Samurai Champloo, Episode 15 Recap: “Bogus Booty”

Original Toonami Airdate: April 9th, 2016

The promise of booty was indeed bogus.

A humorously sung narration shows us our heroes’ path through Japan up to now, which also tells us that their journey has currently taken them into the Kansai region.

An unidentified man is being chased through the forest by a group of ninjas, forcing him to abandon a small bag by tossing it in a nearby pond.

The next morning, our heroes are at the aforementioned pond catching fish to eat. Jin is the only one who hasn’t successfully caught anything and eventually jumps into the pond after Mugen and Fuu’s ridiculing push him too far. He comes back up from the water with an unexpected catch: the bag from earlier which contains a large amount of ryō. They immediately head off to the nearest town to indulge themselves… Fuu perhaps going a little overboard.

Damn. Fuu got thicc.
Damn. Fuu got thicc.

Mugen and Jinn decide to ditch her by running off into the red light district, where the guards stop her from going in. The two samurai immediately find a brothel to indulge themselves, immediately finding their attention commanded by a woman named Yatsuha, with Mugen getting the first round with her. Meanwhile, a meeting is taking place in a secret back room between multiple individuals, including the ninja from earlier and their leader, a man named Ginsa. Evidently, the bag of ryō was counterfeit and not meant for public circulation until a few days later, causing a great deal of suspicion. They summon up the captured man who had the bag earlier, named Hankichi Otowa, who refused to give them any information about the ryō. Wondering about the presence of undercover spies in their operation, the gang attempts to piece together who it could be, strongly suspecting that Yatsuha is the spy. Coincidentally, she’s overhearing the conversation from the other room just as Mugen is… engaged in some kind of odd pre-sexual ritual. He goes in for some sexual healing, with Yatsuha disrupting the moment by knocking him out with a vase.

As she suits up to rescue Hankichi, Mugen gets back up before she can properly escape. The two fight for a bit, but Mugen eventually pins her against the wall. Thankfully she manages to distract him with “hey look, a naked woman!” before assaulting his, well… the boys, basically.

Bogus Booty - Yatsuha Kicks Mugen In The Nuts

This feels appropriate.



He still manages to get back up after that, and Yatsuha uses his desire for “the nookie” to beat down the ninja and rescue Hankichi. And yes, you read that right: Mugen specifically refers to it as “nookie”. I would post a link to “that song” right here, but I’m a merciful guy so I’m not gonna– oh who am I kidding? Suffer, my children!



She gets whatever information she can on the counterfeiters from Hankichi and then leads Mugen down the elevator shaft, taking the two of them into the heart of the counterfeiting operation. Yatsuha once again uses the promise of sex to convince Mugen to help her fight off Ginsa and his men. While this is happening, a group of ninja descend upon Jin, but he manages to take them out in one quick strike. With all of Ginsa’s men taken out, Ginsa makes one last desperate charge towards Mugen, but Yatsuha manages to capture him and arrest everyone involved in the operation.

Bogus Booty - Yatsuha Knocks Out Mugen
You know, I have no problem believing that Mugen is *exactly* stupid enough for that trick to work twice.

The next morning, Yatsuha thanks Mugen for his help in apprehending the counterfeiters, and Mugen… once again goes in for sex, with Yatsuha pulling the “look, a naked woman” trick again, and Mugen falling for it again, allowing her to knock him out.


Yatsuha has one of her men drop Mugen off at the tree where Fuu was resting the entire time, and she departs from the tree, reminiscing on her promise to Mugen: evidently, she promised to marry him once “both their journeys are complete”, whatever her journey entails.


Definitely on the goofier absurd end of the Champloo spectrum, the strength of this episode rests primarily on the voice talents of Steve Blum. He’s always been a joy to hear as the rude and obnoxious Mugen, but his performance combined with the expert-level comedic time enhance the hilarity of the samurai’s comedic escapades. His constant thirst and desperation for sexual healing manages to stay consistently humorous through the entire episode. Despite the focus on Mugen for most of the plot and jokes, our other two leads thankfully each get their own humorous comedic highlights, specifically Jin swimming and jumping through the pond when fishing and Fuu’s spontaneous growth in size. “Bogus Booty” makes for a nice breather given the heaviness of the previous two-parter, and I look forward to where the journey continues to next week. I give this episode 8 horny Mugens/10.

What did you think of the episode? Let us know down in the comments below.


Samurai Champloo airs every Saturday at 1:30 AM, only on Toonami.


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