Naruto Shippuden Episode 109 Recap: “Counterattack of the Curse Mark”

Original Airdate: 5/14/2009

Toonami Airdate: 4/23/2016

We are here again, with another Shippuden recap. And there is still no end yet to the filler hell of this arc. Sure, it’s not as long as what Bleach showed for its filler. But at least those had some action. This? You get what you can. Did this have any action and awesome fights? Did it drive anyone crazy? Did Yukimaru die? Well, of course not. But another Yukimaru did. (Sorry if this spoils the episode of Samurai Champloo for you.)

Oh well. Let’s begin another Shippuden recap

Yeah, I know the pain.

We start at the lake, and there’s a big ass vortex from the dimensional barrier being broken. There is no sign of Naruto and Guren anywhere, and Hinata’s Byakugan can’t spot anything. The Giant Turtle got woke from this, and the Sealing Team is ready for it. Maybe. Sai is told to take Yukimaru to a safe place, but he won’t leave without Guren. As they think of the missing duo, and after some convincing, Yukimaru decides to go with Sai, while the ladies start the Four-Corners Sealing Jutsu again, and Kakashi and Yamato will deal with the Giant Turtle as they get ready. Sai gets on shore, and waits for the two to come back. He gives some water to the thristy kid, who makes him smile.

Yeah, don’t take water from Sai. Who knows what he did to it. Then, smoke guy appears and attacks, and Sai hides the kid from the action. He attacks the smoke guy, but the creepy, pink haired dude appears and stops Sai’s attack. He then uses an attack called Sticky Water which … ummm, it looks like something that comes from … yeah, let Josh and Paresh explain it.

Well, Sai gets hit by this … stuff, and gets stuck to a tree, getting no “respeck” at all. (Anyone get this? It happened this week.) Smoke guy launches another attack on Sai and Boom goes the dynamite. The Steve Blum-voiced guy (Again, I forgot their names, and don’t feel like searching up filler characters) finds Yukimaru, and takes him away. The FEB, meanwhile, is … oh who cares. It’s Kabuto. You know he’s being a scheming douche, and that what’s he doing. Just know he’s gonna use the kid to crush the Leaf.

NS 109 2

The Guren Squad meets up with Renji, and see the FEB isn’t with him. They are done with him, and want to do their own thing. Renji laughs at them, and tells them they’re just pawns. It’s only then that the guy’s bodies start to react to the Curse Marks, a “side effect” from it, and Renji has the pills the FEB gave to him. He will only give them the pills if they obey his dickish command, which they cowardly do.

The Giant Turtle looks like it’s surfacing, but doesn’t. Sai send a fish (don’t have it near Ino!) which is just a note detailing he’s in trouble. A mist rolls in that affects Shino insects. Akamaru appears from the ground, with Kiba too, as Kiba dug a hole to get away from the enemy. They look for Lee and TenTen, and can’t find them, until a big thing of mud is right by, and reveals a giant metal sphere which Lee and TenTen appear from.

NS 109 3

I DON’T KNOW!! Kiba is hurt, and so are TenTen and Lee, but Lee is more mad/sad the enemy beat them up. They go to warn the others. As the mist increases around the lake, Kakashi realizes it’s a trap and the ladies are the target. The Squad attacks the girls, but Yamato stops them with his Wood-Style Jutsu, while also stopping smoke guy’s attacks. The Sticky dude faces Shino and gets swarmed by his bugs, while Kakashi faces Steve Blum in a fight.

Akamaru senses something and finds Sai from his attack. While the kid can sense the 3-Tails is coming. Renji has the kid take the pills again, even if he doesn’t want to, for Guren’s sake. Speaking of, she wakes up in a rocky place near the lake. Naruto is there to and she slaps him awake. As they worry about the kid, the fights are continuing, and the Blum character uses a Multi-Smoke Clone Jutsu on Kakashi (Question. Can ANYTHING be turned into clones on here? Shadows, Smoke, Crystals, Water, Mud. And I thought the clone jutsu was a secret technique?) Creepy guy was playing with Shino, as his bugs get slimed, and then he gets Shino good, while smoke guy attacks Yamato with a Smoke Dragon. Sai was right all along about the people being stronger. Take a drink for Sai being right, I guess. The kid’s power returns and he opens another vortex in the sky, while the Giant Turtle gets mad, and guess what Ino does yet again?

A weird voice calls out to the girls as we end the episode.

NS 109
Yukimaru goes Super Saiyan God again, and Renji’s face says he doesn’t care for this shit.

So, what’s to say about this episode. Well, there is good news: This had the most action we saw in a while, with the trio attacking and everyone having a fight. We got no stupid ass home talk from Yukimaru, Naruto, and others, and no thoughts of bringing Sasuke home either. The problem? Well, the animation was kinda stiff. Although it could be worse. (Trust me, it gets worst in later episodes.) And Ino failed again too. Other than that, it was an OK episode, but we still know how this is going. This is just filler, and with it, why should we care?

Also, as Digi explains here, this filler is super slow, and has been that way for what seems like forever.

Speaking of, how was this episode fo-oh, we already know your answer

4 weeks in a row of Combine Harvesters. A whole months worth. As for me, this episode gets 3/5 Attacking Curse Mark dudes. Best grade for this from me in a while.


Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 2 AM Saturday on Toonami


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