One Piece Episode 347 Recap: “Chivalry Remains! The Traitorous Zombie Protects Nami”

Original Airdate: 3/16/2008

Toonami Airdate: 5/21/2016

Last time on One Piece, the Zombie Generals attacked Luffy, Robin, and Franky, and Luffy, suit of armor and all, got captured. Also, Zoro is still missing, but a zombie just like him attacked. What does this all mean? Let’s find out in another One Piece recap.

The Dog-Penguin zombie is still attacking the other zombies, and is doing pretty well. Even though the Masters’ orders are absolute, the other zombies are still stunned that this one is different, and is as strong as a Zombie General. The Dog-Penguin can’t explain where this strength of his comes from, but he believes that it is “powered by Love”. And with that cheesy thought, Nami believes that the dog-penguin is actually Sanji. Usopp and Chopper can’t believe it, so they ask if the zombie if he is Sanji. The zombie attacks Usopp and Chopper, but not Nami. Then, the group hears a noise, and sees something coming. It’s Lola, with Absalom chasing after her, as she tries to get Nami. She still wants to marry the pervy creature, and attacks him repeatedly. She does get on top of him, wanting some “sugar”. As Absalom resists her, and dodges her powerful kisses, Usopp and Chopper wonder if they’re “frienemies” or something. Absalom kicks her off, and she lands right next to Nami. She tells Nami she’s gonna pay for stealing her treasure, which was Absalom’s heart. But as she attacks with her big axe, the dog-penguin rushes in and breaks the axe. However, he sees Lola and doesn’t attack her. She lays a big punch right onto Dog-Pen, sending him into the wall. Asked why he didn’t attack, Dog-Pen responds how he can’t hit a woman, no matter what, getting applause from Usopp and Chopper, while they also backslap Lola for how he could tell that she was a woman.

During the ruckus, Nami is floating in the air, and even though Chopper and Usopp thinks she’s flying at first, they realize what’s happening. The “invisible pervert” has taken her again, and tells Nami that she will be his future bride. Nami, mad at this shit, takes out her Clima Tact, and uses “Thunder Charge” on Absalom, zapping the crap outta him. Usopp and Chopper catch up, and the 3 run away. As Lola starts to chase after them, Absalom stands there from the attack, thinking that the feeling of electricity going through his body was all love from Nami.

The zombie animals try to think of a plan, while Dog-Pen still wants to protect Nami, but doesn’t know why, as his body is still recovering from the punch. As the zombie animals take off for Nami and co., Absalom tells them to not lay a finger on Nami, only for the animals to basically tell him to piss off, since they only obey Perona’s orders. Angry, Absalom yells at them with fury, telling them who is boss still. The only zombie who isn’t scared is Dog-Penguin, and he faces off with Absalom. Blocking the path, Absalom raises his hand, and the others sense what’s coming next. A powerful, invisible attack, almost like the Force from Star Wars comes from said hand, and hits Dog-Pen like a ton of bricks, knocking him out.

Back with the Scared Trio, they are running for their lives as Lola is bearing (or ‘warthoggin’?) down on them. But from her talk, the guys realize she’s after Nami. Usopp thinks of splitting up to help with this, only for Nami to punch him in the head angrily. Chopper tells it how it is.

She then runs away, using them as human/reindeer shields. The two accidentally trip up, thinking that their lives are over. However, Lola runs past them still going after only Nami. She pulls out the big swords and attacks Nami, telling her “I want my husband back”, and Nami tries her best to defend herself with her Tact. Usopp rides on Chopper and climbs on top the big warthog to stop her themselves, but she is too big and strong to be taken down.

EP 347 3
Fight Nami, fight!

On the bridge, the Zombie Generals are closing in on Franky and Robin. The two realize that they got their crew taken, and were most likely sent to where Luffy went. The giant spider monkey tells them they’re correct. Franky also can see how big the monkey is, and is the culprit to who covered the Sunny with the big ass webs. They were targeted from the beginning, all monitored by Perona’s Ghost Network. Robin thinks that the monkey’s big ears can also hear alot of things. Instead, they’re just for show. The two start to work out a “miracle plan” as they get surrounded, which involves Franky using his Coup de Burst on the bridge. It shatters the bridge, sending everyone on it to the ground below. But as Franky is falling, Robin uses Cien Fleur: Wing, and behold, a beautiful angel appears.

EP 347

Robin can fly with her powers, but as she grabs hold of Franky, she tells him it’s only for 5 seconds. This is just enough for him to use a Strong Right to grab hold of the ledge where Luffy was taken. The time limit ends, and Franky pulls them both towards building. Robin hops off of him, as he crashes straight into the wall. As Franky wants an apology from her for jumping off, she sees the zombies below, and can tell they won’t stay down for long. In fact, the spider monkey starts to get back up, and tells them he will be up there soon. Just as soon as he does, something is falling from the sky that catches everyone’s attention.

EP 347 4

It’s not a something, but a someone. Brook, the afro-skeleton the crew met earlier, is coming in hot, and leaves us with this. “What do you call a falling skeleton? AIR BONE!!” He smashes into the ground as the episode ends.

Yes, another good episode of One Piece where we did learn some things. Sanji is the dog-penguin zombie, if that wasn’t so hard to believe the way he acts around Nami. But his “will never hit a woman, no matter what happens” shtick is basically what gives it away. Meanwhile, Robin can fly, but for only 5 seconds. Which I think is not true. I think she can only fly for 5 seconds there because she was carrying Franky. You try to lift Franky for 5 seconds. It won’t be easy. Which by the way, I guess Robin can lift alot. But overall, there was some good comedy bits, with Absalom and his shocking love discovery, to Brook coming in at the last moment from the air. Give One Piece this. It’s still consistent, unlike most shows. Next time, we will see Brook in action. See ya again in 2 weeks as Memorial Day weekend hits. This episode gets 4.5 Angelic Robins/5.


One Piece can be seen at 2:30 AM Saturday on Toonami





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