Dimension W Episode 9 Recap: “The Key to Adrastea”

Original Airdate: March 6th, 2016

Toonami Airdate: April 23rd, 2016

Hello everyone, and welcome to another recap of Dimension W! Make sure you have the lube ready, because this episode is going to f**k your mind faster than any episode of Evangelion will, without anything that made Eva interesting to begin with. Anyway, onto the recap!

Continuing from where the last episode left off, Loser ends up confronting Kyouma, knowing he’s part of the Beasts of Grindle. We learn that Loser and Kyouma used to work together, but Kyouma forgot about it because “WE NEED TO HAVE THE PLOT TWIST!” Loser then uses the Numbers he has collected to become this super powerful fire robot and then goes ballistic on Kyouma and the gang. To add to this clusterf**k, the mysterious ball of evil also shows up to make things worse, and like an idiot, Kyoua sticks his hand in the sphere and passes out. Mira asks if Loser is controling the sphere, and Loser confirms that he is not, but I wouldn’t be suprised if they planned on doing that originally.


Loser leaves Kyouma behind, sending him to flashback land, which is usually where you go if you happen to be a Naruto character. We see Kyouma from back when he was a member of the Beasts of Grindle talking with Al about how he plans to get a prosthetic body for Miyabi, which is her only hope for living at this point. Oh, and Kyouma has this inner voice discouraging him now. Worst Stand ability ever. Anyway, Prince Salva has his own flashback, as he’s watching the results of the war fold out. After Lwai and Lasthi approach Salva, he tells them to go see the king with him, with him then slapping Lasthi for literally no reason. Seriously, she only exists in that scene to get slapped! And Salva also has one of those inner voice things, wich tells him “muda muda” in the Japanese version, so would that mean that Salva has The World now? God I wish Jojo was on instead of this. Anywho, Salva is preparing to meet with the king regarding the people protesting against the use of coils in Africa. Salva asks the king if he could take his throne in order to calm the protesters, and the king ends up entrusting the throne to Salva.


Meanwhile, the Beasts of Grindle are investigating a tower that’s near Salva’s rallying spot because of a man who was killed there. We then get introduced to the main villain of the series,Seameyer, through a transmission, who is an effeminate insane evil mastermind, because we haven’t seen that trope a million times before. Hell, Hunter x Hunter is going to introduce a character who fits into that same trope a few weeks from now! After broadcasting his message, the object in the dead man’s mouth blows up, and we see it transform into a deformed pile of multiple dead bodies, which is the villain’s way of declaring war on the Beasts of Grindle. Meanwhile, while Salva is at his ralley, both Lwai and Lasthi are shot down and killed by Seameyer, causing Salva to show regret for letting them die.

Yep. Totally not a vibrator

At the New Testla Headquarters, they are debating about what they should be doing about Seameyer, and we get to meet Loser before his face got messed up. Seameyer ends up locking everyone in the building, and before we could see what happens, we cut back into the present, where we see Loser and his daughter at his former work place. The daughter picks up this steel vibrating thing that could be used as a weapon and goes really fast. According to Loser, the only person capable of handling such a weapon is Kyouma. They open up the door to ground zero and prepare to go in, with the possibility of Loser dying. Back in the past, we see the Beasts of Grindle planning to invade Easter Island in hopes of finally bringing down Seameyer once and for all. Before leaving, Kyouma learns that Miyabi is going into surgery before he leaves and that he has to see her before he leaves to Easter Island. While talking to Miyabi, Mira ends up invading the flashback, and then Kyouma’s inner voice starts talking to him directly, reminding him of Miyabi’s death and the death of the rest of his team mates. Kyouma is then sent to Salva’s flashback, and shortly after, we see him reaching enlightenment or something. and we find out that the black orb is actually Seameyer, I think? While Kyouma is passed out, Mira finds a picture of Miyabi in his pocket, and takes it back to Mary’s place (how the hell did she get back there anyway, or was this something that happened earlier?). After evaluating her information, Mira finds out that her body was originally meant for Miyabi, essentially making her Kyouma’s dead girlfriend or something. We end this episode with another giant robot coming out to attack, and Mira plans on attacking it by herself to protect Kyouma (if it were me, I would’ve just used Kyouma as a meat shield while he was out).

Don’t do LSD, kids!

Oh boy did this show really jump the shark. First of all, why would Kyouma forget about what happened with Loser years ago? You’d think he’d have at least some memory of that, since he seems to remember being a part of the Beasts of Grindle fairly well. This is about as bad as that time Kayaba forgot his evil motivation in Sword Art Online’s first arc. If you thought that this was my only complaint about the episode, well boy were you wrong. The chronology of this episode is just all over the place. It doesn’t know if it wants to focus on the past or the present, and the end result is something that is all over the place. When did Mira find out that one of the bodies that was planned for Miyabi was used to make her? When was Loser able to get to his old work place? What is up with that weird inner voice thing? Well, after doing some research, I think I found out why everything feels so rushed and jumbles. You see, Dimension W was adapted from a manga series of the same name, and if you know anything about manga adaptations, you’d know that you don’t want to try to adapt too much in too short of a timespan. For a 12 episode series like this, adapting 30-40 chapters would work just fine, depending on how long each chapter is. However, Dimension W clearly didn’t get the memo, because the anime tries to adapt nearly 80 chapters worth of content in 12 episodes! Because of this, the show possibly glosses over some important details regarding the story and character development. I wouldn’t know since I haven’t read the manga, but if Tokyo Ghoul has taught me anything, it’s that adapting that much material in so little time is never a good idea. Maybe the show would be better if it was given at least 24 episodes to breath, but I guess we’ll never know. I give this episode 3 robots made from dead girls out of 10.

Dimension W can be seen every Saturday night at 12:30 AM!


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