Naruto Shippuden Episode 117 Recap: “Jugo of the Northern Hideout”

Original Airdate: 7/9/2009

Toonami Airdate: 6/25/2016

Last week, on this show, we met Karin. And goddamn, the hate from me and others were strong for her. She was the latest addition in the “We must fawn over Sasuke for no other reason, because we think he is SOOOOOOOOOOOO cool” Naruto fangirls club. It was bad. She was also a bitch throughout, and it didn’t help Shippuden out that NOTHING HAPPENED!!! So yeah, it was a overall grotesque episode. We did meet up with the title character of the episode at the end, so was he any good this week? Was this episode any better? It has to be, right?

The episode starts with Team Sasuke still at the Southern Hideout. Suigetsu is complaining about walking to the Northern Hideout, and Karin basically tells him to suck it up. It’s apparently dangerous there because of all the human experimentations that take place. We then go back to Jugo, who at first we think he’s having another confused sexual identity talk again. But it turns out that he just has a hard time choosing which gender he wants to kill. Some random guy dies outside his cell, and this makes Jugo kinda lose it.

In the Leaf, Naruto wakes up (at noon, no less) to Sakura knocking at his door. He, being his stupid self, thinks it’s a date, when in reality, Tsunade summoned them.

NS 117
Shut up, Sakura. What are you, his life coach?

As the team walks, Suigetsu is still wanting a break, while Karin bitches at him for it. They bicker back and forth. And back at the hideout, Suigetsu is hearing all the voices in his head. It is basically this.

Yeah, I’m using the K-On! cake scene. It represents Jugo being a nut job. Got a problem, deal with it. Anyway, he starts to remember stuff from his past, and we see him with a Curse Mark transformation as he tries to attack someone. This person tells him to stop, and he does and the transformation disappears. There’s stuff about not being alone and not leaving without the dude, and that. But hey, isn’t that Bone Guy from the original series?

NS 117 2

As Karin and Suigetsu argue about why they are with Sasuke, Suigetsu tells of how he fought Jugo before. He couldn’t figure out though what was going on inside his head, and even Orochimaru locked Jugo away for being so violent. Yeah, that should tell you something about Jugo’s many issues. He also has an enzyme in him that helps makes the Curse Mark. So there’s that too. Back in the Leaf, Sakura apologizes to Tsunade for being late cause of Naruto. Jiriaya is there to greet blondey, and Naruto is happy cause he can tell Pervy Sage what he did, what he learn, and what he has mastered so far. It’s a fun little reunion ruined by one thing.

The girls get even more pissed off when the two decide to leave for ramen and beats them up. As Suigetsu and Karin argue after he takes another break (cause of being dehydrated in the heat, I guess), Sasuke senses something. There is no guard around. Some guy comes from the hideout, and he is badly hurt. He knows Sasuke and asks for his help. He tells of how the rumors of Orochimaru’s death spread, causing the prisoners to riot. Then the guy immediately dies after saying this, followed by another person appearing from above. He has a 2nd State Curse Mark covering his body, but Sasuke takes the guy out quickly. The group will move in to get Jugo, as he has more talks of killing people. This time, he’ll kill a woman if she opens the door.

The guards are all dead, and the Curse Mark inmates have all gotten outside to meet them. Karin wil find where Jugo is as Sasuke and Suigetsu take down the Curse Marked monsters, but without killing them. Because again, Sasuke is a damn “No Killing People” peacemaker now. Ugghhhh. They take out the people with ease, and get inside, taking more out, as Karin finds the keys to Jugo’s cell. As they make their way, Sasuke asks Karin to find where he is, and she starts to bitch again. She tells them reluctantly, and points the way. Suigetsu goes the way she said, but Karin stops Sasuke. The wet Sasuke-loving whore just wanted the emo to herself (as she also hates Suigetsu), so she gave out the wrong directions on purpose. It takes Suigetsu some time to learn he’s been duped. As Karin starts to open the lock, Jugo still says he will kill a woman is she opens the door. As she does, Sasuke stops her to go in first. Jugo quickly changes his mind to killing a man, and as Sasuke opens the door, Jugo charges forward to kill him. As for Suigetsu, he gets back to where they started with the prisoners, and one of them ask why they’re here. They’re here for Jugo, and the guy mocks him, saying they can’t control the monster. Suigetsu gets annoyed by him, and tells Sasuke’s rule of “No Killing People” to go fuck itself, as Jugo smashes Sasuke into the wall.

Back in Tsunade’s office, after the two hotheads beat up Naruto and Jiriaya, she finally gets to tell them what she wanted to. They got intel everywhere about the rumor that Orochimaru has been killed, with the info that it was Sasuke who killed him. They believe it is a real source too. Cause of this, Naruto thinks he’s coming back now, but the faces of the others disagree. As for Jugo, he’s still attacking and transforming with his Curse Mark. But Karin can feel Sasuke’s chakra, and it changes cause of his Curse Mark. It’s only a Partial Transformation, but it is good enough to go head-to-head with Jugo. But Sasuke isn’t there to fight. He’s there to talk to Jugo about joining him.

NS 117 3

This episode overall. Was it as bad as last week? No it wasn’t. Was it still bad overall? Yeah, it was. So much of Jugo changing his mind on the bat, and him having many, many, MANY issues was something. But at least we got some fights on here. And we did see Naruto and the Pervy Sage bonding like father and son. Of course, that has to be ruined by Sakura being Sakura. Of course Sakura returns and she goes all-out bitch mode. So just like last week with Karin, who by the way, she was still a thristy Sasuke nuisance this week, let’s play the “SHUT UP!!!” game, with Sakura and co.

Yeah, I could do this all day, especially with Sakura. But I really want to wrap this up. We know how much she sucks the wife out of the show. As do most of the females on here that aren’t name Hinata and Temari. For now, this episode was an improvement over last weeks, but not by much. You get the terrible, then mix it with the below-average for this show. 2 Orange-haired murderous whackjobs/5. Enjoy yourselves for two weeks, as Shippuden and the rest of the line-up will be gone because of the 4th of July Weekend. I know I will.


Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 1:30 AM Saturday on Toonami


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