Naruto Shippuden Episode 111 Recap: “Shattered Promise”

Original Airdate: 5/28/2009

Toonami Airdate: 5/7/2016

So we are here again. Another episode of Shippuden filler hell. And another week when we gonna see if this will end soon, along with our suffering. Last week, we had too much bullcrap home talk, and it ended with the FEB revealing it was him all along, and not Renji, not Dio, not EVA Unit 01, not Drake in a duck suit, but Kabato who did it all. Yeah, cause why not? Before we go into the recap, why not some Miitomo fun to start this off?

Yeah, let’s start this recap.

The Giant Turtle is still trying to escape the seal, but the girls are concentrating their hardest with their chakra to stop it, and the seal is just about ready. Back with Lee and friends, he sees that behind him is the trio of enemies who attacked them, and now they are one mutinous blob of ugly. Think of the merger Piccolo and Kami did on DBZ Kai, but only worst. Even though Lee wants to fight them, apparently nothing will work on them for some reason. The thing is disgusting, as Sai says, and Kakashi agrees. Also, the thing shoots weird ass bullets at them, because sure.

The FEB tells Guren and Naruto how he made Renji a part of his “collection” Mostly, we see from a few episodes ago how Renji told the FEB he was gonna only serve Orochimaru, and not him, so the FEB killed him for THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!!!! … to serve Orochimaru. Also, like Aizen from Bleach, Orochimaru thought up the whole plan with Guren and Yukimaru, because of bonds, human hearts, blah blah blah. He doesn’t know why Yukimaru hasn’t exploded with power though when hearing who killed his mom, but who cares. Naruto shuts him up by kicking him. Kabuto attacks again, but Naruto throws him down. When Naruto asks what he is after, he tells them of how the villages will be at war soon, and how Orochimaru will be waiting for that time to come. Naruto tells Guren to get Yukiamru away from there, only for the FEB to use a jutsu and ta-da!! Renji is back. Only as a zombie.

NS 111 2
Naruto vs Kabuto, Round 2. This time it doesn’t matter, cause it’s filler

As Zombie Renji attacks, Guren promises to protect him, and puts him in a big ass crystal. She tries to crystallize Zombie Renji, but it doesn’t work. Why? Because his bats uses supersonic and it makes the Crystal-Style useless like Sakura. Yeah, don’t ask cause I don’t really know either. The bats breaks the crystals, and get Guren. Then they break the crystal surrounding the kid, and are gonna get him too. But Guren gets up and grabs a hold of Zombie Renji, and since he can’t summon his bats doing this, she can crystallize not only him, but herself.

NS 111

She starts to move forward even crystallized towards the cliff. The kid sees this, and tries to stop her. But it’s no use. He can’t stop Guren, and she with Zombie Renji fall off the cliff, into the lake. So it looks like Guren is dead. How sad, isn’t’ it?

The kid can’t believe she broke her promise of not dying, and so this sends him into his most Super Saiyan God Mode yet, and it cause the vortex to open again. The Giant Turtle starts to break free from the seal because of Yukimaru’s power, with its chakra increasing. With it going into a rampage, it causes a big wave that sweeps the Leaf girls away. Yamato and Kakashi try to stop the mutant trio, but just as Kakashi is about to hit it with his Lightning Blade, the 3-Tails comes from out of nowhere, body slamming the hell outta the mutant, and killing the trio like that, while Kakashi swims away from it. They will look for the girls, while the 3-Tails heads toward Yukimaru. As it gets there, the FEB starts to talk too much. Hey Kabuto, please do us all a favor and

Naruto tries to stop Yukimaru from raging, by telling him to stop, but he can’t. He tries to get through the barrier that’s blocking him from the kid, but that gets him thrown back and knocked out for a minute. The turtle then starts firing Hyper Beams all around destroying things. As Naruto gets back up, he faces the 3-Tails himself as Kabuto runs away. He tries Multi-Shadow Clones using the Rasengan, but that fails badly. He can’t use his Wind-Style: Rasen Shuriken because of hurting himself. So what to do. Oh no, he wouldn’t, would he?

I say this because he starts a Summoning Jutsu … bringing back those GODDAMN FROGS!!

Anywho, the frogs tell him why he ain’t winning because he is a Water-Style user facing another Water-Style user in the 3-Tails, and needs an Earth-Style user to beat it. (Again, how does that work?) This gets Naruto to think into a stupid flashback of thinking about Sasuke, and tells them he needs a Fire-Style User for this attack. Well he is in luck, because the Orange Frog IS a Fire-Style User. Wait …. WHAT?!

How does this work? HOW DOES ANY OF THIS WORK?!?! Back to the recap, Naruto doesn’t want to go through with it because he needs the fire with the Wind-Style, but the Water-Style might still be too strong. The orange a-hole tells him that a powerful enough fire attack can vaporize the water attack so they go through with it. The orange one tells his brother to go back to their frog village for only one minute, get enough oil to suck up, so that the orange one can use fire to make one big flamethrower, like the Toad Water Pistol. After a minute, he arrives with enough oil. They only got one shot, and have to aim for the 3-Tails weak spot, its eye. As the 3-Tails takes aim at them, Naruto makes up the Collaboration Justu Wind-Style: Toad Flame Bomb.

NS 111 5

NS 111 4

It stops the Giant Turtle’s attack, and gets him in the eye, setting him somehow on fire. The turtle flees underwater for now. For this, the frogs go away, thank god, and Yukimaru finally settles down. His crystal gift from Guren is all blurry and cracked. Naruto picks him up and, in the words of Drake: “Just hold on, we’re going home.”

Well, what can I say about this filler that hasn’t been expressed already? From Kabuto, to the home bullshit, to those FUCKING FROGS!!, to the frogs somehow knowing fire, to just saying “Screw type advantages! Earth is better than Water, which is better than Lightning!”, to everything in between. This. Filler. Sucks!!! So much so that Digi himself actually gave up.

No Combine Harvester this week. Oh well, 5 weeks in a row was too much anyway. So lets just move on from th-

Oh wait, never mind. It might never end. Mostly though, this episode had a lot of good action. I liked it with the 3-Tails went all JOHN CENAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! on theose 3 creeps. But it still had the BS you come to suspect from Shippuden filler hell, and Guren (supposed) death didn’t really do anything to get to you. All this and more is gonna give it another poor rating yet again. Not as poor as last week. But still poor enough. 2.25 Fire-breathing Frogs/5. But hey, there is good news. One more episode left of this arc. Just one more week, and were back to canon! Yay!!

Oh, and before I go, I just want to point out this. We don’t see the Shippuden openings at all, we have been missing in my opinion, one of the better Shippuden openings. So I thought I share it with you. Here’s “Sha La La”, NS OP 5. Enjoy


Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 2 AM Saturday on Toonami





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