Dimension W Episode 12 Recap: “The Future Reached” (FINALE)

Original Airdate: March 27th, 2016

Toonami Airdate: May 14th, 2016

Hello everyone, and welcome to the final Dimension W recap I’ll be doing for this site! I am finally free from this self-imposed hell of mine, and I am super thankful that Gundam IBO will be dethroning this awful, awful show from the 12:30 slot (by the way, you can look forward to staff member RobBarracuda covering the show in his weekly recaps when it airs). Let’s not waste any time and get on with the recap!

Continuing from the last episode, Seameyer explains that his weird tentacle hentai monster robot is being run using Sophia’s heart and hands (o hai Kira). Loser says he knows Seameyer’s weakness, that being that he can’t move or close his gate, so he opens up a gate of his own using the numbered coils he collected and attempts to drag Seameyer in, but Seameyer creates an image of Sophia crying for help to distract Loser, and he ends up getting his ass handed to him. Can I just say that the whole “using the image of a dead loved one to distract the MC” trick is so goddamn cliché at this point. It was effective in Fullmetal Alchemist and Parasyte when it wasn’t done to death because I could actually care about the characters in those shows, instead of me just kind of felling apathetic towards everyone here.


Before I go off on a rant, we then cut to Kyouma feeling depressed about what happened the day of the accident, and Mira gives a speech to Kyouma about how much of a brash asshole he is and how much she likes that about him for some reason. Kyouma then continues to wallow in his self-pity and goes on about how he could’ve used Genesis to save Miyabi, had he not ended up in the hospital. Mira then tells Kyouma that she has every right to get involved in this because had it not been for the accident, Mira wouldn’t have been created, considering she was originally going to be Miyabi’s prosthetic body. You know, because reminding him that you exist because his girlfriend died is TOTALLY going to make things better. Kyouma ends up accepting Mira’s help, and then she suggests that his interaction with Genesis must’ve caused him to get amnesia, so she suggests trying to repair Kyouma’s memories by analyzing the device that Seameyer used on him. Kyouma needs to be put into a deep sleep in order for this to work, so Mira bitch slaps him into unconsciousness, which is honestly the only good part of the episode.

It’s like the OP to .hack//sign, except with no awesome Yuki Kajiura music.

Mira is then able to jump into Kyouma’s consciousness and then attempts to trace his memories. After she does what she does, Kyouma starts to flash back to the day Miyabi’s operation went wrong. Kyouma tries to interfere with this flashback by trying to use Genesis, but he’s unabe to reach Miyabi. However, she’s able to reach him in the flashback, and after one last confrontation, Kyouma finally comes to terms with Miyabi’s death, and then wakes up from his dream. However, he wakes up to find that Mira went missing because if she doesn’t get away from Kyouma, he’ll get caught up in the materialization of Dimension W. However, Seameyer is able to capture Mira while she’s running. He soon finds out that Mira is an android, so he plans on sending her through the gate. Mira then plans to sacrifice herself while she’s in the portal in order to stop all of this, but Kyouma quickly comes in to save the day.


Kyouma lets Seameyer enter his memories to see who he gave the coil to, and it turns out Kyouma had Genesis all along and ended up destroying it because he and Miyabi decided that nobody should be able to use it. Seameyer then goes insane and decides to destroy the entire universe over one damn coil. And now everyone is teaming up to suck Seameyer into his own portal and finally finish him off once and for all. Before Seameyer goes, Kyouma gives a speech about how he doesn’t care about all the lives that were lost because without them, there wouldn’t be some of the current possibilities in this world. Kyouma then delivers one last blow to Seameyer, thus finishing him up. Dimension W then closes up forever, and while Mira is attempting to catch Kyouma, she blacks out and then sees the vision of Dr. Yurizaki and he tells her to learn about the human heart. So basically, he’s telling Mira to become a cardiologist? Anywho, Lwai catches Kyouma and Mira in midair, and it turns out that the first working coil is nowhere to be found, thus making it to where nobody gets any reward. Also, Loser ended up dead from his sacrifice to save everyone. However, Kyouma gets to go home knowing that peace has been restored to Easter Island, considering that the flowers have started growing again. He visits Miyabi’s grave one last time and thanks her. And the opening theme plays during the credits, so that’s a little bit satisfying, even if the overall episode wasn’t worth it.

The End

God, this series went out on such a wimper. The episode tries to bring up the whole theme of “possibility”, but it ends up falling flat on its face due to the fact that the message doesn’t make much sense at all. By this show’s logic, all the horrible things Seameyer has done in the show is suddenly justified by the fact that “it caused possibilities to happen”, except it doesn’t work like that because while the “possibilities” he created might not’ve been that bad, he’s still an awful person. Let me put it this way: If a serial killer had a kid that grew up to become one of the best doctors on the planet, it still wouldn’t justify the fact that what the serial killer did was wrong, regardless of how many good deeds the kid might’ve done in their life. Just like how Seameyer indirectly creating Mira doesn’t justify the fact that he basically committed mass homicide towards plenty of innocent people. And another thing, why didn’t Kyouma just use Genesis on Miyabi then destroy it afterwards? I know they agreed that it’d be too powerful for anyone else to have, so why didn’t he just use it on Miyabi first before deciding to destroy it? That would’ve been much more efficient rather than just destroying it and letting your girlfriend die! Overall, I’d say this episode encompasses everything that is wrong with this show. It’s pretentious, dumb, convoluted, rushed, underdeveloped, and overall not a pleasant viewing experience. I give the episode 3 robot bitch-slaps out of 10, and I’d give the series overall 3 possibilities out of 10. I gladly await the arrival of our new Gundam overlords.

Dimension W is licensed by FUNimation Entertainment. You can watch the show subbed on Hulu, as well as dubbed through FUNimation Now and Adult Swim On Demand.


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