Ouran Highschool Host Club Manga Series Review Thing

Hello people it’s meowth900 here. I’m finally free from the shackles of college at least until the fall semester. Yay! Maybe I’ll take summer classes but with college it’s always like I have to make split decisions immediately when stuff comes up. Or in other words say Yes I’ll do it, or no No I won’t do it. Wait a minute this real life stuff isn’t what you came for, let’s get to this manga review thing. Be ready because there will be story spoilers but I will give you a warning beforehand.

So Ouran Highschool Host Club is an 18 volume manga series by Bisco Hatori and was her big breakout hit. It had an anime series, a live action television drama series, a visual novel videogame, and a live action movie. So yeah all of the Japanese things. There’s also some adorable merchandise for it. Hatori wrote her first series Millenium Snow, and is currently working on a new manga series named Behind The Scene which involves a shy guy joining a filmography club in college. It’s all currently licensed by Viz Media’s Shojo Beat line so no pirating please.

The story of Ouran begins with Haruhi Fujioka the heroine who goes to a private school named Ouran Academy thanks to her fantastic brain passing the entrance exams. She’s not the average girly girl though, she’s far from it.

She dresses like a boy, and isn’t very sociable. She decides to hide out in the music room for some peace and quiet from the loud rich people. She opens the door and realizes she stumbled into a wonderland of hot boys.

Also there’s a vase, please pay attention to the vase.

A lot of uncomfortable events later the vase I mentioned to you earlier falls off its pedestal and breaks into a million tiny pieces. The cute boys imprison Haruhi with a massive debt, and to repay her debt she must work for the host club as one of the hosts. The guys eventually realize Haruhi is a girl, and they will keep it a big secret from everyone else at school.

Now she must be in disguise as a boy and work for the host club for the rest of her school life.

What a crazy premise for a manga series about teenagers in high school right? Oh right I haven’t introduced the boys haven’t I? Yeah I should do that.

Tamaki Suoh (aka Tamaki-senpai)

Tamaki Suoh is a second year at Ouran Academy and the main lead of the show other than Haruhi. He is both the son of the Ouran Academy chairman and president of the host club. He’s also a tall goof with a teddy bear named Beary.

That’s Beary. Isn’t he cute?

Tamaki originally started off as a narcissistic rich boy, but Hatori decided to change him to a loveable idiot. A decision I very much approve of! I’d probably think Tamaki to be obnoxious if I ever met him, but he’s a big sweetie at heart. He’s also a pervert so yeah that rules. (Also if you watch the anime in English he’s voiced by Edward Elric)

Kyoya Ootori (aka Kyoya-senpai)

Kyoya Ootori is a second year at Ouran Academy and the evil Vice President of the host club. He is also the best boy of the series. With a black hole for a heart and a lot of family problems this guy is definitely great.He also breaks the fourth wall like Deadpool and always belittles humans and plans to make profit from the host club customers all the time. I love him so much. Just remember the one rule. NEVER WAKE UP KYOYA ON DAYS WHERE HE DOES NOT HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL! HE WILL KILL YOU!

Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin (aka the Hiitachin twins, or the forbidden love brothers)

If I get challenged to the which is Hikaru game I’d probably lose.

The Hiitachin twins Hikaru and Kaoru are the best pair of red headed twin boys I saw since Fred and George Weasley. They’re both first years in Ouran Academy just like Haruhi. A lot of people say they have a weird incest thing going on but I don’t see it, aside from the act they do in the club. Sure they stay in the same room, but honestly if you had a twin sibling you’d probably share the same room too. You want some real incest go watch Star Wars or Game Of Thrones. The two of them are cunning, mischievous, and cute as hell. One of them also falls in love with Haruhi. I won’t say who, but it really is obvious if you saw the anime. The character development these two have in the manga is a real treat.

Haninozuka Mitsukuni (aka Hunny (aka Hunny-senpai))

He is a boy. I swear.

Hunny is the most adorable lolita boy ever. He’s a third year at Ouran Academy. Now I know what you are saying. It is true he is indeed a third year despite him looking like a precious little cinnamon bun of love. He adores cute things like bunnies and is also a really strong fighter. Seriously, he kicks a lot of ass. Hunny is always seen with his pink bunny named Bun-Bun which is a gift he received from his grandmother before she died.

Yay Bun-Bun!

Hunny’s diet is cake, various other sweet pastries, and candy. Despite his short stature and cute appearance he’s actually very smart and very manipulative. He’s not as manipulative as Kyoya but he’s definitely a close second. Hunny is the only boy in the host club to officially get a girlfriend.Also he’s like Kyoya in the morning. DO NOT WAKE HIM UP EARLY!

Takashi Morinozuka (Aka Mori (aka Mori-senpai))

Mori is a third year at Ouran Academy and is the tall strong and silent member of the host club. He does not say much of anything but when he does it’s usually super important. He’s also seen with Hunny on his back.

Yay I made a joke! *crickets chirp* …Ok fine.

Mori’s family has served Hunny’s family for a long time and that’s why they always hang out together. You may not know this but Mori has a little brother. Apparently he was never introduced in the anime episode featuring Hunny’s brother. Very odd. Mori’s strong, smart, and observant of his surroundings. He’s also great with animals, like he is the animal whisperer of Ouran Highschool Host Club. You see why he’s the second best boy of Ouran for me right?


Ouran Highschool Host Club is an episodic manga with no real overarching plot, aside from the “Who will Haruhi end up with when the series ends?” part for the first 9 or 10 volumes. There are also some funny stuff that was never mentioned in the anime, like Mori’s little brother. They also never mentioned how the beach where Haruhi almost drowned and Tamaki saved her. That beach was owned by Nekazawa aka the spooky guy with the kitty cat puppet.

Ok now you remember right?


After Ouran gets to the double digit volumes the romantic drama tension really starts to heat up. Also Hunny and Mori graduate but they’re still able to hang out with the host club. The love feelings also happen after some character development from Haruhi thanks to being with the host club for a long time, and support from her friends and family outside of Ouran Academy.

You would think the repetitive comedy of Ouran’s crazy host club members would wear thing. Like for example Tamaki’s crazy emotional spasms, and Hunny’s cake addiction those things would get old right? Somehow Bisco Hatori makes the character’s funny moments work and never get old. The character developments of Haruhi, Tamaki, Kyoya, and the twins is so good. Especially after Hunny and Mori graduate and she could focus on a smaller cast. It’s so fantastic!


So now I’m going to talk about my thoughts on the story a bit before the ending. So as we all know Tamaki’s family was foreshadowed at the end of the anime series with Tamaki’s overbearing father and grumpy grandma who owns the Suoh company and is responsible for separating Tamaki from his mother in order to give her the best treatment around. But the story between the Suoh family was tragic. Tamaki’s mother had a really bad disease and the Suoh and Ootori business were using his mother as a test subject for their new drug to cure the disease. Tamaki’s father was planning on using this drug’s creation to get a big promotion and take over the company so he could get Tamaki to reunite with his mother. The plan worked and the grandmother got pushed out of the company and he could get the mother to come visit from her France home. The company was all that grandma ever had however, and Tamaki would not stand for the family separation. He would stay in the mansion with grandma and play piano for her. Tamaki almost purposely missed out on seeing his mother again after so many years until Mori and Haruhi ambushed him, or rather Mori broke into Tamaki’s second or third story window and Haruhi gave all of them a really strong lecture. After that all three Ouran host club members left to get Tamaki to his mother who was leaving on that day. The suspense is real here. The two of them reunited (briefly because mother had to go catch an airplane to France) and it was a cute touching reunion. As the plane left Haruhi finally admitted her lovey-dovey feelings for Tamaki. The scene was cute after she called Tamaki an idiot. So in other words Haruhi ended up with Tamaki in the end, but I was really really hoping she’d end up with Hikaru. Sucks how Hikaru got dumped but I think he took it well, and who knows maybe Hikaru can find a cute girl in college. My thoughts on this arc is I liked how it created a final act of tension much like the anime tried to do before it ended. It was executed way better though.

After this point in time the host club went back to normal until Haruhi decides to study abroad in America. Mostly because Ouran Academy will pay for everything including rent. I think that’s a pretty sweet deal too. In a surprising or not surprising twist of fate Tamaki is also going to America to study abroad and they’re staying in the same apartment. Flirty Tamaki is best Tamaki of course. The other gaggle of host club members somehow are the neighbors in the same apartment. Yes even Mori, Hunny, and Kyoya. The series ends with a cute picture of everybody that looks like it should be in a postcard. There’s also a cute little side story about the host club’s adventure in Spain and some cute bonus pages. Hatori wanted to include the Spain adventure story in the whole volume but there wasn’t enough time or space so she made it as a fun side story and Haruhi gets a new look.

I liked the cute ending a lot, and was definitely a better sendoff than what the anime gave me. Hatori’s author side bar stories are funny too.


All and all this manga series should be on the top 10 of everyone’s list, especially if you like shojo, comedy, or both of these things. Heck even if you’re a guy you should check it out. Ouran has received a lot of praise in America and there’s even an adorable manga box set of the manga containing all 18 volumes and an adorable notepad. If you’re unsure as to whether to start this series or not there an anime adaptation of the series streaming everywhere legally. It’s on Netflix, Hulu, and even Viewster. The English dub is the only version I watched. It’s very solid, has great performances all around, and a decent adaptation for the English speaking audiences like me. The only real issue I have is no season 2 so you’re really forced to read the manga if you love it.

I give Ouran Highschool Host Club a 4.5 out of 5. There’s a little bit of outdated lingo that may offend some people so that’s why its not a perfect 5, but it really is the best of it’s genre.

Also Kyoya is best boy but Mori is best husband. Tamaki’s also pretty good


One thought on “Ouran Highschool Host Club Manga Series Review Thing

  1. I dropped the manga some time ago because it was taking soooo long to end but now that there is an anime, time to enjoy OHSC again in a new form, with full color and sound! Thanks for reminding me to pick this up again. 😀


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