Decker: Unclassified, Episode 1 Recap: “All Good Things…”

Hey, everyone. RobBarracuda here. Well, after three seasons of being broadcast primarily on the internet, Decker (a spinoff of Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington’s web series On Cinema At The Cinema) has now made its way to network television for season 4 under the name Decker: Unclassified. America’s top secret agent returns for a new round of missions, so let’s not waste any more time and recap “All Good Things…”


All Good Things... - Agent DeckerThe episode opens on July 4th, 2076, with an elderly Jack Decker (Tim Heidecker) in a hospital bed nearing death. He’s kept company by master codebreaker Kington (Gregg Turkington) and the current U.S. president, President Davidson Jr. Decker asks for one last cigarette to smoke before he dies, and his request is fulfilled, with everyone in the room mourning the loss of a great American hero. The episode then cuts to 50 years earlier as we witness an otherwise normal plane flight get hijacked by a group of terrorists led by Abdul, a reoccurring traitorous character within the series. Thankfully, Decker is on the plane and manages to take out all of the terrorists sitting amongst the passengers, but he finds it difficult to break into the cockpit with the door locked, and the plane is set to crash into Mount Rushmore. He makes contact with Kington to figure out the code, deducing that it likely has some relation to one of the plane’s pilots. After successfully cracking the code, Decker breaks through to the cockpit, where the two terrorist hijackers taunt him by pointing out his gun only has one bullet left. Thinking on his feet, he shoots out the front window and sends the two hijackers flying out of the plane and into the propeller, killing them instantly. Decker jumps to the controls and tries like hell to get the plane to pull upward and out of its current trajectory, but now he must find a place to land. Using a secret CIA runway suggested by Kington, Decker manages to successfully land the plane with all of the passengers intact.

All Good Things... - Presidential ConferenceBack in the present day, President Davidson Jr. is giving a televised speech at the United States Capitol Building, informing the world of Decker’s passing. As he laments the world’s loss, he simultaneously announces his plan to spend the next few hours unclassifying many of Decker’s exploits as a secret agent. As the audience applauds, the president’s wife whispers to the woman next to her that with Decker now dead, her “plan” can now be executed… whatever that plan is, but Kington overhears and becomes suspicious. The episode ends with the president unveiling one of Decker’s case files and starting from the beginning of Decker’s story.


My Thoughts

If you’ve seen any of the previous installments of Decker online, then this televised entry should be pretty familiar to you. Deliberately awkward and stiff acting from all the important characters and cheap digital effects are still present, although the production values have seen a slight upgrade from the web series. For one thing, the bad green screen cropping that often surrounds the cast is now removed, with noticeably more real sets being used than before. In addition, the reliance on real sets removes much of the intentionally skewed depth perception/proportions that always characterized Decker’s effects work. The series also looks to be taking a somewhat different approach to storytelling this time around, in that while each prior season was one complete story, this one keeps the overarching narrative as a framing device, with the majority of each episode likely being self-contained individual stories. Admittingly, while Tim Heidecker’s particular brand of humor isn’t always my thing, Decker’s been one of the more interesting things he’s worked on, and I might be able to get on board with this new season. I’m intrigued to see where things go next week.

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