Naruto Shippuden Episode 110 Recap: “Memory of Guilt”

Original Airdate: 5/21/2009

Toonami Airdate: 4/30/2016

As we get near the end of this filler arc finally (I know it seems impossible for how long it’s been going on, but we are close) we have finally got some action within the last episode. The question is, will that last into this one? Will I be as snarky here? Will Ino not be useless this time? Will the Combine Harvester song be on here again? Let’s find out.

We start the episode with Ino freaking the fuck out because there is a slug on her. Which would be all well and good because random slugs being on you is gross, if not for the fact that this is Tsunade’s own animal she uses.

I guess it’s Ino being Ino. Anyway, Tusnade summoned her slugs there to help them with the seal, since they need more chakra to seal the turtle. The slugs sit on the girl’s shoulders and transfers the chakra to them, giving them a boost from their normal charka reserves. Meanwhile, Yukimaru is still in his Super Saiyan God Mode, and Renji wants him to use more power. Guren and Naruto are making their way to them, but Guren stops and starts to go on an exponential crisis of if Yukimaru will forgive her for what she did. They could just NOT do this, but they do, and it it ends with her saying she’s a fool like Naruto.

The turtle is pissed and trying to surface. The girls’ new chakra reserves are helping, but they know they can’t have the turtle land in the enemies’ hands, so it is up to them to protect the Leaf. Their words, and since I can only trust Hinata here, good luck with that. They are gonna send the turtle back to its dimension, and shrink the seal even more. Back on land, Sai tells Kiba and the others that he was attacked by the former Guren Squad, and the group sees something nearby. Lee wants to fight badly, but because of the smoke, they have to wait for the moment, and Lee and frustrated by this.

In the mist, Kakashi and the other smoke guy are still fighting, and the enemy uses not only clones, but fire as fell. Kakashi can only dodge, but the guy gets Kakashi with his Binding Smoke Prison move. He thinks it over, but it was a clone he captured, and Kakashi gets him with the Lightning Blade. Yamato is fighting smokescreen guy, as he sends out more smoke dragons. Yamato’s Wood-Style has no effect on smoke, so he switches to Water-Style and it causes the smoke guy’s smoke jutsu to become useless like Sakura. Yamato gets him as well.

NS 110

The creepy latex dude and Shino are fighting, and he uses a third arm to fight him. And by third arm, I mean his pe-Okay, I won’t go there. Also, this.

As Shino lands in some of his sticky shit, it looks like it’s over even as Shino sends out his insects. However, the insects attack the creepy guy and they are working. Why? Well, why not have Shino tell in a flashback that wasn’t needed whatsoever, but hey, Pierrot needed to make this show fill 24 minutes. Basically, Shino got all of his intel from Hinata, who fought the creep earlier. All of the chakra comes from his bodysuit, and the fluid helps protect it. Well, Shino got rid of the fluid, and that leaves him wide open for the insects to finish him off. That flashback was pointless, but hey, it gave us clarity on one thing:

As the three are beat, Kiba’s group gets back with Kakashi and the others. Sai says he’s sorry about the kid getting taken, but for now, they will all group up and help the girls. But as they leave, the creepy guy has some tentacles sprout from him that gets to his comrades.

NS 110 4

As the Giant Turtle is still being sealed, Renji sees the kid is not doing anything to help control it, and that his chakra has ran out. The pills aren’t working, so he takes out a shot to use instead. Guren though stops him in time before he can use it, and has Yukimaru in her arms. As he snaps out of his SSJG funk, he tells of how she came back cause he thought of her, and she thought of him too. And there is more BS home talk. Renji just laughs this off, and will spill the beans on what she did.

NS 110 2
“I’ll snitch on y’all? You want me to?”
NS 110 3
“Boy, if you know what’s good you better not.”

Naruto tries to stop him, but Guren tells him he wants Renji to, just so she can face the truth for what she’s done. Well, Renji tells Yukimaru that it was Guren who killed his mom, and she is literally a demon and is using him. He could kill him with the 3-Tails as well, and then Naruto punches him in the face, which was well deserved. Guren says it is all true, but she is a different Guren now than from 20 episodes ago from the past life. She says she will die if Yukimaru wants her too, but if he lets her live, she will protect Yukimaru forever. Of course, Yukimaru accepts her, since they have a connection or something. They both tell each other they love each other, and OMG FEELZ GUIZ!! I CRI ERVY TINE!!! Renji has had it with this, and attacks them, but Naruto stops and counters, and does land an attack on Renji’s face. His skin peels off, and then Renji takes off his face. You thought it was Renji this whole time, but

Okay, I WISH it was Dio. Would make this show so much better. But alas, it’s not. Instead, it’s the FEB.

Yup, the FEB was behind this all along, and this is how the episode ends. And yes, that is 5 WEEKS IN A ROW that the Combine Harvester has been used.

Overall, this episode was back to the basics of being terrible, even if it a good fight or two. But even with them, those one of them was dumb down by a pointless flashback we did not need. And there’s the talk. All the talk. Too much talking, too much not giving a crap because they are filler characters who have stayed for 10 episodes too long. I don’t care about what is home or not. I don’t care about if you love him/her or whatever. Know what I want you to do, Yukimaru and Guren?

This is why I like One Piece so much more, including the filler. At least theirs are done by at least 10 episodes. And usually less. Although, it could be worse. It could be Bleach and their 40+ filler arcs. But hey, even those have more action in them than these do. So yeah, can you guess how this is gonna go again? Another bad grade, and and another night this filler makes me do this.

This episode gets 1 IT WAS ME, KABUTO!/5

Look at the good news. Only 2 more episodes until this is all over. Just. TWO. It feels so far away though.

Sleeping through this is truly a much better option


Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 2 AM Saturday on Toonami




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