Parasyte The Maxim 24 (Or Finale Thing. Whatever)

Hello guys it’s meowth900 here coming at you with the last recap of Parasyte The Maxim on Toonami. Huzzah! I won’t have to do this anymore after this week!

So it looks like the big fights are over but now the media is exaggerating the existences of parasites again. Eventually all the murdering parasites incidents stopped, probably thanks to Shinichi killing off Gotou. After all that we hear Shinichi talking to a big old monster that sounds like Migi in a dream again. Migi asks Shinichi’s mind to show it the images that Shinichi sees, including Migi itself. Migi is surprised at the image that comes up. Migi explains to Shinichi that it’s going to sleep indefinitely or in other words the big sleep. It was a moment of crying (or it could have been the music making me sad) and Migi left the unconscious must to Shinichi’s sad cries.

Fast forward one year later…


Oh my god I didn’t know Starbucks existed in the 80s/90s. Seriously they look like the Starbucks coffee drinking college chicks in America.

Anyways Shinichi and the annoying chick Murano are hanging out on another date cause I guess they’re a thing now that Kana and Migi are dead. There’s also a familiar creepy face watching the two of them. Shinichi leaves Murano to go do something and then Murano gets kidnapped by this guy. Who is it you ask? Oh it’s Uragami or the crazy prisoner who masturbated once. Honestly I like the guy even more for doing this.

Good guy Uragami you’re my favorite non Migi character.

Shinichi and Uragami face off on top of a building like most action cliche anime do. Lot of talking instead of fighting, and Uragami holds a knife at Murano’s throat. I was hoping he would cut out her vocal chords. Uragami questions Shinichi’s humanity and says him aiming to kill Murano is a sign of his humanity. Ok then whatever bro.When Uragami throws Murano off the building Shinich runs off the building to save her, he also punches Uragami in the face

Then there’s a random flashback. It features the dead puppy from way back, Shinichi’s mom, and a few other people. Migi is also there and calls out Shinichi on his whining. 

The flashback stops and it is revealed that Shinichi saves Murano. 

Murano says “Cause you’re Shinichi Izumi” and I wanted to throw my remote at the TV. Shinichi stares up into the sky and the show ends there. Ugh that ending was more lame than I remember but it was a different time for anime so I can’t complain. At least it was the way the author wanted it. Not like these days where it’s like “Oh hey the show’s over, if you want more of it buy the manga”

That’s all folks.

Anyways if you wanted to watch Parasyte again you can catch the reruns at 3am right after One Piece.

Parasyte The Maxim is licensed by Sentai Filmworks. You can watch it every Saturday night AT 3AM NOT 1AM on Toonami on adult swim right after a new episode of One Piece.

You can buy Parasyte The Maxim collection 1 right now! Both on Rightstuff or Amazon!

Parasyte The Maxim collection 2 doesn’t come out until July but you can pre order it right now!

You can rewatch Parasyte The Maxim on demand in all it’s glory on Crunchyroll or Hulu but they will be in Japanese with English subtitles.

If anime isn’t your thing you can buy the manga digitally and physically thanks to the guys at Kodansha Comics. You can buy it on Amazon or Rightstuff.

Also speaking of Kodansha Comics are you a fan of the movie Akira? It played on Toonami before. Do you know there’s a manga? No? Well Kodansha Comics is gonna put out a sweet release for the Akira manga for it’s 35th anniversary. It should be out at the end of next year.

(Also more Vinland Saga sweet!!!!)

Anyways get hype guys Hunter x Hunter’s coming on Toonami next weekend. I mean the hunter exam arc sucks but everything after that is awesome. I’ll give you some sneak peeks at what’ll happen in future so maybe you’ll be more interested.


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