Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, Episode 3 Recap: “Glorious Demise”

Original Airdate: October 18th, 2015

Toonami Airdate: June 18th, 2016

Man, who knew awkwardly scrawny Mars Hitler was such a bastard?

Glorious Demise - Mikazuki shoots officerThings have settled down a bit at the CGS base as Biscuit, Cookie, Cracker, Atra, and Kuedlia work to prepare and serve food to the base’s soldiers. Later on in the night, we see the higher-ups in CGS tied up and locked in a room where they’re eventually approached by Orga and his team. He’s organizing a mutiny against the officials for attempting to abandon the base and its soldiers during the Gjallarhorn attack, and just to show that they mean business, Mikazuki guns down two of the officers.

The next day, Orga swings by the section of the base where Barbatos is being examined and repaired, running into Kudelia who’s just standing around. The two have a conversation about what she plans to do next, as she wants to continue her mission but simultaneously being worried about causing more casualties, to which Orga gives the same response as Mikazuki did about Kudelia thinking she was responsible for the deaths that occurred recently. Later on, Orga’s team is planning out their budgetary need, realizing with the help of their accountant Dexter that they’ll run out of money soon if they don’t find any work. One of the other spared CGS officials, named Todo, suggests that since the only reason Gjallarhorn is pursuing them is because of Kudelia, the CGS should just sell her to Gjallarhorn for as much money as they can get, figuring they could just say the decision was a direct order from Maruba. Suddenly, an alarm goes off announcing the presence of a Gjallarhorn Mobile Suit, piloted by Crank, approaching the base. He challenges the CGS to a one-on-one fight, promising that if he wins, he will leave the CGS alone, with the catch being that he gets to take Kudelia back with him. Orga, Udelia, and Todo debate about what action they should take, with Orga deciding to send Mikazuki in to fight.

Glorious Demise - Mikazuki vs. CrankThe fight begins, with Mikazuki going all out against Crank, who attempts to express remorse at his senseless slaughtering of children to pretty much no avail or sympathy from Mikazuki. The CGS members watch on as Kudelia is in awe of his fighting prowess, hoping that she can hope to be as strong a fighter (albeit in a different manner) than him. Crank briefly gains the upper hand as he knocks Mikazuki’s weapon out of his hand, but he manages to get ahold of it, pierce Crank’s Gundam through the chest, and proceeds to crush its head and pin it down. Mikazuki exits Barbatos’ cockpit to get a look at the weak and bloodied Crank as the two have one last exchange of words. Crank requests that Mikazuki shoots him, to which he immediately complies without a second thought.

Later that night, Eugene and Todo chew out Mikazuki for not trying to get any money out of Crank and Gjallarhorn, when Kudelia offers some assistance to them. She still needs help from the CGS (now operating under the name Tekkadan, which translates to “Iron Flower”) to make her way down to Earth, promising to connect them with her mission’s sponsor, a man named Nobliss Gordon, who will provide financial compensation for their services.


This looks to be the episode where the plot as a whole is finally getting off the ground, with the establishment of the mutinous Tekkadan group and the escort mission getting closer to its eventual beginning. More events happened in this episode than in the first two, which works because it helps get the plot up to speed so that the main story can hopefully begin next week. There’s also more insight delivered into the characters’ mindsets and their emotions in relation to their lives with CGS, especially when we see Orga take over CGS, learning that he’s finally had enough with the CGS officials abusing his comrades and treating them as nothing more than cannon fodder. MIkazuki shares the same feeling, as we see him shooting people without a hint of regret or remorse. This personality trait seems to bother a lot of people who watched it, but I can’t say I was particularly questioning of it, since he has every reason to be cold and heartless towards those who abuse and treat him as an expendable pawn in a large game instead of as an actual human being.

On the other hand, there’s also a conversation between Orga and Kudelia which follows on the one between her and Mikazuki about her feeling responsible for Gjallarhorn’s attack on CGS. It appears as though Orga would carry the same thoughts as Mikazuki i.e. Kudelia’s opinion being self-centered and misguided, but hearing it repeated a second time sort of undermines its impact a little. This especially holds true when Crank announces that he wants to bring Kudelia to Gjallarhorn’s base, so it’s incredibly obvious that yes, the Gjallarhorn assault on CGS was, at least in part, because of her. So the series to graze over this idea of “she’s self-absorbed and selfish” again is just ridiculous.

Glorious Demise - Mikazuki shoots Crank Glorious Demise - Mikazuki vs. Crank (2)

The battle between Mikazuki and Crank is quite an engaging fight to watch, especially as it demonstrates some absolutely striking and impressive framing of shots, with stylish color schemes, angled camera perspectives, and usage of desert canyons/sunsets to accentuate the scale of everything involved in the scene. It demonstrates some absolutely impressive visuals on the part of Iron-Blooded Orphans. I’m still engaged and looking forward to seeing where Tekkadan’s endeavors take them next. I give this episode 8 scrawny-yet-chubby Hitler doubles/10.

What did you think of the episode? Let us know down in the comments below.


Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans airs every Saturday at 12:00 AM, only on Toonami.


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