One Piece Episode 345 Recap: “A Bunch of Animals? Perona’s Wonder Garden”

Original Airdate: 3/2/2008

Toonami Airdate: 5/7/2016

Last time on One Piece, the zombie’s had a weird night. Some of them danced. Others got their asses kicked by Luffy and crew. Some rose from their slumber. And one knocked out Usopp, Nami, and Chopper with a delayed reaction attack. Also, Sanji disappeared, and the crew has no idea where he went. So what happens this week? Let’s find out.

The Zombie Generals start to head out, with the exception of Captain John, who is a bit slow with his drinking. Don’t ask why he is drinking. Then, a big warthog zombie appears, and attacks Absalom. But she’s not there to beat him up. Her name is Lola, and she wants him to marry her. He is totally against it, because not only is she a rotting zombie, but because he only wants to marry a human girl because “he is human” himself. Absalom wants Lola to follow his orders too, and she will. If he marries her. Lola tries everything. She tries to kiss him, bear hug him, hell even suplex him. She even has a marriage certificate to try to consummate the marriage. Absalom does his best to tell her off, but it’s no use since she wants him badly. He even shows him the picture of the girl he will marry, which is Nami. Lola sees this and runs off to finish this threat off.

EP 345 4
“Marry me!” “HELL NO!!!”

Luffy and crew are walking down the hallway with their new piggy tour guide, talking about Sanji, Warlords, and what will happen if they themselves got their shadows taken. The wall pig keeps laughing and talks too much. Zoro stops for a second because he thought he sensed something from behind, but nothing is there. As they continue, a pair of eyes looks at them. In another area, Perona and the big teddy bear zombie, Kumacy, are talking. Which Kumacy must stop doing because it isn’t cute. Just nod and agree with pinky. She gives him orders on what to do with the coffin, which we see with the pair of squirrel zombies carrying it to their Master. However, they trip up, and the coffin lid opens up. Chopper wakes up and the squirrels wonder what to do.

They attack, but Chopper uppercuts them and they are done. Usopp and Nami wake up to see they were in a coffin, and remembers how Ryuma attacked them. As they make their way, they notice that they have gone far from where they were, since Hogback’s lab was on the top floor of the mansion, and they’re now at the back of it. Nami sees the bridge and says that it connects the places like a passageway and that is where they would have gone across in the coffin, being turned into zombies themselves. She also tires to remember something she forgot, which she does with a flashback, and she has the treasure on her mind again. But they can’t go back to the mansion because of Ryuma, and other places might have scarier zombies than him.

All a sudden, 3 penguins appear. They are the Penguin Duo-umm, Trio, because one of them is the new guy.

EP 345

But they aren’t alone. Around them are a bunch more freaky animal zombies, called “Wild Zombies”. The trio have landed in Perona’s Wonder Garden.

EP 345 2

The animal zombies attack, and Chopper tries to fend them off to let Usopp and Nami make a break for it. But there are too many, so there is nowhere to run. Some of the animals notices Chopper isn’t human, but an animal with Devil Fruit powers, so they want to go easy on him. He doesn’t want this, and still fights them. As Nami hides in a bush, Usopp fights a Zebra Kangaroo (or a Kangaroo Zebra?) He lies about being a boxing champion, then tries to land a punch on it, only to get punch the fuck out by the Zebra Kangaroo. Nami tries to make her escape, but a bulldog zombie with horns finds her, and talks sweet to her, freaking her out. As more animals try to attack Usopp, he trips, and the Zebra Kangaroo gets them instead. He makes a break for it, and Nami joins him, as they both run up stairs, with the Wild Zombies chasing them. It becomes like an old episode of Scooby-Doo with the stairs chase, and eventually, the Zebra Kangaroo catches up and corners them. Nami and Usopp then jump on to pillars nearby and escape them, only for Usopp to make fun of them with his butt. If he thought straight, he would have know the leaping abilities of kangaroos, because the Zebra Kangaroo jumps the pillars and chases the duo again. Usopp gets the Zebra Kangaroo with his sling shot, but the pillar they’re on breaks, sending them falling.

EP 345 3
“Yo girl, let me show ya a good time.”

Chopper is still fighting, but there are too many zombies. Usopp and Nami fall from the sky and land on the koala zombie. Chopper tells Usopp he needs fire to stop them, because of how they dealt with the zombies before (as seen in a flashback). Usopp uses his Gunpowder Star on one of them, but one of the penguins stops him, and another zombie gets Chopper. This leads Nami wide open to be cut down, and it looks like she is. Till the new penguin actually stops the attack. The other zombies order him to kick Nami’s ass, but he tells them “it doesn’t matter who she is, or where she came from. Because he won’t lay a finger on any woman!” As Luffy and co. are still looking for Sanji and the others, Oinkchuck isn’t saying anything, and Robin thinks the worst might have happened. That’s when Luffy notices something: Zoro has gone missing too. The episode ends with something watching them.

This episode was another good and funny episode. The fighting wasn’t as intense, but it was still good to see how different the zombie animals are. The penguin zombie in particular is a pretty powerful kicker himself. The Scooby-Doo aspect of that stair chase was funny too. Overall, just a very good episode. Now, there are two Straw Hats missing, including Zoro. But did he just get lost like usual cause he’s Zoro? Or will more disappearances happen? Find out next week. I give this 4/5 Cute-to-creepy animals zombies.


One Piece can be seen at 2:30 AM Saturday on Toonami


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