy in the description isn’t excited but frankly I am excited. It’s an anime that recently got picked up by Viz Media and was getting a dub but I had no idea Toonami would actually premier it. I was thinking it’d have 13 episodes on Hulu Plus every 2-4 months or so after the discs come out. I am hyped. You people all better watch this cause it’s awesome. The first arc isn’t the best one but after that it really gets going.

Also this is great considering the Monday after the Toonami premier Hunter x Hunter the manga will be back in Weekly Shonen Jump. Get your subscriptions at only $3 a month.

Also here’s some stuff to expect in the Hunter x Hunter anime.


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