Mystery for Hire: Mike Tyson Mysteries 02×16, Recap

I Need a Drink

Hey guys, its your girl, KrisSimsters and I need a drink. Last night it was just Mike and I, we were together for the first time. Robot Chicken had just ended when I turned off my Spotify playlist (I was listening to Hasley) and tuned in to the latest episode of Mike Tyson Mysteries. Last night’s episode was definitely interesting, I don’t think Mike can get anymore stupid than he did last night. If you happened to miss this episode and you want to see it, then fear not. The episode is either available on either the Adult Swim website or the Adult Swim onDemand page. Lets jump into this recap, shall we?

Mike Tyson Mysteries: Mystery for Hire Recap:

Don’t worry, he’s not BI…or is he?

The episode starts in media res and that’s a huge sin. For an eleven-minute episode, it shouldn’t start towards the end. Because that’s where it started, at the nine-minute mark. And who’s retelling the story? Mike. So the episode starts out with Mike putting on his new license plates that say, “BI GUY.” Yung and Marquess don’t speak up, but you know what there thinking. To Mike, BI GUY means: Beef.Is.Gross.Unethical.and Yucky. To me, it means getting a beer from my fridge and drinking it whole. I don’t want to deal with his stupidity at this level tonight, I just wanted to play The Sims 3. Moving on, after putting on Mike’s license plates, the Mystery team are gathered around the pigeon coop for their next mystery. Yung asks if Pigeon wants to read the next mystery, but he says no in his own way. He never wants to read them, so don’t let offer.

Our mystery of the week? We have to meet with a woman named Barbra Fletcher at the Westing Savings and Loans Bank. Remember that name kids, Barbra Fletcher…because Mike surely won’t. After going to the wrong tower, twice, the Mystery team has to come back tomorrow. And yes, it was Mike’s fault. He went North when he should have gone South…twice. For once, I would rather want Marquess or Yung Hee to drive, it would make getting to these mysteries more easier. When they come back the next day, The president of the bank, Mr. Vennerbeck asks what type of mysteries Mike has done and there are some confused wires on both ends. Apparently, this bank doesn’t want them to solve a mystery, they want him to plan a mystery party. And Mike just doesn’t get that.

And when we return to this subject 45 DAYS LATER, Mike already knew about it because “some woman named Barbra” emailed him the week before.Marquess declares this to be fun and he settles on a Native-American theme. On the night of the party, everything seems to go well and then we get to the robbery, but first lets look at this:


Not only is Marquess the only Native-American, he’s the only rainbow Native-American and I don’t know how to react to this. Take a moment to let that settle in as we move on to the final act. Anyway, one of the robbers tries to get Vennerbeck to open the safe, but he every time he says no, he gets shot and Mike just laughs. He thinks its part of the party. And its at this point that I would snap. I almost didn’t do this review, if I’m being honest. I can stand Mike’s stupidity to a point, this is that point. Everybody else is scared, but Mike. Your adopted daughter and your friend’s lives are in danger and you think its part of the party. I’m so glad there are two more episodes left, I want to put this episode far behind me. I don’t even want to see it when its in syndication.

We are soon BACK AT THE NINE MINUTE MARK with Mike telling the reporter what happened after that. He finally did something after one of the robbers stepped on his hand. Mike apologizes for “ruining the party” and he tells the police that Marquess was the one who planned the whole thing, and as I said in the beginning, somebody was going to suffer and this time it was Marquess. Where’s Yung and Pigeon? I don’t know, maybe they were waiting in the van. I just need to move on.

The After-Credits scene (which is back to normal, thank Goodness) features Mike trying to figure out other license plates and he only gets one right.

Final Thoughts:

I want this episode to die, I hate it. Its the worst episode of the season, I knew it was going to be bad because once again, an 11-minute episode doesn’t start out in media res, especially at the nine-minute mark. That’s just wrong to the viewer. Its a huge pet peeve, if I’m being honest. The worst thing about this episode is Mike’s stupidity. It has reached a breaking point for me and I need a week away from him. I’ll be back next Sunday. We got two more episodes to do. My name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden. I need a drink.

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New episodes of Mike Tyson Mysteries comes on Sundays at 11:45 PM ONLY on Adult Swim!!


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