Naruto Shippuden Episode 108 Recap: “Guidepost of the Camellia”

Original Airdate: 5/7/2009

Toonami Airdate: 4/16/2016

Last week on the Shippuden recap, we ended it with Naruto being a dumbass and doing a game while stuck inside a giant legendary turtle, because Naruto is a dumbass. Overall, the episode was fairy ok, but hey, it still caused my friends to go insane and/or drink alot. This week, it didn’t cause anyone to drink alot (at least, anyone that I know of) because Rob was not watching it, so good for him. But how was it overall? Lets find out.

We start with the FEB taking his new toys, the Guren Squad, out and them being all happy with their new Curse Mark powers and not feeling any pain or fatigue any more. They feel like they can take on the world and then some.

Cause this will certainly not bite them in the ass later on, right? The FEB just wants Yukimaru back though. We meet up with Sakura and Ino who are dealing with Yukimaru, and … why is this looking like SAO?

Anyway, Sakura tells Kakashi that the kid knows what happened to Naruto and Guren, and shows Yukimaru’s crystal he got from Guren. They don’t know what the Giant Turtle’s stomach is like, and guess Naruto and Guren may have fought already down there. The kid will look for the turtle, since he can sense it, while Shizune will start the seal up again, and Kakashi will look for Naruto. The others all get split off for what to do, while also being warned of the FEB.

Naruto’s clones are still looking for an exit, but they all get taken out by the poor CGI Mini-turtles. As the turtles get close to the duo,  they split off, to reveal two bigger Mini-turtles. They fight the turtles, but Guren’s attack does nothing. Naruto says he will distract them, only to fail in getting it done, and having Guren come back to help him, only to get tail whipped herself. Naruto sends out Shadow Clones to distract, and tells Guren to get on his back so he can carry her. She doesn’t want to do this because she’s still has pride, but Naruto doesn’t care. He takes her anyway.

Kiba, Lee, and TenTen are still looking for Naruto (with Lee saying blondey owns him a match from a fight way back when), when Akamaru senses the enemies near. The Guren Squad arrives for another rematch. Even though he couldn’t see them before, Lee knows it’s the same people. The smoke guy launches an attack, with TenTen countering by throwing things, only to have the creepy latex dude stop her throwing attack, with a smoke dragon being launched as well.

The rest of the crew is on the lake, with Yukimaru in a canoe. He senses the turtle below them, and can somehow sense Naruto and Guren trying to get out. He tells Kakashi he needs alot of camellias. Back inside the Giant Turtle, the duo ask why each saved each other, and it was to get out. There’s more talk of the kid, and Orochimaru being bad, and some stuff about Sasuke too. Naruto leaves and finds a big ravine, which he jumps into. It fills up with fog, causing illusions of Sasuke, who he chases after, The Sasuke illusion attacks him a couple times, with Naruto pleading to his fake lover. Guren walks up to the same area, and sees the fog, knowing it’s bad news because “it shows what’s in the heart”. But she hears Naruto, and goes in after him. She’s met by Yukimaru’s mom, and tells her she’ll protect him, even if she dies. Naruto is still fighting Sasuke, and wants to fuck him so badly him back home, but Guren slaps him back to reality. She knows he saw Sasuke, because she saw him kill a bunch of people a while back too. Naruto swears to get him back, while Guren laughs at how stupid he is trying to save his boy-toy.

As Kakashi goes underwater, he finds a dimensional barrier between worlds where the real world and the turtle’s world is.

Because nothing makes sense in Shippuden filler hell, Josh! That’s why. Anyway, he uses his Lighting Blade to try to break the barrier up (as I said, don’t ask how), while the fog dissipates from around Guren and Naruto, only to have the mini-turtles surround the two. Another Lightning Blade makes a crack in the barrier big enough to cause water to seep in, and Sai, from above the lake, unloads a bag full of camellias which get sent through said crack.

Guren tells Naruto that she was the one who killed Yukimaru’s mom. Through flashback, we see how his mom almost escaped, but because of Orochimaru’s orders, and Guren wanting to please him (Her words, which EWWWWWW) she did it, even though his mom kinda saved her. So she can’t make amends to Yukimaru for this, and decides that Naruto should take care of the kid when they get out. They spot the camellias flowing down, and hear Yukimaru playing his flute music, only to be attacked by the turtles. With help from Naruto’s clones, they make their way to where the camellias are appearing, and Naruto uses his Rasengan on the exit, and they make their way through the dimensional barrier.

Another Shippuden filler episode, and another episode that will get a poor score from me. This one was boring, and added the “Sasuke come home!” crap that we been hearing ad nauseam/will continue to hear throughout the show. I know, it could be worse, but quite frankly, I’m being wear thin with this, AND the whole Orochimaru stuff. Like we get it, he’s evil. We knew of this in the beginning of the first series.

My thoughts exactly, which also might be a tiny spoiler to boot. So now, lets go to my pal, Digi. How was this episode for you?

Yeah, this sucks. I give this episode a 1.5 Star-Crossed Lover Illusions/5

Speaking of long runners, Hunter X Hunter premiered last night, and that makes 4 long runners now on Toonami. I may have ranked them myself.

Your opinion on this will definitely vary. Unless you also think this is true too. At least we can smile again. Until 2 AM falls on us. This will change soon enough in … ummmm … *checks when this filler will end again* Mid-May. Oh motherf-


Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 2 AM Saturday on Toonami




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