0215MADman’s Introduction to the [adult swim squad]

I am 0215MADman (pronounced zero two one five madman). I have entered this domain with sincere pride. Why am I named 0215MADman? Well, I wanted to upload episodes of the POS MAD tv show that dated horribly. I did that until I got bored and stopped 6 months later. I stuck with the name and that’s how I have 60 subscribers on YouTube. Now for some backstory!

When I was a wee little kid, I treated Cartoon Network as a thing that existed. My father is sensitive towards violence, so a TV-Y7-FV was enough to not let 5-6 year old me watch Pokémon (Sorry Allison) or Ed, Edd n’ Eddy. Don’t worry, I still watched reruns of the latter afterwards. Anyways, I lost cable when my dad got fired from IKEA, so I had to walk over to my grandmas, whom lives RIGHT NEXT DOOR (lucky me) to watch Cartoon Network. This is where we moved into once we couldn’t pay our house’s mortgage anymore about a year ago.
It was 2008 when I discovered [adult swim]. Or at least, that’s the earliest I can remember. Most of the time, I couldn’t watch much because of the Parental Controls blocking TV-MA shows. I got to see Harvey Birdman every once in a while. I was more or less a casual viewer until 2012 when I quit it altogether! I don’t remember why. It was probably piss pour site updating, but that’s another story. I took a two year break. If you’re wondering what I was doing, the answer was video games. What brought me back? The show that brought everyone back to [adult swim]: Rick and Morty. Ok, it didn’t bring me back, but it did keep me back. A few months later and whammo, I can recite to you every single [adult swim] series alphabetically by heart.
As for anime, with the usual Ghibli films and one Dragon Ball VHS I own being the exceptions, I watched zero anime after Toonami left CN proper when I was 8 until I saw an ad for Attack on Titan and was intrigued. Halfway through the dub’s world premiere I crashed and it was 10-12-14. The day I said to myself “You know what? Fuck it, I’m watching anime from now on.” I chose Attack on Titan (have not seen past Ep.12 BTW), Dragon Ball Z (quit when I found out DBZ Kai was literally DBZ but better), and I took Doug Walker’s recommendations of Cowboy Bebop and Wolf’s Rain (Bebop is literally on my shelf and Wolf’s Rain I need to start over). A year and a half later and here I am!

Favorite [adult swim] shows? Too many to count! There’s the mainstream ones like ATHF, Venture Bros, Boondocks, Moral Orel and Rick and Morty. There’s the obscure ones like Titan Maximum, The Drinky Crow Show, or Stroker and Hoop. There’s the live action shows like Black Jesus, The Eric Andre Show, Delocated, YPFIGTH, and I could give a shit about the rest of the live action shows tbh. I don’t talk about favorite Toonami shows because A) I don’t feel like I’ve watched enough anime to pick favorites and B) Toonami shows usually last for 6-12 months and are gone forever.

I look forward to giving all of you my opinions on fucking whatever [adult swim] related things, I don’t know. And I’m out!


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