Naruto Shippuden Episode 107 Recap: “Strange Bedfellows”

Original Airdate: 4/30/2009

Toonami Airdate: 4/9/2016

Last week in the Naruto Shippuden recap, I showed most of my snark, and how some went crazy over how stupid this filler is. It is driving some insane, and I can understand that. Watching this pointless filler crap for 4 months now will do that to you, especially with the end still so far off. I do got some news to tell ya at the end, and it involves this show. But first, did this drive anyone coo-koo this time, including me? Well, I know it will drive at least one person to eat questionable food choices.

We start the episode with something really funny. Ino actually admitting that she was useless. No, really? After everything that happened? What could of have made Ino come up with that conclusion?

Snark aside, she wants to be more like Lee, who is sweating up a storm exercising. Did I say sweating? I meant “crying tears of joy.” Yeah, don’t ask. Anyway, Hinata sees Kakashi is back, and thinks that her love Naruto is with them. Instead, they have Yukimaru with them. Sai combs the air on his flying ink beasts to search for him. The captains tell of the Giant Turtle and all that happened, and will try to seal it again, while putting the kid in a safe spot. Hinata, Kiba, Sai and Yamato will be with Kakashi and help find blondey. Ino and Sakura will help heal Yukimaru, and the others will stay behind in case something happens. The group combs out to look for Naruto, but they find nothing.

NS 107 4
No shit Ino. No shit

As the two are healing the kid, Ino says she won’t blow it this time, Lee is working out, as usual, and Shino’s insects are dying, cause of the Giant Turtle’s chakra. The episode then goes underwater, where we find Naruto. He wakes up to a weird place, but recognizes right away he was swallowed by the 3-Tails, and sees that its stomach is rock hard. Guren appears to him too, and throws one kunai at him, before collapsing to the wound she has.

As for the Guren Squad, they are in a cave, when their leader Renji appears before them. They are pissed he abandoned them, and he makes up some BS that Guren summoned him. He looks at them all and just doesn’t care. As the squad is still pissed/in pain, the FEB arrives and is being really creepy again. He rambles on and on and tells them they don’t have long to live, even telling smokescreen guy he has only 2 hours at most. The squad panics, as they don’t want to die, and will do anything to live. He has an idea on how to make them live, and after their constant begging, the FEB gives in and will help them.

NS 107 2
Here’s some nightmare fuel for all of you.

As we see Yukimaru again, we see more flashbacks AGAIN!! within his dream, and more of the home bullshit that I’M SICK AND TIRED OF ALREADY!! JUST STOP PLEASE!! Sakura, I guess for some reason, sees all this, and can tell this is the kid Naruto was talking about. Yukimaru wakes up, but as soon as he does, he tries to find the crystal Guren made, which Ino and Sakura don’t know about.

NS 107

Guren is in another flashback sequence too. There’s Yukimaru’s mom again before she killed her, but this time, she hugs Guren and forgives her for murdering her. Only to then transform into Orochimaru, and get all freaky. It was a dream, and she wakes to find Naruto sealed up her wound. She wonders why he did it, and Nartuo says he wouldn’t hurt her as she is like this. Also, the kid isn’t there with them. They are more than likely gonna fight each other when they get out, with Naruto agreeing with her..

All a sudden, a bunch of badly made CGI mini-Giant Turtles appear, and there are a bunch of them. Like white blood cells, they attack the duo. Yukimaru, meanwhile finds his crystal, and knows Guren is still OK. Sakura thinks that Guren is the girl Naruto is fighting, and then there are more flashbacks as the kid trips and shit. Naruto and Guren escape the mini-Giant Turtles, and Guren doesn’t know why Naruto is helping her. He couldn’t stand to see her get killed by the CGI turtles, even though Guren would sacrifice him to the turtles. There’s more talk of Yukimaru, and how the Leaf would use his power to become another Jinchuuriki, since they already have the 9-Tails. Naruto tells her he is that same Jinchuuriki, and how he doesn’t want Yukimaru to become like him. Guren does agree with this, but Naruto doesn’t believe this, since she still works for Orochimaru. But Guren, with a serious face, says that she wants to be Yukimaru’s home now. The duo will try to find a way out of the 3-Tails, and Naruto sets up a plan with 1000 Shadow Clones.

NS 107 3
“So, are we gonna fuck or not?”

The Guren Squad is suffering and screaming, as the FEB gives them orders to find Yukimaru. The Squad all have Curse Marks on them, and this gives them more power than before. The other Leaf Ninja are still looking for Naruto, while the stupid spiky haired ninja decides to make a game out of his and Guren’s predicament. And won’t shut up about it.

The episode ends with Yukimaru telling Ino and Sakura he knows where the duo are. Inside the 3-Tails stomach.

Overall, this episode was still not good, but better than last weeks. So that’s a plus. Other than the end, with Naruto being an annoying asshat with that stupid game, and all the home talk and flashbacks, this one wasn’t too bad. Just still not good. Also, it still gives me a chance to post funny tweets too. Like this

I give this episode 2.5 bad CGI mini-Giant Turtles/5.

As for that news I told ya about earlier. Well, my friends, this is the last Shippuden recap I’m doing. Someone else next week is gonna do Shippuden recaps for now on, for I’m moving on to a new show. The new 1 AM show. That’s right, I’m going to be recapping Hunter x Hunter starting next week! Man, this is gonna be fun. I can’t wait to have you see what’s in store from me for this sho-

Huh, what’s that?

…… Oh, come on!!

……. Please, let me do this!! Please!! I can’t take this anymore!!!

…….. Fine, fine.

Okay, so I just got word from the leader of this fansite that I WON’T be doing Hunter X Hunter recaps, and will be still stuck with Shippuden. Well, I guess that ends that moment of joy I had. Excuse me as I go cry in the freezing rain.


Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 2 AM Saturday on Toonami


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