Dimension W Review

It’s been a while since I made anything that wasn’t a Shippuden or One Piece recap on this fansite, so this is a nice change for me. Of course, recapping non-stop Shippuden filler has taught me that some shows can be very, VERY bad. Why do I point this out? Well, I’m gonna review Dimension W, a show that started out with so much promise, that even Funimation was on board as part of the committee for this series. The only problem is how it’s ending. Because yeah, alot of people do not like how this is going. Including our boss on this fansite, who if you have read her Dimension W recaps, could tell ya how it has gone. So what do I think of this show? Is it as bad as others think it is? Let’s us go to the other dimension that is Dimension W.

Story and Characters

The year is 2072, and all of the world is powered by energy devices called “coils”. Made by New Tesla Energy, these coils get this energy from “Dimension W”, a place where all said energy comes from, and uses 60 towers to help draw it out from there. Here, we meet Kyoma Mabuchi. He is a “collector” who hates coils because of a past event. Even though he hates coils, he works with a group led by a woman named Mary to collect illegal coils.

He looks like a fun guy, talking on his PS Vita

There is also a dying doctor who has a device with him he wants to use before he passes. He is Dr. Yurizaki, and he has a girl with him. Her name is Mira, and she is “his daughter”. She tries to find some illegal coils to use for the device, but gets into trouble. In this trouble, she runs into Kyoma, and after knocking out a gang of thugs, she knocks him out too.

Look at this cutie

After all this, a group who is part of New Tesla Energy, led by Kyoma’s old pal/partner Albert, find the doctor and having no time to waste, uses his device and causes a big explosion of energy, kinda frying Mira, and causing coils around to fail. He’s gone, and Kyoma takes Mira with him. This is where their journey together begins.

Kyoma learns early on she is a robot (as the slap to the face indicates), or more specifically, an android, to replace the doctor’s dead daughter who New Tesla murdered, along with his wife. There’s more to Mira than that, but I’ll get to that in a few. They start to live together, and well, Kyoma treats her like shit. I can’t say it more clearly, as he calls her a “piece of junk” throughout. So much so, it’s like a drinking game. He also kicks her, smacks her, and what not, even if she does help him out.

Even so, they still do go on trying to collect coils, and meet interesting people. They meet a guy named Loser (yes, that is his name) and his daughter, Elizabeth. Loser puts on a show early on where it seems he fails at stealing things, when in reality, he is after coils called “Numbers”. They were the first coils for Dimension W. Also, should I point out that if you’re not careful with illegal coils, that they can turn you into Tetsuo? Because they can.


As the story goes on, we find out more about Dimension W, including how it can form different realities, and space-time stuff. We also learn of Kyoma’s past, where he was part of the group with Albert called the “Beasts of Grendel”. Not only that, we see more of his past with a girl named Miyabi Azumaya, where they fell in love, but she got sick and died from a type of muscular dystrophy, and his hatred of coils comes from this. She is somehow related to Mira in body type too, so Kyoma is an ass to her because of this.

We also get our battle place, which is for some reason on Easter Island. Yeah, don’t ask, but the statues are still there. This has us introduced to African princes in Prince Salva, the “Winds of Africa”, and Prince Lwai, AKA “Loo” and a woman named Lashiti. Salva organizes an event to help find out what happened on Easter Island, and gets a a rag-tag group of characters. I’ll tell you them as best as I can in my own why. We have Captain Ameri-can’t, the Mexican duo, who one of them I call “Mexican Leone”, the big, but very loveable twins, the black guy who looks like Blade, and to top it off, our main villain we don’t meet till episode 9. His name is Haruka Seameyer. But from the way he looks, I just been calling him “Evil Leeron”. Seriously, he looks like what happened if Leeron from Gurren Lagann went mad with power.

Just try telling me these two are not the same person. They even use the same damn purple eyeliner!!

The plot all comes together with him, evil spheres, greed from wanting to “change the world, dangerous experiments that result in people becoming just organs, and the past coming back that Kyoma forgot. All of it revolves around a gold sphere thing called “Genesis” that is basically the cause of the stuff on here, with Seameyer going insane for it. And this is where we run into the problems. All the stuff that is explained on Dimension W isn’t that bad at all. But the problem is, it’s rushed. Like extremely rushed. Like “70-something chapters in only 12 episodes” rushed. Yeah, that’s a problem. If this show was around 24 episodes, or even around just 20, I think this show would be fluid enough to have everything that comes at us be taken in more effectively. But there’s so much going on that you get confused as to what the hell is happening. Hell, watching episode 4 and 5 and the space-time reality stuff might take at least a couple re-watches for some, including me, before you understand what is happening. But hey, there’s always Mira fanservice to help us.


Oh, did I forget to mention the Mira fanservice? Because there is alot of it throughout the early portions of the show. Not that there is anything wrong with it. For she is just an android girl and not a tiny loli. Right? I might be going down a bad route here.


Okay, where was I? Oh yes, the storyline. Too much happens where we can really establish a well-rounded character outside of Kyoma, Mira, and Loser, and probably Prince Salva as well. As I said with Seameyer, we only do get introduced to him 3/4ths of the way through, and cause of that, you can’t really see him as much more as just a crappy, atypical villain. Hell, he seems more like a filler character than anything near the big-time boss. The meeting of Mira to the big reveal of her being Miyabi’s body replacement is just out of nowhere, and should’ve had more time to develop. Even the thing with Dr. Yurizaki and what he was trying to accomplish in the beginning is never answered. Just a very throw-it-out-there story with so much happening in too little time makes it the weakest and most mind-numbing part of this show.


On to the animation. Dimension W is a collaboration done by studios Studio 3Hz and Orange. Yeah, I have no idea who Studio 3Hz, and looking it up, found only one other anime they worked on called Celestial Method. As for Orange, they been around and have done a bunch of the CG for different companies and shows. Those shows include past Toonami shows Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and Black Lagoon. And others shows they did work on include Accel World, Tiger & Bunny, Birdy the Mighty DECODE, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, Terror in Resonance and the Kantai Collection anime. Overall, the animation looks pretty good on here. Very solid throughout the whole series. It can look very beautiful at times, with the cities they accompany looking gorgeous, and the barren island of Adrastea (Easter Island) looking as grim as they made it. However, is it the best looking show Toonami has aired? No. It’s basically a B to B+ grade to me. The CG though can be a bit “ehhhhh” when presented. But it’s only shown just a few times, so it’s not too bad. I say Dimension W does get a good grade for me in the animation department, even if I know jackshit about the studios that made the show.



If you’re looking for a sub vs dub comparison, too bad. I’m only gonna talk about the dub. If you want to watch the sub, go online and see it. Our leads are voiced by Christopher R. Sabat and Jad Saxton, respectfully. We all know of Sabat’s voice work on DBZ Kai, Fullmetal Alchemist Botherhood and more, while we saw Saxton do good work earlier on Michiko & Hatchin as Hatchin herself. Both are great as Kyoma and Mira on here, and do as great a job as their sub counterparts. I liked Saxton’s role a bit more, since she brings an adorable energy to Mira that made me like Mira even more. But that’s not to take anything away from Sabat’s performance either. He is superb as the arrogant, badass Kyoma and brings his A-game to him. Plus, I like Sabat here more than the guy who voiced Kyoma on the subs.. Another role I liked was J. Michael Tatum as Loser/Julian. He was as good in his role too. Of course, I did like him more in other roles (since Loser had as much screentime as others not named Kyoma/Mira), but just like with Sabat, it was still better than his sub counterpart.

Others that get a shoutout include Ian Sinclair as Prince Salva. Sure, he sounded exactly like his Space Dandy character and not at all African, assuming most African males don’t sound like a cool, idiotic, alien bounty hunter. But still, he was good as the Prince. And so was Clifford Chapin as Price Lwai. He bought a fun energy like the subs did to him, and everything that went with the little android boy too. The others in their minor roles were between good to ehhh mostly. I did like Monica Rial playing an older woman on here in Claire Skyheart and Alison Viktorin was good in her role as the girl twin. The only ones I didn’t like as much was Eric Vale as Albert. I mean, he was ok, but I like him better in other roles. And there was Maxey Whitehead as Elizabeth. Elizabeth is suppose to be a girl, but there was too much trying to have her Alphonse voice from FMAB work here, and it just sounded very awkward to me. Also, I know this wasn’t going to happen anyway, and it was just me and my own wishes, but Steve Blum is who I wanted as Haruka Seameyer just to fulfill my reigning thoughts that this is actually Leeron from another reality. I knew this wasn’t going to happen though cause he works for different VA companies. But hey, Chris Patton is still good as the insane scientist. Other that those, the dub is really good, and the best thing from the show.


Okay, we’re up to the music part. Let’s breakdance now.

And here’s the full opening if you want to listen to it. The song “Genesis” by Stereo Dive Foundation  is basically EDM J-Pop at its .. umm, finest? Anyway, it’s really catchy as hell and it’s the only time we can see Kyoma actually have fun with his break-dancing skills. Why couldn’t that be in the actual show? Like just once show him have to this instead of dissin’ Mira? Oh well, we can’t have all the good things. Then there’s the ending theme, “Contrast” by Fo’xTails.

With the full ending here, it’s a pretty good J-Rock song that goes well with the OP. It’s not as catchy as “Genesis” is, but if anything, these two songs could be the best OP/ED combo of the winter season animes. Also, there’s more cute Mira/fanservice Mira, for anyone who wants it. Of course, Toonami had their own ending cut made by Funimation right here. But to be honest, it wasn’t that bad, and the music was pretty good. And it kept most the Mira parts with it. Overall, you win either way with the music, which the in-show stuff was OK too.


Closing Thoughts

My thoughts on Dimension W were very all over the place. The dub is terrific, the music is nice, and the animation is ok for companies we have not heard alot of. The only problem is the story and its characters. I do believe this could have been so much better if we had more episodes and a bit more time to develop them. But the rush job killed all of this, leaving a confusing mess of a plot that needed time to have it get its act together, while also leaving more to be desired since there’s too much that was left out. Also, there are the characters themselves. Kyoma, while being a badass, is just mostly an arrogant asshole throughout to poor Mira. I mean, after learning who Mira was taylor-made to be, you THINK he treat her with more respect and kindness. Also, she saved him a few times, but still nothing. Prince Salva made you thought he was a bad guy early on, cause of how douchey he was. And I already said what I needed to on Seameyer. Too much wasted. We don’t even care about most of Kyoma’s old pals with Grendel since they are barely touched upon, along with all the bounty hunters near the end. Except for the twins. I think they were the best characters, along with Mira (and maybe Loo?), to be on the show.

If there were just a few episodes more, and fleshed out just a bit, I believe this would be an above-average show. Instead, we got basically this.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 6.55.50 PM

Yeah, just pretend that was a middle finger she was holding up. Dimension W had the makings of being a very good show. So good, that Funimation was on-board with this, and made this almost like the best show ever in advertising it. Instead, we were left with a lot of people calling this show one of the worst shows to grace Toonami, and even Funi decided sometime after it started to not focus on this any more, and turn their attention squarely on My Hero Academia. Now, what do I think of this show myself? While yes, I do think it was bad, and it was on my top ten list of worst AS Toonami shows, I don’t have it in the top 3. Not when I have Sword Art Online II, Akame ga Kill!, and fucking Casshern Sins to round out my worst list. And to be fair, Dimension W wasn’t even the worst thing to air during its Toonami run (I’M LOOKING STRAIGHT AT YOU, SHIPPUDEN FILLERS!!) Overall, a show that should have been good, could have been good, but ended it all as a damn mess. But at least Mira was cute throughout.

My rating for Dimension W: 4.5/10

Now go out and find yourself a Mira, and give the little android girl some head pats. Because Kyoma sure as hell didn’t give enough to her.


Dimension W is made from a collaboration by Studio 3Hz and Orange. It is licensed by Funimation Entertainment, who was a part of the animes committee board. The sub for Dimension W can be found on Funimation.com and Hulu, while some of the dub is currently available on Adult Swim.com and Adult Swim On-demand.


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