Naruto Shippuden Episode 112 Recap: “A Place to Return To”

Original Airdate: 6/4/2009

Toonami Airdate: 5/14/2016

Guys, it’s been so long. It’s finally here. The end of this long filler. We done it. WE SURVIVED!! Before I get to this recap detailing the last of the Shippuden Yukimaru/3-Tails filler arc, let me give ya some stuff on when the last time this show was in canon.

  • Akame ga Kill! was barely even halfway done, and not yet in everyone dies-bullshit mode.
  • Parasyte is on repeat now and just aired ep. 5 last night. Almost where we were when this filler started.
  • One Piece was still in the freakin’ Enies Lobby arc. It has shown a filler arc, one Chopperman episode, and is now 1o episodes into Thriller Bark since.
  • I was making monthly recaps for Shippuden for the former Toonami United.
  • Goku and Frieza just began fighting on DBZ Kai.
  • And only a few ever thought we see Hunter X Hunter on Toonami. Alot, including me, thought that Iron-Blooded Orphans would be up next as the new show.

Yeah, it’s been too long. So how did this end? Did it end good? Or did it end just as badly as it started? In any case, this is the last filler arc for awhile, and it’s back to canon next week. Let’s get this over with.

As the battle has ended, everyone is at the cabin, trying to get healed up. Shizune is looking over Yukimaru, and Hinata checks his chakra network. She sees it has been badly damaged from the fights and cause of this, not only won’t he be normal again, but his life span more than likely got shorten. Also, this means they have no way to control the 3-Tails anymore since they can’t use his power. But he’ll live though. Damn. As Naruto was no help in all in this, we get a stupid flashback of Guren and Yukimaru, and then Naruto apologizes to him.

Tsunade gets informed by her slugs, and tells them what to do through it. Because this wasn’t at all done on a show after it, right?

NS 112 2

Anyway, what she relays is to get back to the Leaf. Since everyone is injured, and the kid is powerless, Orochimaru can’t do shit now, and their mission is now done. And for some reason, she guesses that because they couldn’t handle the 3-Tails, neither can the Akatsuki who are still around. (Yeah, because they couldn’t at all handle Gaara and the 2-Tails cat chick before, right?) The slug tells the others of the plan Tsunade laid out, and that a couple other Leaf Ninjas will watch over the Giant Turtle. They then sleep up, and we see the kid with his crystal, being all sad.

At the lake, the settinggoes deep underwater where we find Guren in a crystallized state still. But a voice wakens her up, and there we learn that Gouzu, the big mud guy, is somehow still alive. He tells her of his life and past as Orochimaru’s slave fighter, and how he was close to dying until Guren gave him a cookie or something. This caused him to fall for her, and it also causes Yukimaru to wake up, because I guess he was listening in to the conversation in his coma. For real, I don’t know anymore. He takes off, and when Naruto wakes up, he sees the kid is gone and goes looking for him. Yamato and Kakashi though? They’re awake, but they look on (actually, Yamato looks just at Kakashi) and basically say “Fuck it! Let the blonde dumbass handle this.”

Naruto tries to find him, but with no luck. He runs into some camellias, and then hears a grass flute being played nearby. He follows it, but then the music stops playing. Feeling he failed, he then notices the crystal that the kid cherished got left behind. Seeing there is no crack in the crystal, Naruto knows then what happened to Yukimaru. In the morning, the others see Yukimaru is gone, and dissed Naruto for losing him. Like they did anything but sleep, fucking morons. They worry about him, and want to find him, but Shino says straight up that since Yukimaru has no powers, he is not needed. Plus, they can’t do shit since they been called back. Naruto agrees with him, and tells them the kid will be alright. As they’re about to leave, 2 other Leaf ninjas arrive to watch the Giant Turtle.

At Orochimaru’s hideout, he and the FEB are talking. Since Guren’s gone, they can replace her, and can get another boy to replace Yukimaru. Orochimaru starts to cough badly, telling us his replacement body is at its limit. He will have a new body ready soon, in the form of Sasuke.

NS 112 4
“Uggghh, I should have never gone on Tumblr.”

We see people nearby Naruto’s group, and he senses them, but says it’s nothing. There, we see Yukimaru being happy, and with Guren and Gouzu. They take off like a family, never to be seen again. Back near the lake, the illusion fog is rolling up on the 2 Leaf ninjas. Also rolling up on them is Deidara, who kills them both easily. Tobi is with him and he is happy, and also pissing Deidara off with his antics. He uses some of his art to fly above the lake. Since he’s too lazy to search, he uses his art bombs to bring up the turtle and sends them underwater. They all explode, having the 3-Tails surface to them.

NS 112 3

NS 112

Tobi wants Deidara to take care of it, but Deidara leaves it to Tobi instead. The Giant Turtle attacks Tobi, who makes a break for it, while complaining about being the wrong guy for this. The 3-Tails gets Tobi, and drags him on an underwater ride. Deidara has had enough and sends out more of his explosive art. It explodes right near the 3-Tails eyes, sending Tobi flying above. Tsunade senses that something happened with the 3-Tails, but ignores it. As Tobi celebrates thinking he did his thing, Deidara goes on about taking it out, and how art is cool and stuff. Tobi thinks it’s crap, and Deidara literally explodes on him. They take the 3-Tails from it, and Tobi falls asleep on the beast, dreaming of getting a massage. Which causes Deidara to use more bombs on Tobi. As the Leaf ninja return home, Sakura ask Naruto why he left Yukimaru behind. It descends into more home talk, bringing back Sasuke, and how the kid is fine. Naruto places the crystal on the ground, leaves it there, and the episode ends there.

And that’s it. The filler is done. It’s over guys. WE. ARE. DONE!!! Let’s celebrate!!

Yes, we are so done with this. And let me just say this: SO LONG YUKIMARU!! SO LONG GUREN!! FUCK YOU BOTH TO HELL, AND I’M GLAD YOU ARE FUCKING GONE!!! AND FUCK YOU TOO FROGS!!! I WANT YOU TO BE GONE FOREVER, BUT I KNOW YOU WILL BE RETURNING LATER!!! (Sorry everyone who hates them, but it’s true.) This all sucked, and went on for far too long. Too much home talk, too much bullshit, too much filler. You know, I think this calls for a drink.

Hell, why not make it two?

Actually for this filler, I think we need one of these too.

But even as I say this, I think I need to go over the episode itself. How was it? Well, Funny Tobi is always a pass in my eyes, and he was basically the highlight of the show. Him pissing off Deidara just makes me laugh. Other than that, everything else was crap. Do I care that Yukimaru and Guren are gonna be happy together? Not. One. Bit. They are filler characters, so they’re not part of the actual story. But I do care about BS writing, and that thing with Gouzu, Tsunade letting the Akatsuki just get away with this, and other stuff really does get to me. Again, this is filler, so it doesn’t matter. But at least do a decent job at remembering what you made and how it all ties in. Because this one failed so many times throughout. But hey it’s over, and most of this score is going to Tobi. It gets a 2/5. 

Next week, we are officially back to canon. Sure, this is all gonna involve Sasuke and Orochimaru and everything that there is with the Sharingan that might drive some to question what the hell is happening. But look at the good news: This is gonna be the real deal. And soon enough, we will run into this guy.

Oh yeah, it’s gonna be amazing. At least in Shippuden terms.


Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 2 AM Saturday on Toonami


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