Naruto Shippuden Episode 115 Recap: “Zabuza’s Blade”

Original Airdate: 6/25/2009

Toonami Airdate: 6/11/2016

Well, last week happened. On the last Naruto Shippuden, we saw the series most proverbial creepy bad guy, Orochimaru, get killed by the shows’ token emo, Sasuke. And it wasn’t even an all-out brawl to see who won throughout. No, it was just flashback after flashback (most new, mind you), and other than some disgusting things with tongue intestines, the fight ended so suddenly, with merely a whimper. It was a really stupid way to get rid of one of the most infamous villains in all of anime. Now that we are starting a post-Orochimaru era of Shippuden, was this episode any better? Cause it will definitely not beat the Samurai Champloo episode that was on tonight. Hell, nothing will top that.

I said my piece, so let’s get on with the recap.

We start sometime in the past, with a place filled with water tanks, while hearing someone speak from there. The present day arrives and Sasuke is there. The voice tells him that since he’s here, he must have beaten Orochimaru. Sasuke cuts open the tank, and out falls a naked guy. His name is Suigetsu. He is the “first” to join Sasuke, according to the emo himself. The other two include Jugo of the Northern Hideout and Karin of the Southern Hideout. Suigetsu voices his displeasure of the other two to Sasuke, but he doesn’t care. He wants Suigetsu to get dressed so they can leave. But Suigetsu stops him, and points a gun at Sasuke’s head. Okay, it wasn’t a gun, just his finger. But anyway, Suigetsu doesn’t want to be ordered by Sasuke, and tells him everyone wanted Orochimaru dead. Only Sasuke had more chances cause he was so close to him.

NS 115

Of course, Suigetsu was only kidding. He lets him go, saying they’re even from Sasuke releasing him. He can do whatever he wants now. As they get outside, and Suigetsu refreshes in a big ass puddle (for he is a water man, just pointing this out), he asks if Sasuke was the one who killed his predecessor, Zabuza. He has no hard feelings, as all he wants is Zabuza’s sword. When he gets the sword, Suigetsu will team up with Sasuke.

NS 115 4

They make their way to the Hidden Mist Village, and to the Great Naruto Bridge. A flashback to the original shows Team 7’s fight with Zabuza, as Sasuke remembers. They make their way to Zabuza’s and Haku’s graves, but find the sword isn’t there. They don’t know where it is, and since the sword is gone, Suigetsu won’t join. As they go into town, Suigetsu mentions how the sword is past down to each generation, and that Suigetsu was next in line to get the blade after Zabuza. Oh, and since they’re in town, it brings up an interesting question.

You think that since he and Team 7 kinda saved the town, they would notice. Anyway, remember those thugs who kidnapped the kid Inari in the original Naruto? Well, one of them, the guy with the hat, is still in town. And he bumps right into Suigetsu. He’s mad, but Sasuke uses the Sharingan on him, and makes him talk backwards. After this, the two go out to dinner, where the diner ladies all fawn for Sasuke.

Sasuke has plans, but will tell Suigetsu later. Suigetsu thinks of conquering the world, but Sasuke says his plan is bigger than that, which seems believable coming from Sasuke. Suigetsu’s words, not mine. All I hear is bullshit. They ask one of the fangirls if they have any info on the sword, and tells him that Old man Tazuna may have it. The bridge-builder who Team 7 protected from Zabuza and others, Sasuke and Suigetsu check on him, but learn Tazuna is in the Land of Lightning with Inari, and won’t be back for a year. When they ask of the blade again, they learn that a man named Tenzei took it. He’s a guy from the Land of Water, and Zabuza killed his Lord, and cause of this, wanted Zabuza dead. Since he was dead on arrival, he took his blade as a consultation prize. The duo run into hat guy again, and send him into an alley for more info. He tells them of how Tenzei lives south in the forest, running a bunch of thieves there.

In the mansion where he lives, Sasuke enters at night and wakes Tenzei with his blade to his throat. He tells of his plan involving everyone at the mansion, and gives his name. Which he actually just gives Suigetsu’s name. As the army of thieves gets ready to fight, Sasuke tells Suigetsu of his plan, and Suigetsu still will fight for the sword. However, Sasuke has a wager to see who gets the sword first, with one rule: Don’t kill anyone. Cause now Sasuke’s a damn preacher of not killing people. I mean, come on. As Sasuke starts the fight on a random horse, Suigetsu tells him he won’t live it down if he loses the bet, as Sasuke uses his Fireball Jutsu to make a path, and then disappears.

The big group attacks Suigetsu, but they are no match for his bare hands. We see a bunch of water droplets hit the ground a few times, and after this, see guys flying everywhere. He gets to the floor of the mansion where Tenzei and the sword are. Since conventional weapons are useless on Suigetsu, one of the lackey’s uses Zabuza’s sword on him, and chops him in half. They think it’s over, but nope. He laughs it off, looks sexy, and does praise the guy wielding it, since it requires strong physique to swing it. Did I mention he looked sexy doing this?

NS 115 3
“Bitch, I’m fabulous even with my body in two!”

He asks if they killed Zabuza, and they swear they didn’t. Sasuke enters, and Tenzei says he did it. Suigetsu thinks he is lying. He also tells them he knows of Zabuza, but they weren’t close. He takes the sword from the one dude, and throws him out the window, and tells Tenzei he will pay for all the rumors and of Zabuza’s death. His arm becomes gigantic, and he cuts down all the pillars supporting the mansion. He spares the guy for Sasuke. Tenzei then recognizes Sasuke himself, and knows he’s the one who killed Orochimaru. I guess the news got around. The duo leave as the building collapses. Suigetsu knows after that it was all Sasuke’s plan from the get-go, and wanted to test him. He’s a bit peeved, but can see who Sasuke is for what he wants to do. So now, their next stop is whoever is the closest to the duo. The episode ends with a woman beating down a random guy, and … end it on an ass shot of her. Because why not bring back the putrid spirit of SAO II?

NS 115 2

Overall, this episode can easily be described by this tweet.

Of course, there’s more to that. This was the best Shippuden episode in awhile, and it showed with the arrival of Suigetsu. Sure, he’s a bit brash. But overall, he’s one of the best characters that arrives on the scene. He may not seem like it at first. But trust me, he’s gonna be a delight. Especially when you see who arrives next week. But overall, sure we still had annoying original flashbacks. But this one was still good. It was kinda fun going back to an old favorite place. And the action was ok, even if the two fought a bunch of nobodies. But hey, compared to the pitiful action sequence of Orochimaru vs. Sasuke last week, this one was alot better. And again, Suigetsu is a delight, and basically the opposite of Sasuke. As in, he is fun. Speaking of fun, I can tell you next week we will NOT be having that, as we are introduced to this character.

Why is that? Well, you will find out next week. Also, points to Josh for the tweet of the night on the final scene of the episode.

Although to be fair, the fruit in Iron-Blooded Orphans had more figure on it than she did. I give this episode 3 Strong Arm Water Guys/5. Yup, an actual good Shippuden score.


Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 1:30 AM Saturday on Toonami



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