Naruto Shippuden Episode 114 Recap: “Eye of the Hawk”

Original Airdate: 6/18/2009

Toonami Airdate: 6/4/2016

2 weeks ago on Shippuden, we finally came out of filler hell and into a canon episode for the first time in 2016. It was a great moment. However, that moment only lasted for 5 seconds, for the whole episode was just filled with stupid flashbacks that really had no place other than to just fill up space for the inevitable showdown between Sasuke and Orochimaru. Again, as I said on that recap, there’s nothing wrong with flashbacks. They can serve as a good point to showcase what happened before. But, the extent that this show did it then, and does it still, with showing most of the episode with just flashbacks? And alot of them from the first 100 episodes of the first series? Yeah no. Just no. Especially since we came from a stinker of a filler. This was not the way to go. Since Shippuden, like the rest, is at a new time, can this one be any better than last week? Let’s find out.

As we left off where it ended last week with Orochimaru attacking Sasuke, we go back to flashback mode and go way back in the past and find a cute little Orochimaru as a kid. Yeah, Orochimaru is a creep as an adult, but look at how (kinda) adorable he was back then.

NS 114 4

Anyway, the 3rd Hokage is with him. Well, he wasn’t the 3rd Hokage yet, but still. He’s mourning the death of his parents, and right by their grave is a white snake skin. The not-yet-Hokage says it’s very rare, and a symbol of good luck and renewal. Young Orochimaru takes it in the hopes of maybe one day being reunited with his folks, cause it could be fate or karma or something. Years pass, and we see Orochimaru fighting in a war. And oh look there’s Tsunade’s younger bro? Remember him? It goes back to the original series to which Naruto was gonn- *KABOOM!!!* And he’s dead. Tsunade finds out this news and cries. We then flash forward to her fiancé Dan, before he dies and she’s sad again. All this is just for Orochimaru to say humans are fragile and whatever.

A bit later, Orochimaru is working and a young Anko (Y’all remember her too? Or at least what she worn in the original series?) finds the snake skin he has kept. It’s now an amulet of sorts. This leads to talk of bringing back the dead, and unlocking all the potential in the human body, and stuff. More time passed, but this time we see young Itachi. Orochimaru sees him doing what looks like an impossible training exercise, and tries to stop him. But Itachi flawlessly clears the thing with ease. This impresses Orochimaru, and just shows how his inner creep turned up. It’s really gross. He says he can’t surpass the Uchihas at all. So he does research and finds a way to make the Curse Mark. It would take a month for him to master, and other people years. Because of all the jutsu in the world, he can’t learn them all, so all knowledge of this would be lost if he dies. As we see in this flashback to the original series, the 3rd Hokage finds what he’s doing, and tries to stop him, but fails. Orochimaru wants to find immortality now (even fighting Pervy Sage in one scene for some reason) and will do anything to achieve his goal.

He joins with the Akatsuki, and we see that Itachi also joins with them after the clan murdering business. As shown in the last episode, Orochimaru tried to kill Itachi. We see what all happens. He wants the Sharingan badly, but Itachi uses a Paralysis Genjutsu from the Sharingan on him. Sure it’s hell, but Orochimaru like it. He cuts off one of his arms to stop it, but Itachi can see all with his red eyes.

NS 114 3

Afterwards, we see Orochimaru, new body and all, with Sasuke. His future is all with him. Speaking of which, back to present time, and Orochimaru is cut the hell up, presumably dead.

NS 114 2

Sasuke changes back, thinking this battle is over and it was nothing at all. But poison gas comes out of Orochimaru, paralyzing Sasuke and showing that the snake is still alive and kicking. As he brags some more, Orochimaru is ready for the body swap and takes Sasuke to a weird place. It’s apparently Orochimaru’s own universe inside his own body, where it begins. There are alot of tongues around, and it looks really gross, but Sasuke isn’t freaking out, as the tongues cover him. Orochimaru is really happy for the “eyes” are all his.

NS 114
Yeah, this is gross. Tongue intestines are gross.

The FEB is making meds for his Master, and doing FEB things. He believes Sasuke can’t do anything during the ritual, so he walks back to Orochimaru. But, he senses something amiss, and goes to the room. He sees Sasuke standing there with Orochimaru’s body not moving. He knows something happened. Sasuke sees him and walks towards him, with an almost JoJo-like menacing nod to it. Kabuto ask who he actually is: Orochimaru or Sasuke? Well, the person shows him just what happened with the Sharingan and we go back to what happened just before. As Orohcimaru enveloped him in the tongue intestines, Sasuke’s Curse Mark took over and the stuff turned into black snakes. Sasuke gained control of Orochimaru’s own universe, astonishing the snake himself. His will was too much, and the snakes turn into dogs, I think? It takes over Orochimaru and finishes him off.

Orochimaru is officially dead.

Everyone around feels this death. There’s Anko with some students, as she kills a snake and feels her Curse Mark acting up. There’s Naruto randomly who sees the ominous clouds. Tsunade and the Pervy Sage feel it too, as well as Itachi, who tells his Akatsuki partner it’s nothing. As we see a hawk, we go back to Sasuke, who tells the FEB he “absorbed” Orochimaru. Nothing remains of him now. Sasuke walks away from the FEB as the episode ends.

Well, this episode. While it was better in the flashbacks than last episode, since most of these were actual new ones, it was still littered with them throughout. That is still a problem. Look, I want to enjoy this show. I really do. But I don’t want to see a show waste its time with 70% or more of nothing but flashbacks for a few episodes. It gets really annoying. Speaking of annoying, that whole Sasuke vs Orochimaru fight. That fight was …. nothing. Like literally nothing. It was there for 3 minutes last episode, then the gross tongue stuff inside Orochimaru, then it was done. Literally, Orochimaru was dead like that. He went out in a whimper. I mean, this is one of the series’ biggest villains, and it ends like crap? Come on, Shippuden! You can do better than this. This was really a big ass disappointment. Could have been a great episode. But it just kills off the big baddie in a dud. And yet, still better than the last episode, somehow. Next week, we are introduced to a new character. This guy.

And we see the return of an infamous blade that he will be using. As for now, we just wish it gets better. 1.25 Dead Creepy Snake Guys/5. 

So long Orochimaru. We will never forget your creepiness. And we won’t ever see you again. …. OR WILL WE?!?!


Naruto Shippuden can now be seen at 1:30 AM Saturday on Toonami


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