Dimension W Episode 10 Recap: “Resurrected Nightmare”

Original Airdate: March 13th, 2016

Toonami Airdate: April 30th, 2016

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another Dimension W recap. We only have 2 more episodes left after this, and if history repeats itself, then we’re bound to hear what replaces it sometime during Pre-Flight this week. Even though Toonami missed the My Hero Academia hype train, I still hope we get something decent to replace this show, because there has not been a good show at 12:30 since Kill la Kill ended last August. I’ll be crossing my fingers for the new Lupin the 3rd series or Gundam: IBO to break the curse, but for right now, let’s just get through this.

While she’s protecting Kyouma for God knows what reason, Mira claims to know how to defeat the robot, but she’s going to need some assistance from the twins. Mira gets on top of the robot to divert the attention away from Kyouma, and while Mira is distracting the robot, the twins crush the robot from underneath using a chunk from the celing. When Mira tries to manually remove the coil, the robot runs off to go after Kyouma, and Mira has to jump up and directly remove it. However, she jumped so far that she ended up going back into the void, which, as you already know, will put Mira in a death-like state. After waking up from his fever dream, Kyouma drags Mira from out of the void using his strings, and actually praises her for once instead of being an asshole. It’s a little bit to late to start redeeming this character, don’t you think? But that doesn’t last long, as he calls her a “piece of junk” literally seconds afterwards! Even Mira points out how ridiculous that is!

Enjoy this moment for the 5 seconds you have

Anyway, it’s revealed that Kyouma’s dream was caused by a device that was placed on his ear, which he managed to rip off in time. Apparently, it was somehow warped there by the evil black orb, which was originally created as a portal into space and Seameyer is controlling it now? Yeah, I’m just as confused as you are now. And now dreams and memories are the key to Dimension W, because we all know that this series needs some Kingdom Hearts inspiration. Anyway, Lwai arrives at the scene, and it turns out that he has an artificial body now. I would say that’s a dumb twist, but considering the twist was spoiled in episode 6, I’d be hard-pressed to even say this was a twist. Lwai tries to warn Kyouma about the assassins that are coming, and Kyouma comes to the realization that despite being a robot, Lwai is still just a human child. Mira fixes Lwai up, and quickly dart off before a bunch of electric grenades could explode on them.


Afterwards, Ellie tries to warn Loser that he’s using up too much energy from the life support, but he tells her not to worry about it. And for some reason, Captain Hindsight wants to fight Loser just because. Captain Hindsight knows about Loser’s plans to bring back Adrastea by collecting 5 coils. The last coil Loser is looking for is somewhere on the island, that being the ultimate coil, which Seameyer is trying desperately to locate. Kyouma, Mira, Lwai, and the twins are able to make it safely to the former New Testla research facility. After getting past the security, Lwai tells Kyouma about how K.K. is controlling the void survivors by implanting a device inside them. They finally come into contact with K.K., and they initiate in battle with him, using the bodies of Kyouma’s old teammates he found in the research facility. K.K. says that the bodies aren’t even human anymore because their soul left after going through the void, but Mira claims that since one of the bodies never went through the void, he’s still human and what K.K is doing is wrong. Things start to get kicked into high gear when K.K. starts to drain all the water from the bottom, thus sucking the group in with it. However, Kyouma is able to jump out in time and continue fighting, and everyone else has to climb back up to get back to their former location.

To quote the great Shirou Emiya, “People die when they are killed”

Kyouma tries to convince one of his teammates that he is still alive, but he end up killing him anyway because of the damage that has been done to his chip. K.K. then goes on about how there was no way to bring him back anyway, and then tells Kyouma that he never actually fell into the void and that his memories were erased. After being told this, Kyouma remembers Genesis, which was the ultimate coil that Loser was talking about earlier in the episode. Lwai attempts to attack K.K., but after being beat down, K.K. takes Lwai’s life, saying that he will make his brother proud next time. Shortly after, Kyouma makes it down and goes absolutely apeshit on K.K. and his other robot zombie, and right before he could kill him, Mira intervenes and tells Kyouma not to kill him, because Lwai doesn’t need the help. And now there’s another Lwai because he has more than one body, ending this episode on yet another “what a twiist” moment.

He’s baaaaaack…

I have no idea why the writers are trying to redeem Kyouma’s character now of all times. He congratulates Mira in this episode and even starts to become more sympathetic towards Lwai, but there wasn’t really anything building up to this, aside from those weird flashbacks in the last episode. And his development doesn’t really feel genuine when he’s still calling Mira a piece of junk, so they didn’t even go all the way with the redemption. If you’re going to redeem a character like this, actually have some kind of build up to it, and don’t have the character revert back a few seconds afterwards. And as always, this episode was way too convoluted! How is Seameyer able to control the portal? Why are dreams and memories the key to Dimension W? Why is the ultimate coil so important? How was the portal able to implant that device on Kyouma’s ear? I swear, this show leaves more unanswered questions than The Sopranos. I doubt this show will magically become coherent in the last two episodes (in fact, I expect it to get worse), but here’s to hoping. I give this episode 3 robotic zombie henchmen out of 10

Dimension W can be seen every Saturday night at 12:30 AM!


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