Dimension W Episode 6 Recap: “The Wind of Africa”

Original Airdate: February 14th, 2016

Toonami Airdate: April 2nd, 2016

Hello everyone, and welcome to another recap of Dimension W! I apologise for this being so late due to the fact that I was on vacation to Brazil (or, that place that Michiko & Hatchin took place in) over Spring Break. Before I begin this recap, I would like to announce that I will also be recapping Hunter x Hunter when it airs, alongside Dimension W, so be sure to look forward to that! Anyway, onto the recap! And given the title of this episode, let’s have Toto take us away!

The episode starts with a news report of Prince Salva-Enna Tibesti, the CEO of Islero, one of the world’s top robot manufacturers, entering Japan for business. While he’s on his way, he soon finds that his younger brother, Lwai, has disappeared because he wanted to go see Japan for himself because he loves it so much. I never knew that the weeaboo problem extended to Africa, but I guess that’s the future for you.

Prince Salva: A Dandy guy from Africa (because voice actors)

After that, we cut to Kyouma visiting the grave of Miyabi, his deceased wife. While he’s out doing that, Marie and Koorgi are analyzing Mira’s programming to try and find out why Dr. Yurizaki made her. However, we still have no clue what she’s being used for or why she was made in the first place. We then cut to Lwai running around like Sanic, only to find that Japan kind of sucks and isn’t all that different from any other city. He sees Kyouma walking by, and mistaking him for a samurai, he decides to follow him in hopes of finding something exciting. One of Salva’s body guards finds Lwai with Kyouma, but before they could pick him up, Kyouma crushes the body guard under his vehicle (somehow without killing the body guard) and then runs off, with Lwai following suit. Kyouma, annoyed by Lwai’s obsession with him, tries to walk off without him, but Lwai isn’t letting that happen, so he walks with him, asking him to show him around Japan.

RIP in peace, fishies

After Lwai gets his clothes wet from breaking the fishing game, Kyouma brings him into the traditional Japanese clothing store where he shops to get him some dry clothes. One of the workers, Tsubaki, is friends with Kyouma, so while Lwai is getting fitted for clothes, he has a conversation with Tsubaki about visiting Miyabi’s grave and his regrets about letting her die. After Lwai is done getting fitted, Lasithi manages to find him and takes him back to Prince Salva. As a parting gift, Kyouma gives Lwai a fan as a parting gift. After he leaves, Kyouma comments on how Lwai is part machine, which is probably meant to foreshadow something that’s going on with this kid in the future.

O hai Mira

After the plot with Lwai is over, Mira finds Kyouma at the shop to see what he’s been up to, and as expected, Kyouma isn’t happy with her presence, especially with Tsubaki asking how they met up. We cut back to Prince Salva and Lwai plotting something evil, with Lwai coming into Marie’s place and killing her guard robot later on. We also get to see Loser searching at the bottom of the ocean for a numbered coil, but we still don’t know what he needs the numbers for. After seeing the damage that has been done to the guard robot and hearing the description of the person responsible, Kyouma comes to the conclusion that this was Lwai and Salva’s doing. Speaking of, Salva and Claire are sitting down and having a talk about what he plans to do. Salva reveals that he’s planning on bringing all the best coil hunters to Easter Island in order to, in his own words, “start a war in order to prevent one”. The episode ends with Kyouma working on something before heading out to Easter Island, and after running of from the rain, he sees a little girl hiding behind a bus.

To be continued

This episode were honestly pretty boring. Most of the episode was spent on Kyouma having to babysit Lwai without anything really interesting or noteworthy happening, aside from some implications that Kyouma’s hatred of coils might be related to the death of his wife. The episode really doesn’t become interesting until Lwai splits that robot in half and we start learning about Salva’s plans to send a bunch of coil hunters to Easter Island, and even then, that’s just setup for the next few episodes, which I honestly hope are more entertaining than this. There’s really not much I could say about this episode other than that it’s not really that entertaining. I give this episode 4 African robot weeaboos out of 10.

Dimension W can be seen every Saturday night at 12:30 AM


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