Dimension W Episode 8 Recap: “The Island That Fell Into the Void”

Original Airdate: February 28th, 2016

Toonami Airdate: April 16th, 2016

Hi everyone, and welcome to another recap of Dimension W! Have you ever wondered how much of an insufferable douchebag the writers could possibly make Kyouma in a 22 minute time span? Well this episode is about to answer that question, so let’s waste no time and let’s recap this!

No rats were harmed in the making of this episode

Kyouma and Mira finally arrive at Easter Island, and Mira is quick to point out that because of the microorganisms dying due to the area being uninhabitable for them, the corpses of dead organisms are unable to decompose, as was demonstrated on a dead rat. Kyouma then calls Mira a “piece of junk”, which really sets the tone for his behavior for the rest of the episode. Albert then arrives to basically tell Kyouma to not f**k this up, and then Kyouma drives off. We then flash back to Prince Salva’s past where an African king asks if he could take Salva on as his own son for the sake of helping him control the New Testla tower that is currently being built. Shortly after the king tells Salva about his responsibilities, Lwai is born. Salva is told that he has to take care of Lwai because he is his little brother and he will someday become the king.

[insert The Circle of Life here]
The other coil hunters from New Testla make their way to the island after swimming to shore, or at least the ones that haven’t been swallowed by that black sphere thing. Lwai then comes up to bring them to Salva and Lasithi, who are currently unconscious due to hypothermia. Lwai tells the coil hunters to find Salva and Lasithi somewhere to keep them warm. Also, Loser is there, and he is reminded of his dead wife’s ass after looking at his daughter. Because that’s a completely normal thought to have. Anyway, the coil hunters find an abandoned cabin to stay in, and they light up the fireplace to warm the two up. We also see that Salva has recorded a message for everyone, in the case that something like this would happen. The message is being broadcast to everyone on the island, basically telling them that after the island returns to normal, the pressure may or may not end up severely injuring them. After the message is finished, a giant fighter robot comes in to kill everyone, and it’s up to not-Leone and Captain Hindsight to fight it off. Also, the black sphere is back, and we learn that it’s only interested in going after men for some reason (insert obligatory feminist joke here). Lasithi regains consciousness, but Salva is still MIA for the time being, so she tells Lwai to fight in Salva’s place.

I don’t think this is what you should be thinking about when looking at your daughter.

While driving, Kyouma and Mira encounter two fighter robots, and while not warning Mira, he uses a flash bomb on the robots and temporarily blinds Mira because of it. And not suprisingly, this isn’t even the worst thing he’s done to her in this episode, but we’ll get to that later. Not Porky and his sister are also fighting off a few robots, and in the middle of the fight, Kyouma and Mira come in to help them. They defeat the robot, and after finding out that the coil wasn’t the one they were looking for, Kyouma tells Mira to throw it out. In return for helping them defeat the robot, the twins offer to help them find a tunnel to their destination. Oh, and KK (not slider) is some sort of mad scientist person, but that’s not important right now. While driving, Mira shows concern about entering the void where all coils will stop working because, obviously, she is run by coils and will enter a death-like state if her coils stop functioning. And what does Kyouma do to try and comfort her? Absolutely jack shit! Instead, he just continues to have that pissed-off look on his face and doesn’t care that Mira is about to, albiet temporarily, die while they’re in the void. This takes the cake for the most asshole thing Kyouma has done in this episode by far, but I’ll rant about that later. Kyouma, Mira, and the twins arrive at their location, which is also where the Beast of Grindle were last. Kyouma and Mira decide to head of farther to find the coil, and we end the episode with an encounter with Loser.

Der he is!

Now is my time to rant about how much of an unlikable asshole Kyouma is, especially in this episode. I tolerated Kyouma’s abrasiveness towards Mira at first, since it was fairly toned down compared to this and I initially thought that he would start developing a bit of a soft-spot towards Mira, but it just keeps getting less and less tolerable as the show goes on, with this episode being the breaking point for me, since it did hit a bit of a sensitive spot for me. I am someone who frequently deals with anxiety on a near daily basis, to the point where I’m unable to get a good nights sleep most nights, so seeing Mira going through the same thing and Kyouma being an uncaring twat about it really angers me. For Christ sake, at least have Kyouma comforting her before they enter the void instead of just ignoring her. There would’ve actually been some decent character development for Kyouma if they just did that instead, but instead, we have the final straw that solidifies Kyouma as my most hated protaginist of any show Toonami has aired thus far. Yes, I hate him even more than Kirito and Tatsumi, because at the very least, those characters aren’t relentlessly mean-spirited assholes like Kyouma is. Aside from Kyouma being an ass, there’s nothing else really to comment about. The twins aren’t too bad I guess, but nothing that went on outside of that was really that noteworthy, outside of the ball apparently being either a radical feminist or really, really gay. I give the episode 4 homosexual black spheres out of 10.

Dimension W can be seen every Saturday night at 12:30 AM!


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