Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End: Kris’ Game of the Month, June

We play as Nathan Drake one more time

Hey guys, its your girl, KrisSimsters and I can no longer hold it in, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is going to be the best game released this year. It’s winning all the awards, especially since it’s the last one…the last ones are usually the best. There are some unanswered questions though, such as why did it take Naughty Dog four games to say that Drake has a brother? I mean this is a really odd thing and it made the whole timeline really screwed up, this is honestly Kingdom Hearts level of stupid. I understand that when Sam “died”, it traumatized Nathan, but it should have been mentioned at least sometime before the fourth game was released. And while we’re on the subject of mysteries, how did Elena keep finding them? All questions to be answered sometime in the future, preferably through some DLC. But until that happens (if that happens), lets talk about the actual game, shall we?


I speak for everybody when I say, “F*ck this level. F*ck this level in particular.”

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was released on May 10, 2016. It was developed by Naughty Dog  and was published under Sony Interactive Entertainment as a PS4 exclusive.

It has 4.5/5 rating on Metacritic and a 9/10 score on IGN. The game takes place after Drake’s Deception with Nathan’s brother, Sam coming back after being rumored dead fifteen years prior to the first game beginning.

Development & Voice-Acting:

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was announced in November 2013 with a teaser that featured Todd Stashwick as the original voice actor for Drake’s older brother, Sam, but left in 2014. The game was set for a 2015 release, but developers delayed the game’s release because they wanted more time to work on the game. The game was finished on March 2016 and was set to release in May.

Nolan North, Emily Rose, and Richard McGonagle reprise their roles of Nathan Drake, Elena Fisher, and Victor “Sully” Sullivan, respectively. For the fourth game; Sam Drake is played by Troy Baker, Rafe Adler is played Warren Kole, Hector Alcázar is played by Robin Atkin Downes, and Nadine Ross is played by Laura Bailey, causing a bit of controversy.

Just a bit of a warning before continuing: IF YOU HAVE NOT PLAYED THIS GAME AND YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE SPOILED, THEN DO NOT READ THE PLOT!! IT CONTAINS SPOILERS!! THIS IS YOUR LAST WARNING!! For everybody else who wants to be spoiled or who has already played through this game, than lets move on, shall we?


Love these graphics

The game starts out in media res with Nathan Drake and his older brother Sam, trying to get away from goons on a deserted island. When their boat crashes, the game begins as a flashback with ten-year-old Nathan Morgan in St. Francis Orphanage. He’s left behind after getting in a fight with another boy, but sneaks out after spotting his older brother, Sam nearby. Sam says he has a gift for him and after getting a quick Parkour tutorial, Sam takes Nathan to a motorcycle. It’s at the motorcycle he reveals that he has a job and its away from Nathan, but before he leaves, he and Nathan head out to where their late mother’s items were sold.

The scene quickly transitions to a young adult Nathan (before game one) who, along with Sam, are look for the treasure of famous pirate, Henry Avery. Their financier is a man named Rafe Alder and the three of them sneak inside a Panama prison, where their man on the inside, Vargas leads Nathan to the prison cell where Avery’s first mate, Burnes was hung.

After finding a cross that gives them a lead to St. Dimas Cathedral in Scotland, Vargas tries to want in, but Rafe kills him. Putting the mission aside, the three try escaping from the prison, but Sam gets shot during the escape and is presumed dead. Nathan and Sam make it out alive, but when Nathan can’t cope with Sam’s death, he and Rafe go their seperate ways.

Fifteen years later (after game three) Nathan has retired and is now working for a salvage company. His boss, Jameson wants Nathan to take a job in Malaysia, but Nathan won’t do it without the proper permits. Jameson tries to get to get Nathan to think about it overnight and when he gets home, we see that he’s still married to Elena, but he misses the adventure life.

The next morning, Nathan is alone in the salvage company when he gets a knock on the door. When the person won’t answer, Nathan opens the door and the person on the other side reveals to be Sam. Turns out Sam didn’t die in Panama and the only reason he escaped was because he was paired up with a drug lord by the name of Hector Alcázar. Hector creates a jail riot and uses this as a means for him and Sam to escape from the prison, Hector blowing it up along the way. Once they were free, Hector tells Sam that he has three months to come up with Avery’s treasure and if not, he’ll find him and kill him. Nathan has no choice, but to help Sam because he doesn’t want to lose him again.

After finding out about a cross similar to the one they had previously found in Panama, along with Nathan’s friend/mentor Sully, Sam and Nathan travel to Italy, where the cross is being sold at an auction at the Rossi Estate. While Nathan and Sam stage a blackout within the Estate, Sully runs into Rafe along with his assistant, Nadine Ross. Rafe is still looking for Avery’s treasure and has hired Nadine and her company, Shoreline. They’ve managed to steal the cross and after some close calls, they manage to get away.

The clue in the cross leads them to Scotland, where Nathan and Sam find a hidden passage underneath one of the tombs where they have to take the first one many tests in the game. When they’ve passed the test, they come across a trail, either pick a coin or the cross. Just as Sam picks a coin, Nadine and her men surrounds them and calls Rafe. When one of Nadine’s men grab the cross, Sam and Nate rushes to Sully’s plane and escape. (A/N: I need to be honest before I continue, Nathan falls into the water at least four times from dangerous heights. Nathan should be dead. Moving on).

Once inside a dormant volcano in King’s Bay; Nathan, Sam, and Sully learn more Avery and his right-hand man, Thomas Tew. The clue in the volcano leads them to two clock towers within the town, forcing them to split up. Sully goes with Nate while Sam travels to the other clock tower on his own. After solving a series of puzzles within their clock tower, Nate and Sully realize that their at the right clock tower, Nate contacts Sam, but Rafe answers the phone.

Realizing that Rafe and Nadine are close, Nate and Sully tries catching up to Sam, who were already fighting with Shoreline. Nate catches up to Sam and along with Sully, the two manage to escape Shoreline once more. As they walk back to their hotel room to talk about the next stage of their journey, they run into Elena who has a better invisibility cloak than Harry Potter himself and she’s mad. I don’t blame her, Nathan not only lied to her about this “Malaysian job”–which is honestly a much better story than this game–but also because she lied about Sam. She even hesitates to take off her wedding ring, which means she is serious. Elena leaves and Sully suggests a better, safer way to help out Sam, but Nathan tells Sully to f*** off and Sully leaves with Elena, leaving Sam and Nathan on their own.

Nathan and Sam are now on their own as they search several islands for clues to help lead them to Libertalia. When they find the right one, the two of them once again run into Shoreline and we’re finally up to date to the media res. Now separated from Sam, Nathan has to look for his brother while dodging Shoreline. When the two are together again, they find Libertalia and learn of a civil war between the Twelve Founders and the Colonists. The Founders wanted to keep the gold to themselves and the Colonists got angry. Because of this, The Founders moved the gold to an enclave called New Devon.

Before they get far, they once run into Rafe, Nadine and Shoreline and Nathan learns the truth about Sam and his escape from prison. Turns out, he wasn’t helped out by Hector Alcázar because Alcázar died six months prior to the game (A/N: I honestly knew there wasn’t some truth to Sam’s story if you listened between the lines. If Alcázar bailed Sam out a year before and gave him three months, then Sam would have been dead before the mission even started). Anyway, Nathan is distraught to learn the truth and is angry because he could have lost not only his wife, but his best friend/mentor.

Nathan will have to get over Sam’s betrayal because Rafe decides to shoot him and he falls off the cliff. BUT HE’S NOT DEAD BECAUSE GPS ELENA TO THE RESCUE!! She finds Nathan alive and as she bandages him up, he decides to tell her about how he went from Nathan Morgan to Nathan Drake. Also, we get a flashback to that night when Sam bails Nathan out of the orphanage, on the hunt for their mother’s old belonging. They come to a house belonging to an old woman by the name of…well, while I’m pretty sure her name is Evelyn given context clues around the house letter-wise, but the game doesn’t really confirm it oddly enough, even in the captions state her name is Old Woman. I’m going by my gut feeling and I’m going to call her Evelyn.

So after the boys are discovered by Evelyn, they explain that they are Cassandra Morgan’s children, she lets them go giving Nathan the white journal. But before she can declare their innocence, she dies right in front of Nathan and Sam says that they have to flee given the circumstances. I understand both sides, while I do understand that it’ll look sketchy if they stay and have to explain to police why they didn’t kill this woman, the death wasn’t their fault and they should have stayed behind. Either way, they are forced to run from the police and when they get far enough away, Sam says they have to change their identities. And that’s how Nathan Drake was born.

After hearing their story, Elena says that they should find Sam and leave the island, especially since their reason for looking for the treasure wasn’t real to begin with. Nathan agrees and the two head to New Devon. Once arriving and getting past Shoreline (again), the two arrive at Tew’s house and we see–in my opinion–the most depressing sight of the whole game. Apart from Tew and Avery, the rest of the Founders are sitting around a table and have been poisoned. Arriving at Avery’s house, the two have to pass through Avery’s catacombs filled with explosive dynamite and–I think–ghost fire. The scene felt very Tomb Raider-ish, especially with the last game.

Making it out alive, Sully and Sam save Elena and Nate and the four are reunited, but not for long because Sam’s mission isn’t finished. Having no choice, Nathan goes after Sam and has to leave Sully and Elena behind. Nathan’s search for him leads to a cavern where he overhears that Nadine’s no longer wanting to continue because they found Avery’s treasure. She even tries to fight back after Rafe slaps her, but her men has turned against her. When Nathan finally arrives onto a ship, it has exploded due to Sam setting off the explosion trap and the last of Nadine’s former men are killed. When Nathan finally made it in the treasure room, we see it in flames because of what Sam did, who is unconcious and Rafe standing over him. Rafe has Nadine disarm Nate, she also disarms Rafe, leaving the men to battle things out for themselves.

After an awesome sword fight–making Rafe the best final boss–Nathan kills Rafe by dumping gold on top of him and after rescuing Sam, the two swim to safety where they are picked up by Elena and Sully. Once back home, Sully and Sam decide to venture out together while Elena and Nate go back to their quiet life. A few days later, Jameson announces his retirement and hands over his salvage company to Nate as a surprise from Elena, who found gold coins in her pocket. Not only does she buy the salvage company, she also decides to put some coins aside so she can revive her old show. The first job they take? The Malaysian Job.



Fifteen years later, on a tropical island, we are greeted to Nathan and Elena’s daughter, Cassandra “Cassie” Drake. She’s looking for Nathan and Elena when she stumble across their treasure house. Opening Nathan’s private stash, she finds all of Nate’s souvenirs that he’s collected over the years. When Nathan and Elena find her, she wants an explanation. Nathan agrees to tell her the whole story as they head out to their next adventure and sadly, this is the end of Uncharted.

Pros & Cons:


  • Good Game: This a great way to end such a great series, I had a lot of fun playing it. Despite its plot holes (which I’ll get to shortly).
  • The Last Boss: I love how the last boss is fencing. If you’re not that great at something like this, then do what I did and play on the easy level. I play on easy when I do my reviews because it’s when I care about the story the most.
  • Great Graphics: Man, I love these graphics. It was worth the wait.


  • This Timeline: This timeline is all kinds of f***ed up, especially when you take the other games into account. And lets talk about Uncharted 3 for a moment. More specifically, Katherine Marlowe. Why didn’t she mention Sam back in the third game? She has a lot of knowledge on Nathan and yet she doesn’t mention his own brother? Yes, he was dead around this time, but she mentions Cassandra Morgan and her death, but why not Sam? It would have made everything more understandable in this game.
  • Elena: How did she know where Drake was throughout this game? Did Sully privately get in contact with her as they were leaving Italy? It seems likely for Madagascar, but not while looking for LIbertalia because Sully didn’t know how to solve the puzzle. Unless some DLC comes out explaining how Elena was able to keep up, I’m not going to believe her, “She was at the right place at the right time” excuses. Did she implant Nate with a GPS chip?
  • Sam: Sam could have been playing double agent and I can explain it in one scene. When Nathan calls Sam after figuring out the puzzle, Rafe picks up. We can believe that Rafe probably tapped into their phone lines, its something a rich person like him would do, but I don’t. Especially since it was later revealed that Rafe was the one who got Sam out of prison to begin with. I can honestly believe that Sam and Rafe would have met up at the other clock tower and Sam could have just given Rafe his phone since it had Sully’s number in it. And that’s the base breaker to the GPS BS. Nathan wasn’t using his phone, he was using Suly’s. How did Rafe get Sully’s number? The only people I believe would have Sully’s number is Nathan, Sam, and Elena? Rafe and Sully aren’t exactly buddy-buddy. So until I believe otherwise, I’m going to go with this: Sam’s a Double Agent who won in the end.

Final Thoughts:

One more Amazing View

Well guys, that’s it for me this month. Next month is my birthday month so expect a special game review from me. I loved this game, it was very fun to play and worth the 16 hours it took playing it and the two-three weeks it took for me to review it. Have fun at E3, I know I will. My name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

Final Rating: 9/10. Great way to end this series.

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