One Piece Episode 351 Recap: “Awakening After 500 Years!! Oars Opens His Eyes!!”

Original Airdate: 4/27/2008

Toonami Airdate: 6/25/2016

Welcome again to another One Piece recap, where we get to see the big guy in action this week. Before that, last week we found the zombie’s weakness, which was just salt. While the bad guys, Nami and the others saw what Moria was gonna do with Luffy’s shadow: Awaken a monster named Oars. Let’s see how the big guy gets woken up.

The episode starts with the big ass chains on Oars, and we see Moria walking up them to get closer as Luffy’s shadow still struggles in his hands. Usopp notices that Oars is too big for even the giants of the world, as Chopper is almost on the verge of screaming. Moria starts to talk to Luffy’s shadow, basically telling it that it will obey him and be an undying soldier in a new body. The shadow agrees to this. Hogback tries to explain what’s happening, but Cindry interrupts again, saying she will break his kneecaps with plates. She is, how you say, “Harsh-back” to Hogback? (Bad pun are bad, Absalom.)

EP 351 2
Rape faces ftw!

To awaken the big beast, Moria takes the shadow and throws slams it onto the body. Luffy’s shadow starts to go in Oars, and completely disappears into it, as the Scared Trio look on in disbelief.

EP 351 4

The place begins to shake around, as Oars’s body begins to wake up. This scares the 3 Straw Hatters, but please Moria. A giant heartbeat also begins to sound. Chopper is about to scream his ass off, as Nami covers his mouth. Bits of ice falls off and bats outside fly away. And then, the big guy finally opens his eyes, freaking the Scared Trio into screaming and falling out of Kumacy, and alerting the bad guys to their presence. Oars starts to move by breaking from his chains. Bigger chunks of ice fall off of him, as one of the pieces crushes Hogback (with Cindry giving no warning, and moving out of the way.) And then Oars finally opens his mouth, and with a mighty roar, yells:


This causes a shock wave to go through the whole place. It even cause Robin and Franky to fall down. Oars then yells “I’M HUNNNNGGRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!”, which causes everyone to be taken off their feet. Kumacy catches Perona, Hogback gets smashed into the wall, then by the ice boulder, and then by Cindry. And Usopp, Nami, and Chopper get sent flying through the hallway. But they regain their composure and make a break for it. Absalom sees this and chases after his bride-to-be. Oars also wants food from Sanji. But he then wonders who this Sanji is.

EP 351

As the Scared Trio run off, they now see how the zombies work and that Moria must have Devil Fruit powers. And, because of what Oars yelled, they see that the giant has Luffy’s personality to boot. They saw this before with the dog-pen and the samurai zombies, who had Sanji and Brook’s shadows, respectfully. Chopper clearly knows this is all Hogback’s fault, and hates his ass now. They decide to go to back to the Sunny, since they heard it’s where Luffy and the others were being sent to. Unbeknownst to them, Absalom is watching. Then, Chopper and Usopp both get lit on fire suddenly, and burn to a crisp. Nami then gets captured again by Absalom. He is too strong, so she can’t escape. He tells the two to say goodbye to her, since he is marrying her.

EP 351 3

Usopp gets up, trying to be as manly as he can, and takes his Kabuto out. Chopper sees this, but wonders why he has it since this was Sniper King’s weapon. Usopp fires at the beast, but he starts to disappear, as does Nami. The attack misses as they both are gone. Chopper tries to sniff Nami out, as Usopp looks around for her, only hearing her scream for help. But before they can do anything, an armored zombie attacks them. They are then surrounded by tons of zombies. The zombies want their shadows, but Usopp and Chopper don’t want to give them up. The zombies do get a hold of them both, but Usopp, with Chopper hanging on, do crawl away, with Usopp trying his best to say “He’s the hero!” as he chickens away. No matter where they go, even up the stairs, there are zombies everywhere. They fall back down the stairs into the zombies, and get grabbed by them. It looks like it’s over. Until a duo show up and start to purify the zombies. It’s Franky and Robin, and they know the zombie’s weakness, freaking all the undead out. Chopper and Usopp are happy to see them. Robin sees that Nami was taken, but she says they will get her back.

As Stefan from Saturday Night Live would say, this episode has everything: Hungry giant monsters, invisible perverts kidnapping woman, Scooby-Doo like antics with zombies, and that thing where a stitched-up woman tells you to die horribly with regularity. The comedy was the highlight, along with Oars being just a gigantic version of Luffy. Sure, Chopper is still stupid with not figuring out that (SPOILER!!) Usopp and Sniper King are the same person. And that the Thriller Bark arc might also just be this.

But overall, it was still a fun way to meet the big guy and the others as we get into the meat of this arc. No, not THAT meat, Oars. 4.5 Luffy-like giants/5. Next week is the Hunter X Hunter marathon, so One Piece and the rest are off for now. Have a fun 4th of July folks.


One Piece can be seen at 2 AM Saturday on Toonami.





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