One Piece Episode 344 Recap

Original Airdate: 2/24/2008

Toonami Airdate: 4/30/2016

Last week, we finally saw the faces of Absalom, the invisible pervert, Perona, the HORRA HORRA Ghost chick, and the big body and creepy smile of the master of Thriller Bark, Gekko Moria. We also saw an actual old man with serious injuries, and learned of a “Night Hunt”. Well, that is beginning right now on this One Piece recap of “Feast of the Zombie Song! The Night Hunt’s Bell is the Sound of Darkness!”

As the episode starts, we see a horde of zombies, and they are walking somewhere, carrying some type of object. Back with the scared trio, Nami wants answers from Hogback about the zombies, but he says she still has no proof he was involved with them. But Nami says the proof is with Cindry, and her death, which they found in the room before. Hogback, mad that not only they found his secret lab, but also her private quarters as well, orders her and the bodyguard, who name is Ryuma, to attack them. Ryuma walks up to them, and makes the similar “YO-HOHOHOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!” noise Brook makes again. As he gets closer to the three, he sees that Nami is very pretty, and has eyes for her, even though he has no eyes. Then he asks to see Nami panties, which she says no to. But this makes Nami remember that Brook did/said the same things and thinks it’s no coincidence. It’s revealed that Ryuma is one of the Zombie Generals, and used to be a samurai from the Wano Kingdom, who is told to had slayed a dragon. He then draws his sword, and in an instant, is right past the group. He ask Cindry to open the door, and also for a sandwich. Thinking nothing happened to them and seeing this is their chance, Usopp, Nami and Chopper try to run for it. However, the attack came after a delay, and gets all 3 of them. It’s the Humming Notch Slash as Ryuma calls it, and the 3 are knocked out cold.

EP 344 2

The zombies are still walking, making their way to the mansion where Luffy and co. are. He wants in, but the door is locked, so Luffy just smashes the lock off. Luffy announces that he is here to kick Moria’s ass, but no one is here. They notice the mess from the fight earlier and wonder why it is there. All a sudden, the wall piggy Oinkchuck starts to laugh at him, saying they should fear his Master. The other painting zombies and Ice Bear Zombie Rug come alive, and well, guess how Luffy is? Why, very happy, of course.

And before I go on, here are two different responses to this.

Yeah, no comment. Anyway, Sanji starts to attack the zombies, wanting to know where Nami is. Robin joins in attacking the lady zombie (while commenting on how pretty she is. But only as a painting), while Zoro and Franky join in too. Luffy is running, but having fun being chased, by Ice Bear Zombie Rug, who tries his best in his enraged state to land an attack on Luffy, but can’t. Luffy Gum-Gum Bazookas IBZR, and him and the others zombies are knocked out, except for Oinkchuck.

The scared trio are all put in a coffin by Hogback, and he orders them to be taken away, while the zombie horde finally reach the mansion. The pig is cornered, and tries to lie his way outta his predicament, but with no results. Franky notices something strange, and sees that Sanji has disappeared. The zombies start to laugh, so more than likely he got nabbed by them. (Zoro: “Goodbye Sanji. May he Rest in Peace”) Robin fears that because Sanji is gone, the other 3 could be in more danger, so they need to stick together, as they ignore the pig’s threats. The zombies are still laughing and tell them they will die challenging their Master. In fact, he’s so strong/scary, they can’t even say his name. But Luffy doesn’t care. In Luffy’s words, “If he laid a finger on my friends, I’ll kick his ass so hard, I’ll split the island in half.” His words scare the zombies, as the crew take the piggy as a tour guide for the mansion. They also believe Sanji will be fine by himself.

Outside, it’s starting to light up like a club, and the object the zombies had was a disco ball. The zombies start to sing and dance, saying “It’s a Zombie Night!” as this is the start of of the Night Hunt.

EP 344

Absalom walks into the mansion, and opens a big door to a room. He talks to somebodies in there, which is filled with armor and coffins. He tells the Zombie Generals to wake up, and the coffins and armor all start to move. At the end, the squirrel zombies take the coffin with the trio in it, and another coffin gets pulled across. The Zombie Generals are ready to fight.

EP 344 3

Another good episode of One Piece that is building up what’s to come soon enough. Got some fights, and some more comedy as usual. And the zombie dance is still pretty fun to watch. It’s my 3rd time watching it, but first in dubbed mode, and it’s still unique to say the least. Sanji’s disappearing and Ryuma with his delayed time attacked are gonna come back later on, so don’t worry. Next week, the Zombie Generals attack, and we meet Perona and her … ummm, cute animals. Yeah. This episode gets 3.5 Zombie Dance Parties/5.


One Piece can be seen at 2:30 AM Saturday on Toonami



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