One Piece Episode 348 Recap

Original Airdate: 3/23/2008

Toonami Airdate: 6/4/2016

It’s been 2 weeks since we seen any new Toonami episodes, and we are back to One Piece and the rest on here. But wait, what’s this? Could it be that our wishes have been answered and One Piece is … on earlier?!?! *GASP!* IT IS!!! One Piece FINALLY gets an earlier time slot! HOORAY!!! This is so good, it’s making me cry.

Crying gif

Of course, this is not because Toonami finally got wise and notice that it’s the best show, and should be on earlier for more to view. No, Toonami just decided a week ago to move up the schedule a half-hour earlier. So because of that, One Piece, along with every other show on here, gets to air 30 minutes earlier than before. Yeah, it’s still behind Shippuden. But at least it now occupies its spot that it deserved in the first place.

Moving on, 2 weeks have past since the last episode (as of this writing) and stuff that happened included:

  • The dog-penguin’s true identity being revealed (It was Sanji)
  • Usopp and Chopper trying to stop Lola from killing Nami
  • Franky and Robin fighting a spider monkey and a bunch of other zombies
  • And Brook falling from the sky

What happened this week? Find out on “Appearing from the Sky! That Man is the Humming Swordsman!” (Note: Episode titles will be bolded from here on, if they aren’t included in the article title.)

The episode starts with Usopp and Chopper still trying their best to stop Lola from killing Nami, but to no avail. She throws the two of them off of her, and Nami trips on a tree root, as Lola looks ready to finish it off. But Nami tells Lola that it isn’t what it is. Why? Because of one thing: Nami is a man. Yeah, that’s right. Nami tells Lola she is a man. This news really shocks Lola.

EP 348
“You’re a WHAT?!?!”

I mean, what if the alleged woman your after who you think is after your lover tells you this? At least everyone, other than Lola, knows that Nami is lyi –

Okay Chopper. You’re a doctor, but you’re also one of the densest people in this group. Even Luffy wouldn’t fall for th- …. actually wait. He totally would. Anyway, Nami tells Lola that cross-dressing is her hobby, and that she and Absalom would make a cute couple and should hook up. This causes Lola to drop her guard. She never had anyone encourage her to go all out with her true feelings, and she’s thanks Nami for this. Wait, did I say Nami? I meant “Namizo”. For that is “his” actual name. Which Lola totally buys. “Namizo” and Lola get to talking and she tells him how she wants Absalom to just notice her. And Namizo says maybe to knock him out. Or Bill Cosby him. Namizo still wants to know where the treasure is, and Lola says they’re in Perona’s room and gives Namizo the directions. Usopp catches wind of Absalom returning, so they need to split. Namizo tells Lola to co after him as he won’t pursue Absalom anymore. She leaves, and starts to chase the perverted multi-animal zombie again. Nami tells the two that Lola isn’t a bad girl, with that look in her eyes, as they head off again.

Meanwhile in the mansion, the three zombie servants get back to their Master, and they’re carrying the coffin that Luffy is in. He’s still pissed he’s been caught, as they open the coffin and put him in a cage. There, he sees a big guy standing by them. It’s their master, Gecko Moria. At the Sunny, the zombies there can’t find much treasure, getting Perona mad, so she settles with all the food they have stored away. Hildon flies in and tells of how Moria wants the leaders to meet about the capture of Luffy, and that because of this, they can awaken #900. As Luffy tells off Moria, Moria laughs as he does (GERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR SEEE SEEE SEEE!!!!) and can see Luffy’s confidence, believing he be a good underling. This doesn’t please Luffy, as he ask who Moria is. He tells Luffy that he’s the man who will become the King of the Pirates.

Absalom escpaes Lola for now, as the Scared Trio make it to the mansion. But they see Absalom coming, so they decide to hide. Usopp picks a quick and sudden place to hide. He zips up this hiding place, which is actually Kumacy’s own teddy bear-zombie body. As Absalom wonders where the three went to, Kumacy knows and tries to tell him. But Perona comes in and interrupts this, since she can’t stand Kumacy talking. Even Absalom thinks she’s too strict with him. As she tells them the Master is calling them, and tells of his plan, Nami hates that they’re in the zombie bear, as Kumacy tries his best to tell the others, but can’t. Hildon flies in again and tells the group of another intruder, “The Humming Swordsman.”

From there, we see the crater Brook left as he came “Air-BONE!” from wherever. Someone else was watching this too. As Franky decides to go and save him, the spider monkey zombie makes his way up with his webs. He won’t let Franky and Robin escape. Franky wants Robin to keep him busy for a second as he makes a “Spider Smasher”. Pissed, the spider monkey launches a Sticky Spider Net at Robin, who sees that he has stuff in his hands that causes the web to come out. With a Cien Fleurs, she has her hands get on the monkey’s eyes, and slaps him there. This cause the monkey to have his hands go to his eyes, and be covered in the sticky webbing. Franky took some steel columns and pillars and combined them. He now has Heavy Nunchucks. Franky starts smashing the spider monkey hard with them.

EP 348 4

He does this repeatedly, as the monkey ask him to stop. A Sticky Spider Net stops the nunchuck onslaught, but even without it, Franky uses Weapons Left and shoots the big monkey in the face. But, we hear Robin scream, and she has been captured in webbing. There are a bunch of mouse spiders around, and well, she’s in a predicament.

EP 348 5

EP 348 3
Is this stuff sexy to anyone else? Or is it just me?

Franky tries to help, but the spider monkey gets him too. They let their guard down, and got caught by the “Spider Mice”. The monkey tells him they get their prey with their unbreakable webs. It’s how Sanji and Zoro got caught earlier, and they will go after the rest of them too. But, we then hear a familar voice, going “YO-HOHO-HOOOOOOOOOOOOO, YO-HO HO HOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” Everyone wonders where it is coming from, as the noise then turns into song.

As the spider monkey wants the singing to stop, Brook shows up. He sees the crew came to the island. He also jumped from the ground below cause he is so light. Not only will he tell Franky and Robin of the island and how it works, he will also finish the spider monkey off, with an attack we saw earlier from the samurai zombie: “Three-Verse Humming: Arrow Notch Slash.” It cuts the spider monkey’s face open.

EP 348 2

2 weeks off, and it seems we didn’t miss a beat. One Piece still has the comedy layered within it, as Nami confusing Lola (and Chopper) with her “I’m a man” shtick. And the action, while not as much as before, was still there. But man, I have to give props to Ian Sinclair as Brook again, for his singing of “Bink’s Brew” (or for the sub watchers, “Bink’s Sake”) was terrific. I can’t wait to hear more of how he delivers this song, for we’ll hear the full song later on in the show. But so far, it was great. Also, Moria’s VA did a great job with his much infamous laugh. You’re hear more of that later too. Next week, we see the zombie’s weakness revealed, and get to see what Moria has in store. It’s gonna be big. Literally. I give this 4 “YOU’RE A MAN?!?!/5.


One Piece can now be seen at 2 AM Saturday on Toonami 






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