One Piece Episode 346 Recap

Original Airdate: 3/9/2008

Toonami Airdate: 5/14/2016

The last time on One Piece, we saw the Zombie Generals head out, while Usopp and co. got attacked by Perona’s animal friends. Speaking of Perona, she was set to go aboard the Sunny and rob the Straw Hats (sorry I didn’t write this down. Some stuff happens that I miss out on a few details) and Zoro disappeared as well. Did he get lost like usual, or did he get taken like Sanji? And who is the dog-penguin who helped protect Nami? Let’s see if they’re answered on “The Vanishing Straw Hat Crew! A Mysterious Swordsman Appears!”

As Robin and Franky wonder aloud what happened to Sanji and Zoro, with Robin still thinking the worst happened to them, someone is putting on a suit of armor, and this person is walking towards the two. This person trips up, and the person is revealed. It’s not a zombie. It’s only Luffy, goofing off. Franky scolds him for this, but Luffy says “it’s a man dream to wear armor like this”. Franky commends his “heart full of dreams”, apologizes, and is ready to do a song too.

EP 346
“I call it ‘Steel Cyborg Traveler Blues'”

Robin finds and alerts the guys to what she found, a big hallway, with some exits that lead to the courtyard. She believes she knows what’s happening now too. Oinkchuck tells them it’s like an arena, and that they walked right into a trap. A suit of armor attacks from above, as Franky barely dodges it. It’s a Zombie General, and it’s armed. It attacks Franky again, but he uses Strong Right and Strong Left on it. However, the zombie is unfazed. It uses its sword to make an attack that Franky again dodges, but goes through the wall behind him. A Weapons Left attacks hits the zombie, but still nothing. The Zombie General moves fast, and looks like it cuts down Franky, setting its sites on Luffy and Robin. But Franky’s alright, grabs the zombie and throws it. Even so, the Zombie General is not done. Oinkchuck, away from the group, explains how these ones are stronger than the other zombies, and consist of many different fighters (warriors, knights, samurais, etc.) and combined with being undead, all harder to bring down. As Luffy tries to grab the piggy, a Wall Zombie falls down, helping the piggy to escape. More Zombie Generals appear, and the number of them doesn’t help the 3. They decide to find a way to escape to the courtyard outside as the zombies attack.

Absalom is looking for Lola, who makes her appearance as she runs through the walls. She sees him, and tries to kiss him/propose marriage like before. Absalom again wants to marry Nami, and shows her the wanted poster. She takes the photo, crumples it, and takes off to find and kill Nami. Absalom chases after her to stop this. Back with Nami and co., the dog-penguin zombie is still attacking the other zombies to protect her. As the others are still surprised by this, Nami sees it has a very similar fighting style. She thinks she knows who the dog-penguin is. Perona is at the Sunny now, and can’t wait to take what’s on board, while after it, we see Zoro all tied up in a coffin, not knowing where he is. A big hand opens it up, and Zoro sees the person and threatens to kill him. Smiling as big as the person does, lights get turn on Zoro. We see some scissors, and something being cut, and Zoro is shown passed out afterwards.

Back to the Zombie Generals, they are still attacking, as Franky, Luffy, and Robin all use their weapons/powers on them. But each time, the zombies keep getting back up like nothing happened to them. Franky knows that if this keeps up, they’ll be worn out in no time. Luffy gets away from the two, and Gum-Gum Gatlings a bunch of the Generals. But then a voice calls out an attack: “One-Sword Style: 36 Caliber Phoenix”. The attack misses Luffy, but Luffy knows that it is Zoro’s attack, and is pissed that he used it on him. But, from the shadows out pops not Zoro, but an ugly looking zombie. His name is Jigoro. He tells of how scars on his back make a swordsman, like Zoro said long before, but he has many scars on him. Luffy surmises he is just like Zoro, but dumber. All of sudden, Luffy gets attacked by something.

EP 346 2

Franky is still fighting, but nothing is still working. Robin flies in using her hands and grabs Franky and they make a break from the Zombie Generals. The zombies follow them, so Franky tries a Fresh Fire attack, except hey were ready for that with buckets of water available. One of them attacks Robin, but she takes it out with an attack of hers. As they get outside, they wonder where Luffy is. His armor could have blended him in with the zombies or worse. They yell for him, but then hear a voice from above. On the pulley is another coffin, and Luffy is in there complaining about being in it. The two see and try to catch up to him, but something big stops them in their tracks. A big spider monkey zombie is in the way, as the coffin Luffy is in hit the floor of the mansion across from it. As the Zombie Generals block off the other route, they ask the spider monkey what they are gonna do with Luffy, and he says they will find out soon enough.

EP 346 3

This episode had alot of action in it, more than some recent ones, and it showed how durable and strong the Zombie Generals are. They can take alot of damage being undead and their strength shows that they aren’t pushovers either. As for the zombie that acts like Zoro and what happened to him as well? Maybe that might be a clue to who the dog-penguin is. I mean, if you haven’t figured it out by now, you will next week. Also, when you are trying to find your friends who were taken away, don’t be like Robin.

At least she is Robin, so she gets a pass for this. This gets 4 Undead Armored Toughs/5.


One Piece can be seen at 2:30 AM Saturday on Toonami



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