The Farmer’s Daughter: Mike Tyson Mysteries 02×19, Recap (Season Finale)

Hey everyone. RobBarracuda here, filling in once again for KrisSimsters in recapping the season finale of Mike Tyson Mysteries. We got a bit more to cover here than usual seeing as how this was a half-hour episode as opposed to the normal quarter hour running time, so let’s get to recapping “The Farmer’s Daughter”.

Mike Tyson Mysteries, The Farmer’s Daughter Recap:

The Farmer's Daughter - Mike and DeezyThe episode opens with… Mike and his boy Deezy watching Mike Tyson Mysteries at home and grooving to the theme song. Then we get into the actual episode, which starts with Pigeon being unusually eager about solving a mystery, which is of course revealed to be from a woman looking to make it in pornography. The gang heads off to solve the mystery anyway, which takes them to a farmhouse where they’re greeted by a kindly old man named Leslie who fills them in on the details. As it turns out, the note was meant to read “Parme” and not “porn”, referring to a nearby Italian restaurant that he wants to make a reservation with for him and his wife, wishing to keep it a surprise. He can’t do it since his dominant hand was bitten by his horse, so he has Mike handle it for him. With that taken care of, the gang begins the drive home only for the van’s engine to give out, leaving them stuck until the repairman fixes it. With nothing to do, they notice the Parme restaurant right across the street, and decide to go in. They encounter Leslie and his wife having dinner, and the gang ends up talking with them for a bit. When Mike brings up that the van won’t be fixed until tomorrow, the couple offers to let them sleep in their house for the night. In the middle of the night, Pigeon wakes up and looks for some alcohol, finding a bottle underneath the sink. He then encounters an unexpected surprise: a sexy young woman named Annabelle, the “farmer’s daughter”. The two then proceed to have sex, and Pigeon of course brags about it the next morning at breakfast. Leslie then reveals a shocking secret: Annabelle’s actually been dead for 6 years!


The Farmer's Daughter - XXXParme'sThe sudden revelation freaks out Marquess who remembers a grave warning he was given by angels and God when he initially died: never let the living have sex with the dead, or terrible things will happen. Almost exactly on cue, the skies darken as a tornado warning goes into effect. Marquess naturally panics, stripping naked and running outside to flip off the skies. Mike reveals that the “warning” was actually his cell phone, and then Annabelle shows up. Questioning her as to what’s happening, she reveals that she’s not literally dead, but just dead in the eyes of her parents who disapprove of her being a stripper. Leslie comes downstairs and chews her out for being in the main house. She leaves with Pigeon as she drivers to her shift at the strip club (located behind Parme’s) as she talks about her dreams of opening a pie shop in Hollywood. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang is stuck doing chores for Leslie as the van repair gets delayed another day. In the middle of these chores, Leslie reveals a shocking secret about why he says Annabelle is dead to him: she has a habit of drugging men, cutting off their penises, and baking them into pies. The conversation is interrupted by a gunshot coming from the barn, as Yung, who was told to put down the family’s horse, shoots it unintentionally. As Leslie and his wife pray over the horse’s body, it comes back to life and attacks them. Meanwhile, Pigeon gets tied up by Annabelle and is about to get his penis cut off when the gang finally barges in to stop her, but they’re interrupted by the surprise appearance of the horse, who quickly kills Annabelle and escapes on its way… only to get hit by an oncoming truck. The episode ends back with live-action Mike and Deezy saying a prayer as the two of them awkwardly wait for the cameras to cut.

Final Thoughts:

As I mentioned last week, I was really curious about a half-hour episode of Mike Tyson Mysteries, since I always had this feeling that episodes might flow better if it was a half-hour and not 11 minutes. Seeing it now, I think I was right, mainly because the mystery and especially the build-up to the ironic plot twist is given more time to develop and foreshadow. The horse is alluded to within the first five minutes of the episode, but this is just kind of glossed over as a throwaway line of dialogue. The longer runtime makes it that much more effective of a surprise when it rampages and kills off the entire farmer’s family. The scenes with Annabelle are also fairly humorous, although none of it stacks up to the horse material as well as the comedic majesty of Marquess’ freakout when he thinks Pigeon had sex with a ghost. All in all, a solid way to wrap up season 2, a season which was a significant step up from season 1 in my opinion. I’m looking forward to the future, should we get a season 3 (which I’m confident is happening). This is RobBarracuda, filling in for KrisSimsters, and I’ll see you in the future.

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