Secret of the Flushed Footlong: Robot Chicken 08×17 & Unsolved Situations: Mike Tyson Mysteries 02×12, Recap

Snoop Dogg

Hey guys, its your girl KrisSimsters and I’m in a small bit of a delimma. Why, you might ask? Because even though I haven’t liked Snoop Dogg (or Lion) since I was seventeen, I found last night’s episode of Mike Tyson Mysteries funny…and I was sober. You might think I’m overreacting and lets be honest, I probably am, but I just liked it.I’m kinda hating myself right now. Anyway, if you haven’t seen the latest episodes of Robot Chicken and/or Mike Tyson’s Mysteries, then its available either on the Adult Swim onDemand page, the Adult Swim website, or on your DVR if you happened to record it. Now, lets jump into this recap, shall we?


My Thoughts on Robot Chicken: Secrets of the Flushed Footlong:

I didn’t like this episode at all, its not that fact that it wasn’t bad…it just wasn’t me. If I had to pass a skit for being at least OK, it would have to American Girl: Addy and Krang’s DateThe Untold Brady Story was my most favorite skit of the night, I especially loved it when Bobby laughed and I liked how it kept going. Everything else was kinda bland. The worst skit of the night was definitely the first one, Murder She Wrote, Miami because it was their second, Murder She Wrote skit of the season and both bombed. And the CSI: Miami meme is getting really played out, in my opinion. My final verdict for this episode is that its barely passing for good.

Mike Tyson Mysteries: Unsolved Situations Plot:

The episode starts out with Mike on top of the pigeon coop, looking for all the pigeons. Marquess is particularly happen with this, because in his case pigeons are disgusting animals and they carry diseases. While this is in fact true, this is something you don’t say when you a man turning into a pigeon living with you. Pigeon overhears this and he doesn’t say a thing, he just keeps glaring at Marquess. When Mike realizes that the pigeons aren’t coming back, he says that they don’t have to solve anymore mysteries and that their jobs are done.

Mike then sends the team about their way and gives them margarita machines; he tells Yung to go to college (even though she’s already enrolled and has been taking night classes) and he tells Marquess to go and live with Larry Holmes so he can help him out with his problem. And Mikes goes to die basically. A pigeon pooping on him snaps Mike back to reality and he follows the pigeon to Snoop Dogg’s house. Apparently since Snoop Dogg built the better pigeon coop, inspired by Frank Gehry, he’s decided to go into the solving mystery business. He even got a child prodigy scientist, a mountain lion, and Ross Matthews.

The biggest news to all this is that Snoop Dogg wants to make an animated TV show about him and his crew going on mysteries called Snoop Dogg’s Unsolved Situations. Mike breaks the fourth wall by saying he wants a show just like that, especially since he learns that Deezy set Snoop Dogg up with it. Snoop Dogg asks if Mike is OK with this and even though Mike says he’s cool, he’s not cool. Especially since the next time we see him, he’s crying by the empty pigeon coop. Pigeon asks him why he said he was cool with it when he really wasn’t. This is why you have to learn to stick up for yourselves, kids.

Snoop Dogg then since Mike a message via pigeon and that gets Mike to snap out of his funk and to gather up Yung and Marquess (who wasn’t having a good time at Larry Holmes’ house) and the four of them go back to Snoop’s mansion. Snoop Dogg says that Chin, the child prodigy scientist is missing and was last seen with the mountain lion. When they reach the mountain lion’s room, we see that Chin was eaten by the mountain lion. Pigeon shoots the mountain lion and that gets Ross Matthews freaked out enough that he leaves the team. The episode ends with Snoop asking Mike if it was OK to send mysteries his way. Mike agrees and this time he’s really cool about it.

The after-credits scene features the Real Mike Tyson saying that he actually owned a Sierra mountain lion. On next week’s episode, we get a Pigeon backstory and I just can’t wait.

Final Thoughts:

I’m stunned because Snoop Dogg was actually good. I watched this episode live and then I watched the 4:15 AM showing–yeah I basically got hardly no sleep last night–and I can’t say nothing bad about the episode. That’s all for me this week, my name’s KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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Robot Chicken and Mike Tyson Mysteries comes on Sundays @ 11:30 P.M. and 11:45 P.M. ONLY on Adult Swim.


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