Hunter x Hunter Episode 9 Recap: “Beware x of x Prisoners”

Original Airdate: November 27th, 2011

Toonami Airdate: June 18th, 2016

Hello everyone, and welcome to another recap of Hunter x Hunter! And what perfect timing that I get to recap an episode of this show on Father’s Day, even though this particular episode has nothing to do with dads, but whatever, close enough. Now let’s get on with this episode!

After Tonpa screws the group out of a victory in the last episode, Gon and Sedokan begin their match. Sedokan proposes a little game for Gon where the objective is to hold a candle and keep it lit longer than the opponent’s. There are two candles to pick from, a long one and a short one, with the strong possibility of one of them being tampered with to burn faster. After debating on which candle they should choose, the gang decides to let Gon pick the candle he thinks would work best, which is the long candle. Shortly after the two light their candles, Gon’s starts to burn up faster than Sedokan, revealing that the candle has been soaked with oil to make it burn faster. Sedokan tells the gang that both of the candles he showed to Gon were tampered with, and he kept two extra un-tampered candles for himself. Gon, being the unusually intelligent child that he is, uses that to his advantage, since the wind can’t blow out the tampered candle as easily as the untampered one. He sits his candle down, runs over to Sedokan’s candle, and blows it out before his candle has the chance to burn out, making Gon the winner of this match.

Seriously, how can you not love Gon?

Once Sedokan is defeated, Kurapika volunteers to fight the next opponent, Majitani, who looks like what would happen if Mr Meeseeks started hitting the weights and started doing meth. And just like Tonpa’s match, this is a battle to the death, so the match doesn’t conclude until someone either dies or admits defeat. No weapons are allowed either to make this a fair match, since prisoners aren’t allowed to have weapons. The match begins, and Majitani charges up his attack, which allows him to jump really high and have super powerful punches. After Majitani punches a hole in the ground to show off how powerful he is, he turns around and Kurapika takes notice of the tattoo on Majitani’s back. The tattoo in question is of the 12-legged spider, a symbol commonly associated with the Phantom Troupe. After seeing this, Kurapika starts to lose control of himself and grabs ahold of Majitani until he surrenders. Kurapika then points out that Majitani is not a real Troupe member because he doesn’t have a number on the back of the spider, and because the members of the Phantom Troupe don’t bother counting how many people they’ve killed because of how little they care about human lives. After the end of the match, Kurapika mentions that he looses all rationale whenever he sees any kind of spider, Phantom Troupe related or not, which triggered his rampage earlier. The gang only has to secure one more win before they could move on and finish the third phase of the exams.

I’ve killed 19 people, look at me! I’m Mr Meeseeks!

Once again, Hunter x Hunter pulls off another fantastic episode. Gon was able to deal with having the tampered candle was pretty clever, and we get a more in-deph look into Kurapika’s character in this episode and seeing how the Phantom Troupe’s actions affected him on a psychological level. It’s interesting to see how what happened to a character in the past affects their long-term mental state, instead of it just being used as a tool to garner sympathy for an otherwise uninteresting character (I’m looking at you, Akame ga Kill). I give this episode 9 ripped blue meth addicts out of 10

Hunter x Hunter can be seen every Saturday night at 12:30 AM!


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