Hunter x Hunter Episode 8 Recap: “Decision x By x Majority Rule?”

Original Airdate: November 20th, 2011

Toonami Airdate: June 11th, 2016

Hello everybody, and welcome to another Hunter x Hunter recap! I don’t have anything witty to say this week, so let’s jump into this episode!

After a long night on the airship, the applicants finally arrive at the top of the Tricky Tower, which is where the third phase of the exam will take place. To pass this phase, the applicants must reach the bottom of the tower within 72 hours. One of the applicants tries to climb to the bottom, but that ends up backfiring, as he gets eaten up by one of the monsters while trying to scale the building. While looking around for an exit, Gon and Killua find that there are trap doors scattered across the top of the tower. The doors stop working after one person goes through them, so the team is going to have to split up in order to go through the doors that surround them. They each say their farewells right before jumping on the trap doors. However, their farewell was brief, as all four of the trap doors lead to the same room. The four are then greeted with a message telling them that the five participating applicants must find their way out of the tower using majority consensus, and each applicants are met with five wrist watches, each with buttons marked “X” and “O”. The only problem is that the group can’t move on without an extra person, so they’re stuck waiting until an extra person arrives. Also, the examiner for this round reveals that this is also a high-security prison and that they’ll have to take on some of the prisoners once they get the full team.


Eventually that fifth person does arrive, but unfortunately for them, that person is Tonpa, who, as previously established, has an unhealthy obsession with making rookies fail. He grabs the remaining wrist watch, and the group encounters the first decision they’ll have to make in order to pass; that being whether to open the door in front of them (O) or to leave it closed (X). Everyone chooses O except for Tonpa, who claims to have pressed the wrong button by accident. Regardless, the door opens for them, and they move on to the next route. This time. the sign asks which way the applicants want to go: right (O) or left (X). Gon and Leorio chose left, while Kurapika, Killua, and Tonpa chose right, which means that the gang has to go left. Leorio objects to this, but Kurapika brings up a study that suggests that people usually go left when they’re lost, and Tonpa adds that if the examiner has seen the same study, they would’ve made the left path harder on purpose, so Leorio begrudgingly follows the rest of the gang on the right path. The group then enters an empty room and finds five prisoners waiting for them. They have to challenge all five of them to a fight individually, and they have to fight until someone either forfeits or gets killed. Also, they have to secure at least 3 victories in order to move on to the next route.


The first round of this phase is Bendot vs Tonpa, the latter who volunteers to be the “guinea pig” of the group. Shortly after the fight begins, Tonpa pulls another one of his tricks and surrenders the fight. Leorio then snaps and starts yelling at Tonpa for purposefully sabotaging the other applicants. Tonpa finally comes clean about his desire to see the dreams of the applicants shattered, and that he doesn’t really care about passing the exams. Killua then butts in and says that despite the motives, Tonpa’s choice to back out was for the best, considering Bendot would’ve tortured him for as long as possible to stall for time. The episode ends by setting up the match for the next episode, which will be between Gon and Sedokan, with only 39 applicants remaining.

Overall, this was a very enjoyable episode of Hunter x Hunter. There wasn’t very much going on of note, but it was still fun seeing the characters play off each other. Also, seeing Tonpa get called out for being a deceptive asshole is still satisfying as hell. Not much to say this week, but it was still a good episode. I give it 8 serial killing psychopaths out of 10

Hunter x Hunter can be seen every Saturday night at 12:30 AM!


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