One Piece Episode 343 Recap

Original Airdate: 2/17/2008

Toonami Airdate: 4/23/2016

On the last episode of One Piece, the scared trio got met by a bodyguard with a similar voice when they reached Hogback’s lab, Luffy got rid of zombies his own way before the crew beat them up, and he and some of the others got depressed when ghosts attacked them. In this week’s episode, we meet the big boss of Thriller Bark, and finally see the invisible man and the ghost chick’s faces. Join me on this recap of “His Name is Moria! The Great Shadow-Seizing Pirate’s Trap”

Luffy is asking the zombie’s what they’re all doing, and they respond with “zombie stuff”. You know, like rotting and walking and all. He senses they are lying, and ask if his scared trio of crewmates passed by. The zombies did see them, but they can’t say where because of orders given to them, as they all repeat. One crack of his knuckles makes the zombies tell Luffy they did pass. He then ask if they did anything to them. They say they did nothing, only with Luffy staring angrily at them, and one snitches on one for saying he attacked them, while another snitches that another bit Usopp. Man, why to protect your zombie brothers. Don’t y’all know snitches get stitches? Of course, the zombies are covered in stitches to begin with. YO-HOHOHOHOHOHO!!!!!! *Gets booed loudly* Fine, fine, I’ll continue. Luffy and the crew all mad at this, and as the zombies get scared of them, they beat them all up, putting them upside-down back in the graveyard. The zombies were mostly just wimps.

EP 343

As the crew walks away, and makes fun of each other again (just Sanji and Zoro), someone tells them to stop. The person tells them that they were impressed at how they fought the zombies. He has a lantern, which reveals his face. Luffy points out again that it’s an old man with serious injuries, making his crew mad again. Except for the fact that Luffy was actually right.

EP 343 2
What the subs say is true

The old man with serious injuries talks about an evil man, and wants the Straw Hats to beat him up for him and others, and get his shadow back. As Luffy and the others notice from the light of the lantern, he doesn’t have a shadow, just like Brook. The guy who did it is on the island, and his name is Moria. This alerts Robin and she ask the old geezer if it is in fact the Gecko Moria, which the old guy says it is. She knows him only by name, but the guy had a former bounty that was greater than Luffy’s. He is now one of the Seven Warlords of the sea.

The old man says of how many victims he has gotten on Thriller Bark, and along with a flashback detailing it, says that the Straw Hats were “invited” to the island by him. He starts to cry, cause he is scared of the zombies, and also because he can’t take it anymore not going into the sun with no shadow at all. He just wants to feel the sun once more before he dies. Franky cries to this, and Sanji rudely tells him to have more backbone. But Luffy promises they will find the shadow guy and kick his ass for them. The old man thanks him, and so do others who were hiding and listening in to their conversation.

Back at the mansion, the bodyguard slashes down the door, sending Usopp, Nami and Chopper into Hogback’s lab. The trio think the guy is Brook, but this guy has skin, and looks like a mummy than their boney companion. Hogback is mad that they’re in his lab, and ask if they saw anything. They lie and say they didn’t, till Usopp spills the beans. But it doesn’t matter to Hogback if they know his secrets, for the “Night Hunt” is about to begin.

The invisible man, still invisible, is walking towards the graveyard and sees all the zombies that Luffy and co. beat up. He pulls one from the ground, and the zombie complains of pain, even though he’s a zombie and shouldn’t feel anything. Jumping on a tombstone, he tells the rest of them to rise up, and they do. He ask who he is, and they respond saying he is their leader, Absalom. His face does finally get revealed, showing a mix of lion and other animal parts. The zombies chant out “Leader! Leader!”, before one points out that he peeps at women, and their chant turns to “Pervert! Pervert!” The ghosts, all making their “HORRA HORRA HORRA” noise, return to the mansion. A giant stuffed teddy bear zombie welcomes the ghost back, only for the ghost to tell him to shut up, because “his voice is ugly, and he wants him to stay cute”. The ghost girl is named Perona.

EP 343 4

Elsewhere in the mansion, 3 tiny zombies are running to see their master, Moria. He is sleeping, and one of them fires an arrow at his sleep bubble and wakes him from his 4-day sleep of bad dreams. They tell him they have a meal for him that consist of the Straw Hats, and this pleases Moria. Back with Luffy and co., rain starts to fall clearing the fog up, and Luffy sees something. They think it’s a flag at first, but as the old man, who was tailing them, points out, it’s a giant sail. Turns out that Thriller Bark is actually the world’s biggest pirate ship, (also, “Bark” is a ship with 3 or more masts, which is your lesson of the day) and it is Moria’s home. Absalom says the Zombie Generals will lead the attack, with the other zombies hoping to show no mercy. The clock strikes midnight, and the moment of the Night Hunt has arrived, as we see Perona with animal zombies. Moria says that Thriller bark will show the Straw Hats “the nightmare to end all nightmares” as Luffy and co. open the gate to get into the mansion.

EP 343 3

This episode wasn’t as funny as last weeks, or the week before. It still had its moments of laughter. However, what this One Piece episode lack in the comedy department, made up for in showcasing the new characters. Yes, we seen Absalom and Perona, but we didn’t meet them psychically. We now have a face for both of them. And we only just saw a bit of Moria, the big boss of this arc. We know now he is the one who stole Brook’s and the old man with serious injuries shadows. We also know he is very powerful since he is a member of the Seven Warlords as well. This is what makes One Piece so great as well, as we get build-up for the characters who Luffy and the others will fight soon enough. As for next week?

Yup. The Night Hunt begins. This episode gets 4.5 Old Men looking like zombies/5


One Piece can be seen at 2:30 AM Saturday on Toonami


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