Irregular At Magic Highschool Mahouka Something You Know Whatever Review Thing

Hello again this is meowth900 here doing another review thing. This is for the first volume of the Irregular At Magic High School light novel series. Now this is a series that gets about as much hate as Sword Art Online. Featuring both an overpowered main character and an incest sister this series will turn a lot of people off right there. Once you get past that however, there is a lot of interesting stuff here involving magic as a technological advancement in society. There was also an anime adaptation that came out last year, it was licensed by Aniplex but unfortunately they did not dub it. Which really sucks because it’s a really popular series in Japan and a dub would give it more exposure to people over here whether it would be Netflix or Toonami.

Supposedly these events are the first few sightings of magic in this universe. The first recorded date for Magic being used the first time is AD 1999 when police officers possessing special powers stopped a nuclear act of war. The term ‘Supernatural Power (Superpower)‘ was initially used for Magicians (or magic technicians) as their ability was then purely inherent, but the term is now no longer synonyms to Magicians because the magicians are now a product of sudden mutation and has been spread around due to ‘systematization as a technology’.

The life of a magician in the magic world is filled with a talent driven competition against others, starting when they first go to high school of course. There are two course groups in First High where the story takes place. Course 1 are called Blooms and they’re the class with students with magic powers who aim to be magicians in the future. Course 2 are called Weeds and they’re the class with students that don’t have magic powers. Blooms often feel prejudiced towards Weeds. This is often compared to how some wizards in the Harry Potter series feel prejudiced towards Muggles.

After the history explanation we get introduced to the two leads of the story. They’re also on the cover of the book. Chapter 1 begins with Miyuki complaining about Tatsuya’s placement despite Tatsuya achieving the highest score in the entrance exam

Miyuki Shiba is the little miss perfect of the two. She’s got good grades, good looks, and she’s also got some good magic powers. She’s also in the Blooms. Her one and only flaw is her severe brother complex with her big brother Tatsuya

Tatsuya Shiba is the Irregular because he does not have magic powers like Miyuki so he’s in the Weeds. He wants to go to a different career in the magic world in the form of engineering. He’s analytical and his big flaws are underestimating himself and his lack of emotions.

A lot of people call out Tatsuya for being very overpowered and often say he’s another Kirito. But unlike Kirito Tatsuya himself does not consider himself great. He likes to say Miyuki is the best because she has magic powers.

There are also some other characters that become buddies with our main duo. The first volume doesn’t really explore their lives, but some character interactions are pretty funny. Tatsuya also joins the student council so he’s meeting a lot of women right now.

These are Tatsuya’s friends. Mizuki is the girl with the glasses, Erika is the redhead, and Leo is the guy giving the thumbs up.

We get a small sneak peek at how powerful Tatsuya is when one of the student council members challenges him to a duel. He’s pretty good at manipulating magic technology enough to beat his opponent in one shot.

Volume 1 ends with Tatsuya and Erika at Erika’s kendo club, Tatsuya stops a fight from ending badly and gets attacked by other members of the club. The kendo club captain watches Tatsuya intently wondering what he will do.

So far the light novel’s introduction to this series is way better than how it started in the anime. It’s also interesting seeing Tatsuya’s thought process when he’s communicating with the people at First High. He often thinks of saying what he wants to say but then not saying it because he does not want another person to get mad at him. Miyuki’s brother complex is still very weird.

I give volume 1 a 3 out of 5. Nothing really great, but if you want a better introduction to this series than the anime this is the way to go.

Yenpress has the license for Irregular and you can buy it on Amazon but only in paperback form, and Right Stuff.  Irregular At Magic High School volume 2 should be out in August and volume 3 should be out in December. So far there’s 19 volumes of Irregular at Magic High School, and if you want me to keep reviewing these let me know in the comments.


One thought on “Irregular At Magic Highschool Mahouka Something You Know Whatever Review Thing

  1. I’d really like to see how this plays out as a light novel. I really enjoyed the anime but there were some things that just didn’t quite make sense or seemed skipped over and I’d really like to know if the light novel fills us in. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.


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