Not Enough Women: Robot Chicken 08×19 & Yves Klein Blues: Mike Tyson Mysteries 02×14, Recap

One more week

Hey guys, its your girl KrisSimsters and I’m honestly confused. Let me bring you up to speed. Yesterday was Mother’s Day and my Mom and I had great day. I cooked for her and we talked about the times when I was little and got in some mischief. When 11:30 hits, its time for another episode of Robot Chicken and Mike Tyson Mysteries. Only problem is, once they were both over, I have no idea how to write them. And when I have a struggle with both of them, then you know that they weren’t that great. If you happened to miss both of these new episodes then don’t worry, their both either Adult Swim’s onDemand page or on the Adult Swim website. And don’t forget, the season finale of Robot Chicken is coming on next week and you definitely don’t want to miss that. With that being said, lets jump into that recap, shall we?

Robot Chicken: Not Enough Women Skits:

Best skits of the Night:

  • Vader’s Daughter: I’ve always wanted to see Vader’s reaction when he realizes what he’d done has affected Leia as well as Luke. Ziggy helps.
  • The Front Door: Nobody can get into Wonka’s factory, not even Wonka himself.
  • Clue 2.o: Holy crap, Kurtwood Smith!! Oh never mind, that’s not Kurtwood Smith…damn.
  • Project Runway: Edna Mode on Project Runway and she said her famous line, “No capes.” This skit is just perfect for me.

Other than these four, the rest of the skits were either boring or wasn’t going anywhere for me. I would have put the Dora skit in, but it wasn’t that funny. Her Quinceañera skit was much better and it came on years ago. Since the finale for Robot Chicken is next week, I hope the episodes are better and since I know this is the actual season finale and this isn’t what they did in December, then I want my Bitch Pudding vs. The F***ing Little Match Girl fight. I haven’t forgotten.

Mike Tyson: Yves Klein Blues Recap:

I give these episodes too high of a standard…

I said on Twitter that after last week’s episode, there was no way that the other episodes could top that one and oh man I was right. Once I see a really good episode, its hard to top it. And this episode was just kinda boring. So lets jump into this plot.

The episode starts out with Pigeon reading when Mike’s pool guy, Terry tries to start a conversation. And damn, Terry is annoying. If I wasn’t drinking during Robot Chicken, I’m definitely going to start drinking now. And apparently, I’m not the only one who doesn’t like Terry, nobody else in the mystery team likes him, but Mike can’t fire him because he’s too nice. And he doesn’t understand that Marquess is a ghost. I mean honestly Terry’s dumb. And we get to the mystery of the episode, a color. OK, this is an important color, its Yves Klein Blue. It was created by French artist, Yves Klein and its an expensive pigment. So the mystery team has to find out who took the pigment because Mike wants it back for his suit.

So the mystery team…and Terry head off to Paris and Mike gets the information he’s looking for, the person who brought lives in Brazil. Also, Terry is still with them. Nobody wants Terry to come any further with him, so Pigeon is the one who fires him. And he almost left too, but when he asks Mike if he can come along, Mike says yes and I have to bang my head on the table. To they all head to Brazil and we meet up with the President of Brazil, who indeed has the Yves Klein Blue. Why does the President of Brazil want the pigment? For the water in Guanabara Bay because Brazil got a bid of the upcoming Olympics.

To Brazil, its easier to dump a lot of expensive pigment instead of-oh I don’t know-cleaning your damn water!! JFC, I know this is supposed to be funny, but its kinda sad!! Anyway, the President of Brazil is generous enough to give Mike some of the pigment, but when he says that he needs it for his suit, she is generous enough to have a suit made for him…Brazilian style. And Mike’s suit is well…yeah, I don’t want to talk about it. And the episode ends with Terry living with him as he follows Mike to another mystery.

The After-Credits scene features the real Mike Tyson talking about him seeing the Mona Lisa, but only an 8’x10′.Next week’s episode features a beach wedding when the groom is kidnapped.

Final Thoughts:

Man, I need a drink. Its not Happy Hour yet, but I need a drink. These episodes weren’t that great, it could have been executed better honestly. Terry was annoying and I’m glad that he’s only a one-shot character because that’s just too annoying for me. I mean the man was talking while Pigeon was reading, that is the ultimate pet peeve. If somebody tries to talk to me while I’m reading and/or–especially–writing, then I’m going to get annoyed by that. Its why I write either with headphones or while I’m alone. That’s all for me this week, I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day. My name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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New episodes of Robot Chicken and Mike Tyson Mysteries comes on Sundays at 11:30 and 11:45 PM ONLY on Adult Swim!! Robot Chicken season finale comes on next Sunday!!


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