Save Me!: Mike Tyson Mysteries 02×18, Recap

Hey, everyone! RobBarracuda here once again to fill in for KrisSimsters on recapping Mike Tyson Mysteries. Before we get started, I have to make a correction from last week: apparently this week’s episode is *not* the season finale, and that’s going to be airing next week (also it’s a full half hour for next week’s finale). So with that out of the way, let’s get to recapping “Save Me!” (be honest, you totally sang that part like in that Evanescence song).

Mike Tyson Mysteries, Save Me! Recap:

Mike Tyson Mysteries - Burning houseThe episode opens with Mike and the mystery team standing outside an elderly couple’s burning house, later revealed to be Mike’s doing as he suspected there were demons in the house and this was the only way he knew to dispose of them and solve the mystery. The gang quickly gets into the van and drives back to the mansion, and while Pigeon and Marquess argue about the former’s lack of involvement in solving the mystery, Mike remarks that this marks their 100th (attempted) mystery, and he decides to celebrate by taking the team to Romualdo’s: a Mexican restaurant disappointingly staffed with, according to Pigeon, “white college kids”.

So basically it’s like half of all Mexican restaurants in the U.S. then?

One of the waiters brings an order of chips and guacamole to their table, but before they all dig in to eat, Yung unexpectedly decides to say grace before eating, shocking the rest of the team. They ask where this stems from, to which Yung replies by informing them that she joined a religious youth group as a way of making friends. This immediately sparks more questions about their affiliation and the full extent of Yung’s involvement, and Yung leaves the table out of annoyance as Mike questions how he should properly handle the situation. The next day, while everyone else is chilling out in the kitchen, Yung receives a visit from Will, a guy from the youth group that she apparently has a bit of a crush on. She tells everyone to stay out of her business (especially Pigeon because, well, Pigeon), and the two end up hanging out by the pool. Yung mistakes a cue from Will as an opportunity for a kiss, but he’s quick to remind her about the evils of romantic acts outside of marriage. He then proceeds to lecture her on what the rapture is, demanding that she abandon her current life if she wants to be saved and go up to heaven with him. This is interrupted by Mike bursting out of the pigeon coop with a new mystery to solve, but Will tries to keep Yung from going off with the team, believing they’re all doomed to hell, especially Marquess for being homosexual, to which Marquess gives the best reply ever: “Well I guess I’ll see your mom when I get there, c***face”.

Mike Tyson Mysteries - God burns mansionThe mystery takes the gang back to the house that Mike set on fire earlier, with the elderly couple still standing outside. The elderly man tells them that there was indeed a demon inside the house, but it left for Mike’s house as he was the one responsible for burning this one down. Yung suddenly worries that the demon might try to possess Will, and they immediately head back to the mansion. Sadly they’re too late to prevent the inevitable, as they are greeted by the demon-possessed Will standing on the mansion roof… who now has 9 penises. All of a sudden, God shows up to the scene (taking the form of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones), letting the mystery team know that the rapture is actually a myth told to the dumber members of the Christian faith to keep them in line. The episode ends with God disposing of the demonic Will by setting the mansion on fire, after which we get a credits scene where live-action Mike reveals that this was actually their 30th attempted mystery.

Final Thoughts:

This was a pretty funny episode, although admittingly it did feel like it was just kind of padding until the actual finale gets here. Hearing the mystery team constantly rip on Will for his faith is where most of the laughs come from, but the jokes are kind of a little obvious on their end. The twist also seems random even by this show’s standards, since there doesn’t seem to be any explicit reasoning behind Jerry Jones as God other than a cheap laugh at the concept of that. Otherwise, it was a decent episode, and I’m looking forward to the finale next week. This is RobBarracuda once again filling in for KrisSimsters, and I’ll see you then.

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