The Bard’s Curse: Mike Tyson Mysteries 02×17, Recap

Hey, everyone. RobBarracuda here, filling in for writer KrisSimsters for Mike Tyson Mysteries for the rest of the season. Unfortunately, she’s been going through some personal stuff I’m not at liberty to disclose. So with that out of the way, let’s recap this week’s episode, “The Bard’s Curse”. If you missed the episode, you can catch it for free here, a page that… certainly provides an interesting way of watching the episode.

Mike Tyson Mysteries, The Bard’s Curse Recap:

The Bard's Curse - Bisexual License plateThe episode opens with Mike showing the gang a package he received in the mail, which turns out to be yet another vanity license plate (oh hey, continuity of jokes). Having ditched the “BI GUY” plate from last week, he now goes with one that communicates his love of meat: “BISEXUAL”. This time however, he realizes his mistake before he gets a chance to put it on the car. He tries to pass it off to Yung Hee, but she’s not bisexual, much to Pigeon’s displeasure. Marquess then proceeds to recite the details of their latest mystery: a dramatic request for help from Jules Leher Warren of Ye Swordsmen and Swordladies Dramatic Theater Company in Bennington, Vermont. The gang then proceeds to drive to Vermont to solve this mystery.

In the middle of the drive, the gang finds themselves getting pulled over by the police, which freaks out Marquess as he begs everyone to swallow whatever drugs they have. Problem is, the only one in the van with any drugs is Pigeon… who conveniently slipped them into Marquess’ pocket because what else would you expect Pigeon to do? Finding the drugs, Marquess swallows them just as the officer takes Mike’s license and registration. Pigeon reveals the drug, named “Infinite Nightmare”, is a hallucinogenic from a chemist friend of his. The police officer comes back and explains that Mike was driving without a license plate (I wonder why) and offers the gang a ride to their destination. As they draw closer to Vermont, the drugs take hold of Marquess, as he imagines the police officer’s assistant dog telling him to kill himself.A Bard's Curse - Hallucinated dog

They finally arrive at their destination as they witness a group of performers rehearsing a scene from Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Marquess once again has another hallucination, this time of thousands of spiders crawling all over his hands. The rehearsal director, the aforementioned Jules Warren, is arguing with his actors that they’re not delivering the performances he wants, when the situation is interrupted by an overly dramatic performance from Marquess freaking out about the spiders, which impresses Jules considerably. Mike makes his presence known to him, and Jules heads off with the gang to discuss the mystery, leaving Marquess behind.

The group meets at a restaurant as Jules fills them in on the details of the mystery: evidently, a number of horrible bouts of bad luck, from faulty lighting to an actor getting in a car accident, have been afflicting multiple aspects of the company’s production of Macbeth, and Jules believes this is because someone uttered the name “Macbeth” on set at some point, generally considered a sign of bad luck in the grand traditions of theatre. Once this is made clear, Jules drives the gang back to the theatre as he puts on a recording of the company’s first rehearsal for everyone to hear. The recording inadvertently reveals the answer to the mystery: Jules is heard uttering “Macbeth” a comical amount of times as he berates the cast for not living up to his standards.

A Bard's Curse - Everyone is dead
“Everyone died. The end!” – Patrick Star

As they arrive at the theatre, Jules performs a brief ritual to undo the curse, but it turns out to be too late. They walk inside to find the entire cast murdered with their corpses strewn about like… well, like the aftermath of any given Shakespeare play. Jules is shocked and in disbelief, and Pigeon heads backstage only to find Marquess quivering in the corner of a dressing room with a bloody sword in his hand, saying he killed the demons that the voices in his head told him to. The gang regroups and heads back home, with Marquess finally awakening, having come down from the high of the drugs… and Mike inadvertently fills him in on what happened. The episode ends with Jules’ production of Macbeth going on as originally scheduled, with the slaughtered cast’s ghosts still showing up to perform the roles

Final Thoughts:

While season 2 as a whole has turned out better than season 1, the last three episodes were somewhat subpar and unamusing. “The Bard’s Curse” thankfully gets things back on track, churning out what I’d personally call the second best episode of the season underneath the one where they help a fat guy lose weight, and this is all thanks to Marquess and how he reacts to the drugs he’s on. Jim Rash is always on-top as a comedic actor, but he definitely brings his A-game here in conveying Marquess paranoid stressed-out drug-induced state of panic. The final twists of the episode are also top-notch, coming as close to matching the amazingly darkly comedic twist of “man juices his mother and drinks her” from the aforementioned “fat guy losing weight” episode as possible. A good episode that helps get the season back on its feet, and I hope it stays that way since next week is the season finale. So once again this is RobBarracuda filling in for KrisSimsters, and I’ll see you then.

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