Naruto Shippuden Episode 116 Recap: “Guardian of the Iron Wall”

Original Airdate: 7/2/2009

Toonami Airdate: 6/18/2016

Last time on Shippuden, we met the charming, if a bit brash, Suigetsu. He was told by Sasuke to join the group he is making, but only if he got Zabuza’s blade. Well, he did after a fight with thieves and so he is with Sasuke now. Last week was also one of the better episodes of Shippuden we have seen in a while. Now that we are getting new characters so we don’t have to see just Sasuke all the time, including a girl we meet in this episode, we should be getting better episodes, right?

…. Right?!

….  Yeah, no. As Allison said it best

Let me get on with the inevitable and recap this.

We start with Sasuke and Suigetsu walking on the sea, because ninjas, as you know on this show, are all Jesus. Sasuke has a goal in mind when he gathers up the members, and only wants powerful shinobi for this. Karin, the person they’re meeting, is one of them, as she was a test subjects of Orchimaru’s and locked in the prison in the southern hideout. Suigetsu remembers how she experimented on him, but mostly remembers that she has a bad personality. (This should be warning #1 for this episode.) Sasuke tells him she has a special techinique that no one else has. Speaking of the chick, she can smell something good and something foul coming her way.

As the two arrive, they see there is no security around, but Sasuke says she has it under control. Suigetsu wonders if Orochimaru’s death has reached down here, as he cuts down the door with his blade. As they make their way through, there are prisoners there who wonder if the rumors of Orochimaru dying are also true. So yes, the rumors have made it there. Of course, spreading them does cost them. They see Sasuke walk past them, but without Orochimaru, so they think the rumors are indeed true. They also think that he will grant them all freedom. As they meet up with Karin, she sees herself the rumors are true as well. The duo are there to talk, and want a room for it. She basically ignores Suigetsu as he is the one mostly talking, and does sniff him and calls him “unpleasant”.

As they get a room, Sasuke asks Karin to join, but she runs the prison, so she can’t. Suigetsu knows the prisoners know about the Orochimaru rumor mill, while we learn the prisoners’ numbers are getting smaller, while they also dig a bunch of holes. Because of all said rumors, Karin made up a plan. Which was put a spy in the mist, have him hear the rumors, then she would kill every prisoner talking about it and dump their bodies in said holes. (That was warning #2.) At least we get to hear Suigetsu make fun of her for having many different ways to kill the two, but she can’t kill Sasuke, which she reacts to. Sasuke wants her not only to join, but to release the prisoners as well. She won’t allow it, but Suigetsu gets up and goes to free them. Karin still wants to stay, so Sasuke will look for someone else. As Suigetsu tells the prisoners that Orochimaru’s death was real, he will set them free on one condition: They have to let everyone know Sasuke did kill Orochimaru, and he did it for peace.

So, I spread warnings on here about Karin, because we then get to last, and ultimate, warning. After Suigetsu leaves, she locks the door from behind. She looks like she gets all horny as Sasuke stares his emo stare at her, and Karin tells him that she will go and follow him. She tries to act as sexy as she can, even taking off her glasses to try to look better. Sasuke is having none of this, as this is basically how parody hentais are started. Which, by the way, there is one out there with this stupid scene. Don’t ask how I know this.

NS 116
“Sasuke, do you want me to [CENSORED]? And then [CENSORED] [CENSORED]?”
As Karin tries her best to get his D like every girl without a personality on this show has, Suigetsu comes back and sees the door is locked. As he tries his best to open the door, Sasuke says her chakra is unrivaled, and he needs this power. We then are given a flashback to when they first met in a forest. Orochimaru sent her to help him captured a bunch of escaped test subjects, and we see what she can do. Karin sensed all the people nearby, over 100 of them, and then Sasuke beat them up at a fast clip. She is his eyes now, and she finds more of the poor bastards, who Sasuke beats them down. He didn’t kill any of them, because he has only one man he wants to kill. Karin then sees his chakra, and this turns her on in her own fantasy. As she wakes up from la-la land, one of the people Sasuke beat up nearly hits her, and she falls from the tree, as another is about to kill her. Sasuke saves her, and kills the guy as he still needs her to finish the job. Right there is where she fell for him. Yuck

NS 116 2

Suigetsu then breaks down the door with his sword and giant arm, as this pic says alot.

NS 116 3
This is what happens when you fap too much

He thinks Karin isn’t going to join up with them. But Sasuke says she is coming with them.

Yeah, she is “coming” one way or another. Even if it’s part of the way. Their next stop is where Jugo is, who Karin is reluctant to meet up with. As they leave, we see her getting wet for Sasuke again, as her “feeling is exciting”, while she hates Suigetsu, as his chakra is gross. Which he tells her the feeling is mutual. We end the episode at a new place where a big guy going back-and-forth wondering if a woman might be nice, or if a man might be better. No really, it ends with this bi-sexual-like thought monologue.

NS 116 4

Yeah, this episode. Well, not the episode itself, but the character it introduces in Karin. I could go on about this woman, but why should I do that, when I can have the Toonami community do it for me?

And to rap it up

Yeah, Karin sucks. She sucks big time. She will suck throughout this show, and will do this while wanting to suck the emo douche off throughout. She will be a stupid tsundere to others as she denies that she wants to suck Sasuke off. To make it worst, she is [CENSORED cause it’s a spoiler], but you won’t find that out till way later. Nothing about her is fun. She is a damn clone of Sakura. If you have it, she is just Sakura 2.0. Maybe 3.0 for how she really just wants to fuck Sasuke, with this being her only character trait. It’s really pathetic, and I have no idea why Kishi would invent a character just for this. Hell, she probably doesn’t deserve to be a shitty harem member in Sword Art Online. Yes, that is as big an insult as you could give a character. Hell, I focused on Karin so much, that I haven’t even gotten to the episode yet. It was just a big ball of NOTHING!! Nothing happened, other than her joining Sasuke and Suigetsu. And well, you know. Aww, fuck it. Bring out the Combine Harvester!!

This episode was trash. Just like Karin. Next week, we meet Jugo, the guy who had the self-convo about his confused sexual identity.

Yes, that is a squirrel on him, and that is a part of his personality. He is also hiding a secret too that will be shown next week. As for this week’s episode? Let’s forget it ever happened. 0.5 new, shitty, female Naruto characters who lust for Sasuke/5.


Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 1:30 AM Saturday on Toonami





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