One Piece Episode 342 Recap

Original Airdate: 2/10/2008

Toonami Airdate: 4/16/2016

Last week on the One Piece recap, we saw a ton, and I mean, A TON, of shots of Nami. I would say sorry for it, but I’m sure alot of you who read this are thankful for those pics. Also, Nami got attacked while naked, and that wasn’t good. Luffy and the others tamed a 3-headed beast, and told Luffy “No more strange crewmates!!” We left off with the scared trio being surrounded by picture zombies. Did they make it out? Find out in the recap of “The Zombies Secret! Hogback’s Nightmarish Laboratory”.

As Usopp, Nami, and Chopper are still dealing with the locked door, Ice Bear Zombie Rug (Yes, I’m calling it that) helps them on accident by breaking the door. They make their way out, but there are more picture zombies, and they round back to where they were. A few grab Usopp’s cape, tugging and tripping him into Nami and Chopper, who all land in a fireplace. It looks like they’re trapped, until the wall opens up behind them, sending them into a secret passageway. The picture zombies try to open the secret door, but the trio are blocking their access. That is, until they notice more picture zombies in the passageway, and they run like chickens. There are more “surprise zombies” at every corner, as they make their way through running and screaming, until they find a room and bust through it, with Chopper closing the door soon after.

As they catch their breath, Usopp freaks cause he sees a big picture thinking another zombie is in the room. But, it’s just a picture of a pretty woman. However, Nami notices that the woman is very familiar. It’s Hogback’s assistant, Cindry, and there are a ton of photos of her. She notices that Cindry looks different in the photos. For one, she’s not a servant in any of them, and she doesn’t have any stitches on her at all in the photos. Cindry also has a big smile that lights the room up, unlike the one they saw. So the photos could be old pics of her. Nami finds a book, and reads up on her. Her full name is Victoria Cindry, and she was actually a popular actress both from a rich family. She was a big hit on stage. However, Nami notices the articles are very old, and to top it off, one of them says that Cindry died 10 years ago in an accident on stage. Meaning, the Cindry they saw is a zombie, and all the people and animals they also saw were alive at one point. As they try to make a break for it, Usopp trips up and reveals a treasure chest, causing Nami to avert her attention to what’s inside. Usopp opens it, and out pops a Jack-in-the-box zombie, freaking out the trio and making them run for it, only to run into other zombies again. As Nami thinks of the treasure, a bodyguard comes forth and tells the other zombies he will “herd them up”, while making a similar noise that a certain someone did.

EP 342 5

We then go to Luffy and the others, who are arguing about who should be on the crew. Sanji and Franky are arguing on if Franky’s a robot or not, and Sanji calls him a pervert, which not only Franky thanks him for, but is really ironic coming from Sanji.

Robin notices that the zombies, including Cerberus, all have injuries and weird numbers on them, so they could be working for someone. The crew then hear a noise, something saying “Negative”, and out pops a ghost, exciting Luffy. The ghost splits into 3, making Luffy wants to catch them and turn them into pets. They aren’t caught because they are ghost, and Luffy doesn’t use his brain.

EP 342 2

Franky uses a Fresh Fire attack on them, but nothing works. One of the ghost goes through Franky, causing him to say he sucks, and wanting to die and be a ceiling fan. Another one goes through Luffy, causing him to say he wants to die and be resurrected as a clam. Hmmm, where have I seen this before? Oh yeah, I remember now!

Emo Dandy
Good old Emo Dandy and his emo-ness

The group sees that, somehow, when the ghost pass through a person, they become all depressed and negative. Zoro thinks both Franky and Luffy are pathetic to have this happen to them, only to have a ghost pass through him. He says in his depressed state “he’s not fit to be dog food.” They can’t have the ghost pass through them anymore, as Luffy is mad and doesn’t want the ghost anymore, and Sanji laughs at Zoro’s pain. The ghost they agree will be hard to beat, unlike the zombies.

EP 342 3

They make their way to a graveyard, where Luffy wants to have a picnic, because Luffy will eat anywhere.

Luffy then hears a noise. And out pops a zombie from the ground. I could explain what happens, but it’s more funnier in gif form.

EP 342 Gif

EP 342

Yeah, the zombie is mad. Luffy sees it and thinks it’s “an old man with serious injuries,” astonishing his crew with his stupidity. And then more zombies pop out. They tell him they are dangerous as they make their way to the Straw Hats, very slowly. But the others don’t care, as they beat the asses of every zombie with their “600 Million Berry Jackpot!!”

We make our way back to the mansion as Hogback is SMOUCH SMOUCH SMOUCH SMOUCH-ing in a room, where the scared trio find him. They think they found Hogback’s secret lab, and check it out. Hogback is nearly finished on something, as Cindry disses him yet again. She also serves him a snack, which is spaghetti soup, to which she just dumps it on the table. Nami sees her and wonders if she really died, while Usopp notices a big body on the table. Chopper believes the person is dead because of the injuries and stitches, along with a number on it. It could be a new zombie creation, meaning that Hogback could be involved in all of this. Just then, the gang hear footsteps down the hall, and out comes the bodyguard from earlier. He welcomes them, and the trio notices what he says, which is “YO-HOHOHOHOOOOOOOOO!!!” Is the bodyguard Brook?

Overall, this was a fun episode. Everything Luffy did or said was stupid beyond compare sure, but still very funny, as that is alot of his character. The overall group dynamic of one minute getting at each other about who is what, and then the next combining their powers to beat up an enemy is also what makes the Straw Hats great too. This episode had all that what makes One Piece very fun, mixed with some cool action scenes, and just giving some drama mixed in too, with Cindry and who she actually was. Also, can we agree that Luffy is a better zombie exterminator than anyone on Fear the Walking Dead? At least so far? Hell, Luffy’s zombie skills were so good, that even Naruto himself was impress.

So yeah, a pretty great episode. Next week, we find out who the swordsman zombie is, and the last major player in the Thriller Bark arc makes their appearance as well. See ya for it next week. I give this episode 5 Bottles of Spaghetti Soup/5.


One Piece can be seen at 2:30 AM Saturday on Toonami



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