One Piece Episode 350 Recap

Original Airdate: 4/20/2008 

Toonami Airdate: 6/18/2016

Welcome to episode 350 of One Piece. Sure, we only seen 143 of them on the new Toonami, but it’s amazing that we have made it this far. This is ep 144 of One Piece on the new Toonami, and before I recap, I will say the 150th Toonami airing will be here soon. Last time saw the big Spider Monkey die by Brook, and then we saw Luffy get his shadow taken from him. What happens this week is gonna be “big”, hehehe. Let’s get on with “The Warrior Known As the “Devil”!! The Moment of Oars’ Revival” 

As the episode starts with shots of the mansion, Moria is laughing away as Luffy’s shadow is trashing about. He now has what he needs to make the most powerful zombie ally. The Scared Trio, still in Kumacy, can’t believe what has just happened, but remembers Brook told them that this happened, so there has to be some Devil Fruit powers involved. Perona overhears the three, thinking it came only from Kumacy, so she tells him to shut up. She is still “Bear-y” strict with him (As before, not my words. Absalom’s words.) Kumacy tries his best to explain that there are people inside of him without talking, but he ultimately fails at this. Poor Kumacy.

EP 350

Now that Moria has Luffy’s shadow to awakened #900, the others’ dreams can be accomplished too, with Absalom being the King of the Graves, Perona being the Queen of all the cute animal zombies, and Moria being the King of the Pirates with his zombie army and get revenge on Kaido, one of the Four Emperors, who beat him in the New World. Absalom tells the spider mice to put Luffy back on the Sunny so they can ship him out to sea. But the spider mice tell of how their spider monkey captain died, with his shadow being released, cause of the Humming Swordsman. The group realize that the events of 5 years ago are happening again.

EP 350 3

Back with Brook, Robin, and Franky, Brook tells the two they need to go back to the ship, since that is where everyone who got their shadows taken out will be heading to be sent to the sea. The members who got their shadows taken will be out for 2 days at least, and will need to be waken back up. Franky ask why they don’t kill Luffy and the others after taking the shadow, and Brook explains why. Because the shadow is a part of the original owner, then that body can’t die right away until it gets used to it. Also, when the shadow is taken and put in another, the shadow will bond to the new body, but still have the characteristics and will of the old one. Cause of this, Robin and Franky can’t lose their shadows, or it’s all over. Brook then gives the two a little bag, which contains the “zombie’s weakness”. As a flashback to the spider monkey’s death is shown, we learn it’s nothing but ordinary salt. Because the shadows are taken via Devil Fruit powers, and Devil Fruit users are weakened by seawater, the salt is ultimately the main weakness. Just throw the salt in the mouth, that is all. Robin sees Brook knows alot about all of this, and Brooks says that after his shadow was taken 5 years ago, he was sent to sea, but came back to get his shadow back. He learned all this, and fought the zombie who had his shadow, but lost badly. He ran away after, to keep the promise to his old comrades since he is the last surviving member. He won’t run away this time, as he’s going to get his shadow back. He pauses as a feeling comes over him, and as Brook is about to leave, Franky stops him to ask one more question.

Back at the mansion, Hogback is complaining about Brook (with Cindry blocking his camera time) and Perona tells them she didn’t know about Brook, which is why he slipped through her Ghost Network. Moria on the other hand, doesn’t give a crap about Brook, as he leaves his team to handle him. He’s too focused on #900. They open a big door that shows a frozen hallway, and they are about to proceed to the refrigerator. Absalom tells the spider mice to put Luffy back on the Sunny, as Usopp and the others try to plan to rescue him later. Meanwhile, the Zombie Generals gather where the spider monkey died, and Zoro’s zombie Jigaro, arrives and wants to slice up the enemies. Franky is bawling his eyes out, as he got the answer to his question, and now loves Brook so much for it.

EP 350 2

Brook himself is humming down the hallway as the picture zombies attack, but he slices them up, with the salt on the blade too, and they all die. Brook runs away cause it was scary, but he remains with his task at hand of beating his zombie counterpart. We see a flashback to Brook fighting the Zombie Samurai, and show that his defeat to him was why Brook fell from the sky. The rematch will happen soon.

As Moria is still “KUUUUUUUUU-SHI-SHI-SHI”-ing about, Hogback explains who #900 is. They found his body in a big block of ice in the Land of Ice, and it is said that #900 was a monster who terrorized countries and islands 500 years ago, and was nicknamed the “Continent Puller”. The group arrives and we get to see multiple shots of a big, frozen body that is about to be revived. Usopp, Nami, and Chopper freak out at the size and scale of the massive monster. Moria says it is the only warrior in history to be given the name “Devil”. His name is Oars.


EP 350 5

This episode finally showed the big guy we will all meet soon in action. Yeah, Oars is frozen for now. But that won’t be for long. He and Moria are the (literal) big baddies of this arc, and it’s gonna be fun to see him in action soon enough. Also, we finally know the zombie’s weakness, and it was great to see Brook give not only give all the info, but to see his resolve in fighting for his shadow. That question the Franky ask will be revealed soon too, but for now, just wait. And one more thing. That name drop of Kaido. One Piece fans who currently read the manga or who are really far ahead in the anime know of how big of deal he is. Hell, his name was mention in earlier episodes. He’s not gonna show up on here anytime soon. But still, best to know that he’s one of the big deals in the world of One Piece. Overall, another good episode, and a great way to get that putrid stink of that red-headed skank from the last show out of here.  4 Big Frozen Monsters/5.


One Piece can be seen at 2 AM Saturday on Toonami



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