One Piece Episode 349 Recap: “Luffy’s Emergency Situation! The Ultimate Shadow’s Destination!”

Original Airdate: 3/30/2008

Toonami Airdate: 6/11/2016

So before I begin, last week I mention at the end that we would meet up with a new character this week and learn the zombie’s weakness. Sorry, that info was wrong. I jumped ahead a week too soon. Yeah, when there are a ton of episodes, you might forgot a few things along the way. But anyway, last week Nami fooled Lola (and Chopper) into thinking she was a man, Franky beat up a giant monkey, who then got cut open by Brook. Also, Moria wants to be King of the Pirates. Let’s begin this recap, shall we?

As we begin from where it left off, the spider monkey is suffering from Brook’s attack. He’s mad, and Franky knows that the monkey won’t die for it is a zombie. But Brook tells him they can be killed if you know their weakness. Suddenly, something comes out from the monkey’s mouth. Brook calls it the “soul” of the zombie, as it returns to its rightful owner. The giant spider monkey collapses, as it is now “purified”. This freaks out the spider mice, seeing their captain dead, and they recognize Brook as the “Humming Swordsman”, the guy who wrecked havoc on Thriller Bark 5 years ago. They run off to tell Moria this.

Brook tells Franky that the webs can be melted with fire, which Franky does and gets freed from his predicament. After freeing Robin too, Brook says he knows of this whole place, and of knowing it, it might be too late to save their friends. Of course he makes some “skull jokes” during it, and Franky wants to shoot him badly. Brook tells of how the rudder on his ship broke, and he floated out on the Florian Triangle for awhile before landing on Thriller Bark 5 years ago. He wanted to find a new rudder, but he encountered all the monsters and zombies which scared him. They captured him eventually, along with a kung-fu dancer. The bodies, which are called “Marionettes”, are what the zombie’s bodies are. He witnessed the kung-fu dancer’s shadow get taken off of him with his own eyes, even though he has none. That joke was enough to have him beaten up by Franky, only with Robin’s approval. Moving on, they took Brook’s shadow too, and he saw the kung-fu dancer’s shadow be put in another body, which acted the same way that the dancer did. The body of the zombie goes along with the shadow of the original owner. Only Moria can control the zombies with his Shadow-Shadow Fruit powers, and he was also the one responsible for the shadow thefts.

Brook, after a flashback, tells the two that all you need to make a zombie is a body and a shadow. It was Dr. Hogback who made the zombie hybrids too, and helped Moria with it all. The zombies themselves aren’t really dead, but just a combination of the previous owner with a new one. Basically, the stronger the person was, the stronger the zombie is. This is why Moria seeks out people with big bounties, so he can make a strong zombie army. He also gets rid of the stronger people faster too after taking their shadows. The group is gonna have to trust Brook now, even as he is having alot of fun with his new friends. Too bad Robin is not sharing Brook’s fun herself.

EP 349 2

That’s not someone you want to cross, so Brook stops twirling around.

As Hogback, Absalom, and Perona meet up with Moria, he’s tells them he wants to be King of the Pirates right away, only angering Luffy more, as he is still stuck in the cage. He also wants to know where his friends are as the others wonder if he’s the real deal (And why he is also in a Zombie General’s armor.) Moria tells him they already captured Zoro. They also captured some blonde guy who doesn’t look like the person in the wanted poster. Poor Sanji gets the straw that is dealt. Moria wonders where the other 3 that were nearby ran off to, as Usopp, Nami and Chopper watch all that goes down in the zombie teddy bear. Kumacy tries his best to tell them, but Usopp tells him to shut up. And so does Perona, who Absalom still thinks is very strict to. You can even say she is “un-“bear”-ably” strict. (Please don’t hurt me! Those were his actual words!) Speaking of, he’s still looking for “his bride” Nami, and hopes that Hogback didn’t lay a finger on her. Cindry cuts in and disses them both. Even going so far as to say they both won’t find love at all. As the Scared Trio try to think of a way to get Luffy back, Moria tells his subordinates to shut it, and welcome the newest member to Thriller Bark. However, Luffy escapes the cage by eating the bars. They try to catch him, but he is putting up a fight. Perona uses her Negative Hollow attack, and Luffy sees it’s the ghost from earlier that depressed him and the others. He tries to scurry away, but it’s too late. He gets hit by the ghost and gets depressed again, saying he wants to be reincarnated as a sea cucumber. Although, there’s nothing wrong with being a sea cucumber.

They get Luffy, tie him up, and shine a bright light on him, showcasing his shadow. Moria grabs hold of the shadow, and starts pulling it, dragging Luffy along too. The Scared Trio can’t believe what is happening, as Moria has a pair of scissors ready to cut his shadow off. Luffy pleads for him to stop, but it’s too late. His shadow gets cut off, and Moria, laughing up his laugh, says they are ready to make the most powerful Special Zombie now, as Usopp, Nami, and Chopper look on in fear.

EP 349 3

EP 349 4

Overall, this one gave us alot of info about zombies and how they are made. While it didn’t tell the weakness yet, as again, you’ll find out next week, there was alot of useful info for how the zombie’s act and how the shadows are the main reason their so powerful. Plus, we saw how the shadows get taken out, and taken from their keeper. Yeah, there was no action, and usually that is a black mark for me on these shows. But at least they made it entertaining, and kept us in the loop with how it plays out. Next week, for real this time, we learn the zombie’s weakness and we meet the final player in Thriller Bark. And he’s a big player too. Literally. I give this 3.5 Shadow Takers/5.


One Piece can be seen at 2 AM Saturday on Toonami


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