Dimension W Episode 7 Recap: “The Voice Calling From the Past”

Original Airdate: February 21st, 2016

Toonami Airdate: April 9th, 2016

Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another Dimension W recap! We’re over halfway through the series right now, with only five weeks left of its run. We probably won’t know what replaces it until about two weeks before it ends, but until then, let’s get on with the recap!

The episode begins with a flashback to Kyouma’s past, where he’s getting into a fight with some strangers. While he’s running away, he meets a girl who is stuck behind a bus. He helps her out from behind the bus, and she says her name is Miyabi, who we would later know is Kyouma’s dead girlfriend, as was seen in the last episode. They eventually grow to form a romantic relationship over time. Unfortunately, Miyabi was soon diagnosed with an incurable form of muscular dystrophy that eats away at the muscular tissue and would eventually end up killing her. Because Kyouma doesn’t want to see Miyabi die, he tries asking none other than Dr. Seira Yurizaki to create a prosthetic body to help her. After being held back by one of the guards, Colin Keys, he takes Kyouma into a secret room where he asks him to join the Beasts of Grindle, in the promise of being able to cure his girlfriend. Kyouma accepts the offer, and shortly after, he proposes to Miyabi. While out on a mission to Easter Island, it is the day of Miyabi’s surgery, and everything seemed to be going well. That is, until Kyouma went into a short coma while fighting in the war, only to eventually wake up and hear that Miyabi died during her operation due to an issue with the coils. Kyouma grows to hate the coils because of what they did to Miyabi, and we return to the present day, with Kyouma and Mira heading off to Easter Island.


Back at the New Testla headquarters, Salva is asked to explain why he chose to send all the coil hunters to Easter Island in the first place. He responds by telling them that despite Easter Island being cut off from the dimensional feild due to the accident 5 years ago, there is still someone inhabiting the island, along with a functioning coil, and he wants to send in coil hunters to collect the coil. While on the air ship to Easter Island, Kyouma explains that despite his strength, he’ll always be a little slower than most of the hunters due to his lack of coils. Because of how Easter Island is cut off from all access of Dimension W, Mira will also end up shutting down for most of the trip. Prince Salva and his crew eventually end up at the sight of the big disaster, but they are stopped by a big ball of energy that has a mind of its own. It causes a good amount of damage to the ship, and the episode ends with it crashing and sinking down into the water.

You turned on the orb of confusion again, didn’t you?

Is it just me, or did Kyouma’s backstory feel a bit rushed? I know that you can’t spend too long on a flashback or else the audience will get bored, but I would’ve liked if they at least spent an episode fleshing out the relationship between Kyouma and Miyabi. Shows like Kekkai Sensen and Kare Kano are able to have really solid backstory episodes because they’re able to spend enough time establishing and developing the characters and their relationships, but that’s not really the case for this one. The first half of this episode felt like it could’ve been a really solid character development episode for Kyouma if more time and thought went into it, but it just feels like they have the outline for his backstory without going any further than that. I don’t know about you, but I would’ve rather had a full episode of this instead of the babysitting bullshit we got in the last episode. And it’s not like the second half of the epiosde was interesting enough to make up for the underwhelming backstory in the first half, since most of it is, just like the last episode, setup for the last 5 episodes of the series. While I’ll admit that Albert riding on a surfboard was pretty awesome and that it was finally nice to see what Kyouma’s motives are for hating the coils, this episode was pretty underwhelming overall, and despite the mixed things I’ve heard about the show’s final strech, I really hope its able to bounce back from its recent streak of mediocrity. I give this episode 5 dead girlfriends out of 10.

Dimension W can be seen every Saturday night at 12:30 AM!


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