Hunter x Hunter Episode 10 Recap: “Trick x To x The Trick”

Original Airdate: December 4th, 2011

Toonami Airdate: June 25th, 2016

Hello everybody, and welcome to another Hunter x Hunter recap! And just as a reminder, Toonami will be marathoning the first 7 episodes this Independence Day weekend, so if you haven’t seen the show already, make sure to catch the marathon and watch episodes 8-10 on Adult Swim’s website or on demand afterwards to catch up to where the series is currently at. With that out of the way, let’s get on with the recap!

After Kurapika’s fight with Majtani in the last episode, it’s Leorio’s turn to take on the next prisoner. At least it would be, if it weren’t for the fact that Majtani isn’t dead and hasn’t surrendered yet, except he actually has in the last episode, so the entire premise of half of this episode is based around one huge plothole. Leorio asks Kurapika to kill Majtani so they could move on, but Kurapika, doing his best Rohan Kishibe impression, refuses to kill the man because he had already lost the will to fight by the time he kicked him to the ground. Kurapika decides to wait until Majtani wakes up before he decides to either spare him or kill him. After arguing with Kurapika for a little bit, Leorio decides to take the majority rules route: press “O” to kill Majitani, or “X” to wait until he revives. That doesn’t work out though, as the devices only work if it’s the examiners asking the questions. With that inconvenience, Leorio asks for a show of hands to see who wants Kurapika to kill the guy. Leorio is greatly outnumbered, as he was the only one to raise his hand despite Killua arguing for killing Majitani earlier. Despite not agreeing with Kurapika’s choice, he claims that it’s pointless to try to persuade him since it’ll be impossible to change his mind anyway. Gon adds that he agrees with what Kurapika said earlier and that Majitani was about ready to surrender before he went unconscious, so killing him would be pointless. Leorio goes to sulk in the corner, and Tonpa starts monologuing about how Leorio fell into the trap of majority rules, and how it actually makes the minority feel more frustrated than empowered. So basically, it’s just like how politics work in real life!

Brexit explained in chibi form

Meanwhile, Hisoka enters an empty room where a former examiner is waiting for him. The examiner challenges Hisoka to a battle in order to get revenge for the damage he’s done to his body. The examiner uses his blade throwing skills to fight Hisoka, but he manages to catch his blades and decapitates the examiner offscreen. Later that night, the gang is still waiting for Majitani to make his next move. By this point, Gon and Killua assume that he’s already dead, so the gang goes over to tell the next prisoner up to check if he’s dead, despite her being persistent that Majitani’s just unconscious. She then agrees to check on Majitani’s condition, but only under the condition that Leorio gambles with her first. They each have to place a bet of at least 10 hours each out of the 50 on the board, and they have to continue the game until one of their clocks reaches 0. If Leorio wins, she’ll let the gang move on, but if they lose, they loose 50 hours to complete the challenge. Willing to finish this nonsense, Leorio accepts to these conditions, and the gambling begins. For the first wager, Leorio bets 10 hours that Majitani is still alive. Leorio goes up to check if he’s dead, and as soon as he places his fingers on Majitani’s neck, he hears his heart beating, confirming that he is still alive. Killua realises that Majitani has only been pretending to be out cold just so he could stall for time and get his sentence reduced. For the next round, Leorio bets that Majitani is just pretending to be unconscious, catching on to Killua’s thinking. The woman wagers 20 hours that he really is unconscious, and Leorio agrees. To determine if he’s really out, Leorio decides to put him up against the ledge of the platform to see if he’ll react. If he falls to his death, the gang will forefit the match and will declare the prisoners as the winners, but if he reacts, Kurapika wins the match and they get 20 extra hours. With those conditions, she agrees to raise the wager to 40 hours, which Leorio gladly accepts as he lets go of Majitani. After almost falling to his death, he wakes up from his act, confirming that he’s been faking it the whole time. With the Majitani situation out of the way, the team has won 2 of the 5 matches. Only one more to go until they can move on with this phase.

How low can you go?

This was a pretty slow and slightly frustrating episode of the series if I say so myself. In the last episode, Majitani clearly surrendered during his fight with Kurapika. I don’t know how they could’ve looked over that small little detail, but it’s kind of dumb that they did. But other than that, the episode manages to salvage itself with an awesome fight scene featuring Hisoka being the badass that he is, and Tonpa’s hilariously relevant political commentary about democracy. Seriously, it’s probably the greatest coincidence that this episode happened to air the same week that the Brexit fiasco took place, which is one of those rare moments in life where you just can’t help but be amazed at how well-timed that was. Not a fan of the whole premise of the episode, but it redeems itself with those little moments and just being entertaining in general. I give it 7 Britains Leaving the EU out of 10.

Hunter x Hunter can be seen every Saturday night at 12:30 AM! You can also catch the Independence Day marathon next week starting at 11:30 PM!


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