RWBY: Series Overview (A Non Adult Swim Special)

“You Have Silver Eyes.”

Hey guys, its your girl KrisSimsters and today we’re going talk about one of my favorite shows to watch on YouTube and that is RWBY!! Honestly though this show is awesome.

If you haven’t checked out RWBY before now or you just want to watch it again, then check it out on either Rooster Teeth’s YouTube channel or on their website. Honestly though, Rooster Teeth has a lot of great shows including Red vs. Blue (another dream to talk about on another day), but for now, lets talk about RWBY, shall we?

I should mention one more thing; if you’ve never seen this series or you haven’t seen Volume 3 in its entirety, then spoilers are ahead. You have been warned.


Isn’t this explosive


RWBY first premiered on YouTube on July 25th, 2013, but it premiered to the general public on July 18th, 2013. The series was created by Monyreak “Monty” Oum, who had work on other Rooster Teeth series such as Haloid, Death Fantasy, and Red vs. Blue. Sadly, Oum died in February 2015 due to a severe allergic reaction that left him comatose. In his memory, Rooster Teeth challenged everybody who was touched by Oum and his work to use their creativity to make the world a better place. It takes at least a year to make a volume of RWBY and as a special treat to the fans, Rooster Teeth placed out production videos between volumes one and two so you could get a deeper looking into what goes into each volume of the web animation series.

The four main characters of RWBY were introduced via trailers for the series. Ruby’s trailer had her deal with the death of her mother, Weiss’ trailer had her deal with her heiress status, Blake’s trailer had her deal with running away from her past, and Yang’s trailer had her deal with her trying to find her missing mother, who abandoned her when she was younger.

This is how you spell RWBY


RWBY focuses on Ruby Rose who is accepted into her dream school, Beacon Academy, two years in advance. She dreams of becoming a huntress, hoping for a happy ending. She is soon partnered up with Weiss Schnee, heirness to the Schnee Dust Company and the two girls are in a team with Ruby’s older  sister, Yang Xiao Long and her partner Blake Belladonna. This is how they created RWBY. Their closest friends are Team JNPR, who consists of Jaune Arc, Nora Valkyrie, Pyrrha Nikos, and Lie Ren (or Ren for short).

Volume I focuses mostly on a set up, we only get development from Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Jaune. When Ruby becomes the leader of Team RWBY, Weiss is the one who has to adjust to it and we got the deal with that in two episodes. Jaune’s story arc mostly revolves around him getting used to be a leader since he’s the weakest member of Team JNPR, he fears that he’ll be the weak link. And Blake has a secret of her own regarding her past and who she really is.

Volume II focuses more on not only the main characters, but also the villains. We are introduced to Cinder Fall and her associates; Mercury Black, Emerald Sustral, and criminal mastermind, Roman Torchwick and we learn of their plans as they infiltrate Beacon. We also learn more about Penny, Ruby’s friend from the end of season one who turns out to be a cyborg. We also learn more about the dark creatures known as Grimm as they have a huge play in the season finale. Oh yeah, and then there’s Team CFVY!!

Talk about badass with a side of badass. So yeah, that was season two.

Season three focuses mainly on Vytal Festival and its literally the “Bad things are going to happen” season and I really don’t want to spoil anything. Just know that a lot of shit happens and a lot of your favorite characters go through a lot. If I had to give something away, we get to see Velvet’s ability and that was really awesome. And it brought back one of my favorite songs from season one I May Fall. Honestly though, season three does a lot to you.



Ruby and her “baby.”

My review for RWBY is finally done after almost a month and I’m sorry its late, I’ve been really busy with life. I could recommend specific episodes of this series to watch, but you can’t really do that with something like RWBY because you’ll need to watch every episode to understand the story and I like shows like that. Should you watch this show? Yes, you totally should, its worth your time. Experiencing something like this at least once in your life is honestly worth it. Yes there is some Early Episode Weirdness in the first season because it feels like your playing a game to unlock almost all the characters, but the improvement in season two is almost mind-blowing. Enough about me gushing about RWBY, go on and check it out on your own. Its worth it.

My name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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RWBY is available to watch on Rooster Teeth and Netflix!!


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