Dimension W Episode 11 Recap: “The Lost Genesis”

Original Airdate: March 20, 2016

Toonami Airdate: May 6th, 2016

Hello everyone, and welcome to the recap for the penultimate episode of Dimension W! There is only one more episode after this, and the show’s reign of terror will finally come to an end once whatever comes in to replace it (which, at least for the following week, will be another episode of Dragon Ball Z: Kai) overthrows it. Anyway, let’s begin this recap!

The episode starts with Loser lying on the floor, almost defeated by Captain Hindsight (yes, I know that’s not his actual name, but that’s what I’m calling him because I don’t care enough about this show to remember names). Lucky for Loser, the coil on his suit has overpowered Captain Hindsight, thus causing him to collapse. Loser, barely being able to support himself, takes the coil from the suit, thus completing his task to find all the numbered coils he needs. Anyway, remember how Lwai was killed in the last episode and then came back in another body? Well apparently, Salva built a machine for Lwai back at home that would allow him to control multiple robot copies of himself, so he’s still kinda human but not really. Oh, and if he gets too attached to the robot body, he gets stuck there permanently because reasons. Lwai purposefully killed the body he was in the last episode due to some difficulties repairing it. Mira says she knows a way of waking up Salva, and the whole thing is just randomly resolved after a few seconds. Lwai asks if Kyouma hates him for being part robot, and he tells Lwai not to worry about it. Oh, and Salva is aware of Kyouma getting in his dream, and I still have no idea how any of this stuff works.


Now everyone is teaming up to look for Genesis and put an end to this once and for all, which I am certainly ready for. In case you wondering why everyone wants Genesis, it’s because of its ability to create objects out of nothing. So basically, a Philosophers Stone but with less genocide involved. Once again, there is another giant robot attack getting in the way of progress, so we have to stop yet again to deal with the only thing justifying this show’s Toonami run, the action. Also, is it just me, or do the robots on this show look like the Tachikomas from Ghost in the Shell on steroids? Before I get sidetracked thinking about better si-fi anime, the twins stay behind to fight the robots, allowing everyone else to escape. While walking down the stairs, Kyouma suggests that all of this might’ve had something to do with Mira because everything in this show has to come back to Mira. The group finally arrives at the chamer, and when the doors open, Loser is shown waiting for Kyouma and Mira. Loser reveals his past with New Tesla, and when Salva asks how he survived the accident, he responds by saying it was an ugly twist of fate. Loser then goes on about how all of Adrastea except for the void was teleported 5 years ago for some reason, and Kyouma asks Loser to start telling him everything he knows.

Thank god I don’t have one of the show’s writers as my Algebra teacher.

After Loser uses his coils, Kyouma and Mira are sent into yet another freaking flashback from before the accident at New Tesla headquarters, because we totally didn’t have enough of those already! And then Sophia, Loser’s now dead lover, starts trying to explain how Dimension W works using a mathmatical equation. Yes, the show has become so goddamn convoluted that they actually need to use a mathmatic equation to explain what the hell is going on. All I can say to that is this:

After Sophia is done giving her lecture, she encounters the artist now known as Loser, as well as Dr. Yurizaki and Seameyer. They go into the research lab where they’re running experiments on three mice, one alive, one dead, and a toy mouse. The dead and toy mice are able to re-materialize, but the alive one ends up exploding. While Loser is considering quitting the experiment, Dr. Yurizaki tells him that the possibility of the mouse still exists in Dimension W, and he believes that there is a link between Dimension W and life, sort of like some kind of Schrodinger’s Cat like concept. You know, unless your show is named Rick & Morty, you can’t bring up Schrodinger’s Cat in anything and not have it turn out to be a disaster eventually. Just a side note, if you want to get hammered really fast while watching this show, just take a shot every time a character says the word “possibility”. Believe me, you’ll be shitfaced within 5 minutes. Flash forward a little bit into the future, and we see that Genesis has been cancelled and that everything pertaining to it is being confiscated. Having worked so hard on the project, Seameyer starts to snap and uses Genesis to test the experiments on everyone in the building, which was his true motivation the whole time. After watching this horrific event unfold, a hologram of Seameyer shows up to explain that he is in the lost part of Adrastea that was teleported elsewhere, but he lost Genesis after Kyouma took it away from him and used it to disappear quickly after. Loser asks what Seameyer did to his wife, and the episode ends with hime revealing that he turned Sophia into a tentacle robot thing, because we all know that the whole tentacle thing TOTALLY went over well when Sword Art Online did it!

Insert obvious hentai joke here

Once again, Dimension W refuses to explain what the heck is going on and does nothing but raise even more questions. Why does Seameyer just want to kill everyone in the building? How did he make some weird tentacle hentai robot out of Sophia? How does Mira have anything to do with this? And how was Kyouma able to make it through the portal unharmed while everyone else was either killed or, in the case of Loser, severely damaged. Another thing I’d like to bring up is that I’ve noticed that this show is really heavy on the flashbacks. Like, to the point where even Masashi Kishimoto would tell the writers to calm their tits! They literally serve no other purpose than to be filler and to make the show even more convoluted than it already is, and lord knows we don’t need any more of that! Just focus on what’s going on now and don’t try to do this flashback BS to make the show even harder to follow! I’m just ready for this show to be done and over with, and when another rerun of Dragon Ball Z is starting to sound more refreshing compared to this, you know there’s a problem. I give this episode 3 mathmatic equations out of 10.

Dimension W can be seen every Saturday night at 12:30 AM!


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