Yogurt in a Bag: Robot Chicken, 08×16 & Life is but a Dream: Mike Tyson Mysteries, 02×11 Recap

Mike is back!!

Hey guys, its your girl KrisSimsters and if you reading this, then you know that I have somehow survived the weirdness that was Mike Tyson Mysteries.

Yes, Mike and the gang came back last night and invaded my solo nights of Robot Chicken, which means I’m back to my double reviews. Seriously though, last night’s episode of Mike Tyson Mysteries were weird, I honestly thought they weren’t going to go there, but they went there. Oh boy did they went there. Part of me should have known though, they did do bestiality before their winter break. Speaking of breaks, this is a Christmas episode. A Christmas episode…in April.

If you happened to miss this week’s episodes of Robot Chicken and Mike Tyson Mysteries, then fear not!! They should both be available on Adult Swim’s website, their onDemand page, and on your DVR if you happened to record them. And remember that they come on at 11:30 and 11:45 Sunday nights. No more silly talking, I have a new way of reviewing Robot Chicken and I kinda want to test it out, so lets get started, shall we?

My Thoughts on Robot Chicken: Yogurt in a Bag…

While not as funny as Mike Tyson Mysteries, this week’s episode of Robot Chicken was funny enough to sustain me for the fifteen minutes it was one. One of Robot Chicken‘s weaknesses, especially with a show like Mike Tyson Mysteries coming on after it, is that its usually funny, but not funny enough, but when its on its own then its funny. Is Robot Chicken used as a placeholder for something funnier? You would think as a longtime show-runner, they would get funnier as the episode goes on, but there is the TV Trope Seasonal Rot and while it has happened to Robot Chicken in the past, I wouldn’t be surprised if the series is going through it again.

My favorite skit from this week’s Robot Chicken happened to be Taken Seat, which features Liam Neeson trying to get his seat back in a movie theater from some random guy and his girlfriend. I found this funny because it wasn’t until the end of the skit that I realized that this was actually Liam Neeson and not some impostor. And I liked how the girlfriend just tasers him in the end, I would probably do the same thing if somebody said they were going to kill me. I also happened to like The Decapitation and The Crypt Keeper because I love it when Monster High invades Robot ChickenDoug’s Comedy Show is definitely my least favorite, it was nice that they’ve managed to get Billy West to play Doug again, the skit itself was just bad.

Mike Tyson Mysteries: Life is but a Dream Plot…

This week’s episode of Mike Tyson Mysteries was weird and while we’re going to soon get into the weirdness of it, lets just say that this is a Christmas episode. And it came on in April. Part of me feels like Ogopogo should have been the season finale instead of the mid-season finale, but I digress. Lets just jump into the weirdness, shall we?

This episode starts out with Marquess getting called into the living room. He thinks its because of his drinking problem and rants about this for the first three minutes of the episode. Mike says that the meeting wasn’t about his apparent drinking problem (which Pigeon points out), it was instead about a new mystery and since its 100 degrees outside, Mike was being sensible enough to have the meeting inside. This week’s mystery? A man named Thomas Foley says that his wife, Diane has been in a coma for about a year and while her vitals are normal, she just doesn’t want to wake up.

Pigeon makes his usual intensive comment (which I honestly missed) and when Marquess berates on him, he then says they should just pull the plug and it just makes matters worst. Marquess figures out that Diane’s in a dream-like state and since he’s a ghost, Marquess can travel to the dream realm and he’s discovered his purpose. One rant later, we find the Mystery team in the hospital cafeteria and even though Marquess is the only one dead, Mike wants to go to the dream realm as well. And then Mike reveals that he’s put poison in Yung, Pigeon, and his drinks (without even asking) and soon their all ghost like Marquess. (I’m going to talk more about this later).

The dead mystery team go inside Diane’s dream realm and find themselves in an almost Disney-esque dream. We find Diane in a Snow White like outfit, going inside her Snow White like cottage where she has sex with…her stepson. This was probably one of the most jaw-dropping, funniest moments of the show. I probably watched this scene like five times on my DVR plus two times live (once on the original airing and the other at like 4:30 AM) and yeah it was just weird. And I liked it. I love all the twists in every Mike Tyson Mysteries episode. This was probably the best moment in the series thus far, way better than Ogopogo and I praised that episode to high heaven last year.

Anyway, Mike, Yung, and Pigeon are brought back to life and Mike being Mike, he remembers nothing about poisoning them. Marquess asks Diane if she wants to wake up or not, but she the way she’s telling her stepson to do her, we think she’s not coming back, but she does wake up in the final scene. And the way she’s hugging her stepson and the way Thomas was looking on…it makes me wonder if he knew what she was dreaming about.

The ending credit scene features the real Mike Tyson talking about his happy place and it involves Asparagus. I’m allergic to Asparagus though so, I can never eat that. Next week’s episode features Snoop Dogg and I’m going to try and be as drunk as possible just to sit through it.

Final Thoughts…

As I’ve stated before, while Robot Chicken was good, Mike Tyson Mysteries was better. While I did enjoy both, both also has their flaws. The only flaw I have with Mike Tyson Mysteries is Mike not knowing the difference between murder and suicide and then not remembering that he committed murder. Not even Pigeon is that cruel.

And I know some people might be disturbed by the incest of this episode, but don’t forget that Yung might have possibly had sex with Pigeon in the mid-season finale. Mike Tyson Mysteries might be able to push the envelope more than other shows, but I hope they don’t push it hard enough that they might get cancelled.

My name is KrisSimsters and that’s all for me this week, I’ll be back to recapping both shows again next week. Until then, Stay Golden.

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Robot Chicken and Mike Tyson Mysteries comes on Sundays @ 11:30 and 11:45 PM only on Adult Swim


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