One Piece Episode 341 Recap

Original Airdate: 2/3/2008

Toonami Airdate 4/9/2016

Welcome back again to another One Piece recap. Last week, we met Dr. Hogback and Cindry. And they we’re … well, weird and mysterious to say the least. We also saw a whole set of zombies too. And one bit Usopp. Don’t worry, he’s fine. But now, the scared trio of Nami, Usopp and Chopper are all stuck in the mansion. How did that tun out? Find out on “Nami’s in a Major Pinch! The Zombie Mansion and the Invisible Man”

As we see the scared trio, Usopp is on edge from the mansion, and Nami doesn’t want to be by herself for now. Why? Because Cindry prepared a bath in the last episode, and Nami is about to use it. So she wants Chopper and Usopp as bodyguards. Even though she thinks no one is watching her, she is wrong. For WE, the audience, are watching. Oh yeah, we are watching.

EP 341 5

Epi 341 3
Sanji WISHES he were this bath. As do alot of us.

Chopper wants to take a peek. Not at Nami’s butt, but at Dr. Hogback’s laboratory. Nami does make fun of them for not taking their job seriously, and also says they’re gonna leave after this, even though Usopp wants to wait for Luffy to come save them, and not go out in the middle of the night. That’s the only problem because Nami sees that the mansion is crawling with zombies, so it’s not safe. Chopper is concern about Hogback, but Nami thinks he’s a culprit in the zombies being around. Just then, there’s a noise in the bathroom. Nami thinks Usopp and Chopper did it, but other than Usopp farting, they didn’t. Suddenly, someone grabs hold of Nami. As she is freaking out, the invisible thing tells her she is pretty, and would make a lovely bride. She calls for help, and her cry does alert Usopp. He and Chopper barges in, to see Nami totally naked.

EP 341 4

Of course, she still needs help, but she manages to kick whatever the thing is in it’s … um private parts, and escapes it. She ask to have Chopper smell it (and not Usopp’s fart) and can, but it’s escaping out the window. Usopp uses an Exploding Star, and the loud noise alerts Hogback, who can tell whatever the invisible thing is, is up to no good. The thing escapes, and Nami knows it was an invisible man who heard all their plans.

We see Luffy and co. as they are on shore now. Sanji still wants to find out where Nami is. Zoro is still on the ship, and knows that whatever is out there is just gonna be a trap set up for them. But Luffy doesn’t give a shit, and says he will eat Zoro’s lunch if he doesn’t come, so Zoro joins them. The group make it down the stairs the other 3 were just on, and waiting among them is none other than Cerberus. He tries to be scary, but Luffy licks his lips at the site of him, while the others give their own opinions on the 3-headed beast. Luffy then starts barking at it, as it barks too. He wants to tame the beast, so he goes up to it and pets it. And well, the others saw what was coming next.

EP 341 3

Luffy is ok, and does comfort Cerberus. Then punches the crap outta it for biting him. Cerberus is tamed by Luffy after thisand made a mode of transportation. Robin feels sorry for the poor thing, and Sanji wonders why anyone would make such a monstrosity, before turning his attention back to Nami. Franky can’t see in the fog, and Robin wonders if they’re going in circles. The fog does clear a bit, and what they see is the unicorn and weird-ass tree from the last episode sharing sake. They see the group, and run away, with Luffy and Franky chasing after the two. The two punch the weird zombies, and catch them. Then Luffy, being Luffy, ask if they can join their crew, with Zoro and Sanji angrily protesting.

EP 341

As for the invisible man, he got away, but Hogback meets him, and is mad he is peeping on women yet again. The invisible guy wants Nami to be his bride, and Hogback thinks it’s a bad idea. A ghost appears, and informs them of the bounties on the Straw Hats, including Luffy’s 300 Million Berries.

As Nami, Usopp and Chopper make their way through the mansion, Usopp thinks invisible men don’t exist, even after what happened to Nami just a moment ago. In fact, he thinks it was all a set up cause he saw her naked. Even more so, he thinks that all the zombies and other spooky stuff was just their imaginations, and can’t be real. Well, other than Brook, who is real cause of different circumstances. He tries to get Chopper on board with him, and while he agrees it’s true from a medical viewpoint, all that happened here was real. He still believes Hogback had nothing to do with the zombies, but Nami doesn’t, for “it’s as plain to see as the nose on Usopp.” As they look for Hogback, a picture they past moves its eyes.

They make back to the room where they had dinner, but sees it’s pitch black. They call for Hogback and Cindry, but no one answers. Suddenly, the chandelier lights up, and on it is Hildon. He says he is sorry for abandoning them, but Nami isn’t having it. He wants to take the trio to a guest room, but Nami tells him they’re leaving, upsetting Chopper since he wants to see Hogback once more. A voice tells Hildon he failed at what he did, and the group wonder where it is coming from. It’s coming from a woman on a painting, and as soon as she talks, her body starts to expand from out of the painting. The zombie lady thinks they’re cute enough to eat, and grabs hold of Chopper, forcing Nami to try to save him.

EP 341 2

Then above on the wall, another voice comes from a mounted pig, who throws a sword at Usopp. His name is Oinkchuck (don’t ask) and said sword hits a bear rug. The Ice Bear zombie rug is mad at this, and attacks Usopp too, but he hops on the chandelier to escape it. He takes the candles and throws it at the Ice Bear Zombie Rug, causing IBZR to catch on fire. As this is what scares them, he throws more candles. The power of Usopp compels them, and the room is set ablaze. Chopper now doesn’t want to stay in the mansion, and Nami gets to a door. Only for it to be locked. The zombies are pissed for the fire, and the trio, stuck with them, scream loudly.

Again, another good episode of One Piece, but this one did have its faults. There was still some funny moments, with Luffy taming Cerberus, and wanting the two weird zombies to join the crew. But the fault lies with the scenes with Nami. Not the fanservice of Nami, that is always good. At least to me. But with the invisible man, and how it almost went “there”. Actually it did, just not to the heighten extremes as others. Yeah, we seen enough from other shows where this thing can give you terrible flashbacks. But hey, at least Nami defended herself at the end by kicking the person in the balls, unlike the other shows. Also, the mix of farts trying to lighten up this scene did not help at all. Other than that, we did hear the voice of the Invisible Man, and the Ghost too. And I have to say, they are perfect for this role. Although, the VA for the invisible man does sound a tiny bit deeper than his Japanese counterpart, but that’s okay to me. We will see more from him, and the Ghost Woman, soon enough. For now, I give this episode 3.5 Nami fanservice shots/5.

Speaking of, enjoy more of Nami from this episode, sans the perverted invisible guy groping her.

EP 341 6

Epi 341


One Piece can be seen at 2:30 AM Saturday on Toonami


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